Killing Time of God ーThe Six Abducted Man and Womenー Chapter 1

Killing Time of God ーThe Six Abducted Man and Womenー Chapter 1

The Six Abducted Man and Women

Warning: This novel contains illicit materials, R18 only

Translator: NoirX

Editor: Vysne, Deus ex-Machina


September 2015

The despair of 1 man and 5 women started from a normal everyday life

“.....Mhm. It`s already morning huh…”

As usual, Kiriyama Kazuma woke up after hearing the sound of the alarm clock which had accompanied him for ten years.

“.....So sleepy. Ugh…`s sunday so, I’ll just go back to sleep one more time.”

Right after concluding that, he started to close his eyes and went back to the dream worldー

ーDing Dong

The sound of the doorbell interrupted his journey to the dream world.

“Man, who is it…..early in the morning…..”

Not wanting to waste the rare opportunity of being able to fall asleep once more, Kazuma decided to  pretend that he wasn`t in the house.

Ding Dong


Ding Dong

Ding Dong


Ding Dong

Ding Dong

Ding Dong

“Arghhh! So noisy!!”

Pretending to not be in the house did not seem to fool the visitor.. The interphone didn`t stop ringing at all.

“Geez, who is it…..”

Kazuma briskly headed to the front door while in a bad mood.

“Who is it!? Causing problems early in the morning! Wasting a good opportunity for secー”

“Sorry for causing problems☆ So...I want to know what happened to the promise you made me?”

When he opened the door, he saw his cousin Kiriyama Kokoro, waving her ponytail with a smile on her face. It was truly a lovely smile and voice, but he knew.

(This is bad, she`s quite angry…..)

“A…..Ah, no…..this is different”

“What is different!? I`ve been waiting for onii-chan to pick me up!”

“Sorry, forgive me, I forgot”

Kazuma had promised to take Kokoro to the cinema. He, who had been trying hard to sleep had completely forgotten about it.

“Really, sorry! I`ll make it up to you, so forgive me, okay?”

“.....Sigh, just this time, okay?”

“Sure sure, Kokoro-chan is as cute as always today. Well, come in”


Kazume is 27 years old, on the other hand Kokoro is second year at high school. Age-wise Kazuma is way older, but the one holding the initiative has always been Kokoro. This is their normal everyday exchange.

“That aside, good morning Kokoro-chan”

“Yes, good morning, Kazuma onii-chan”

They greeted each other. For common cousins, their relation was surprisingly close. Kokoro had treated Kazuma as her older brother since she was still young. Like this, they usually went out together on off-days.

“I`ll get changed so wait a bit, Let`s see, the cinema was it? In that case we can still make it in time even if we go now”

“Okay~, understood.”

Kokoro replied off-handedly while staring around the room. Kazuma took this chance to hurry up his preparations.

“O~kay, o~kay, let`s go. I’ve gotten changed in super-speed. ”

Grabbed the car key.

“Okay! Let`s hurry!”

While being pushed by Kokoro, they stepped out from the front doorー

ーthey came out into an unfamiliar place.


Their heads which couldn`t keep up with the sudden development made them produce a synchronized voice.


They surveyed their surroundings.

They were inside a room surrounded by unpainted concrete in all four directions. The room size should be around 10 tatami mats. A double-sized bed placed along the wall, a sofa set and a closet. There was also something like a suspicious black-colored box. The room wasn`t dark thanks to the illumination, but there wasn`t a single window in the room.

The room was a gray-themed, but be it the furniture or the design, the room was as beautiful as a hotel room.

“We only came out of the entrance, right?”

“....Y, yeah”

“Are we...dreaming?”

Due to the incomprehensible situation that they were facing, he tried hypothesizing that they were dreaming.


To test it, Kazuma shook his head and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes once, and then opened it. But the scenery didn`t change.


After all, there was Kokoro besides Kazuma. This couldn't possibly be a dream.

“I don't understand any of this…”

The hypothesis was quickly crushed. In the end, the situation didn't improve at all.

“To begin with, how did we  end up here in the first place?”

The apartment door that should`ve been there has disappeared. In exchange, there was only the scenery of the gray room.

“.....I`m scared”

Kokoro, who couldn't keep up with the situation was confused and grabbed Kazuma`s sleeve.

“There’s a door there…..Wait here”

Seeing his little sister(cousin)’s condition, Kazuma thought that he needed to protect her at all costs and made her wait while he headed to the door.


Without making a sound, Kazuma silently grasped the doorknob and turned it open. He cautiously peeped in the space outside from the gap.

“Oi, oi…..I really don't understand. What the hell happened here?”

There was a hallway beyond the door. The walls are like the same gray-colored as the one inside the room, there were also several red doors along the hallway.

“For now, it should be okay. There`s a hallway, let`s try going through there.”

Calling Kokoro over to his side, they started to proceed down the hallway. After some time had passed, they came into a T-shaped junction.

“Onii-chan, look…..”

Kazuma turned his gaze towards the direction that Kokoro pointed. It was a luxurious door with a different shape than the other doors.

“I`m also curious about the other doors. For now let`s see what`s over there first.”


He opened the door, and inside was a huge space.

“.....It`s spacious. This room is also gray-colored. Really, what`s with this place”

It was a space large enough to be called a hall. There were two large sofa sets in the middle of the room, across the room was a space with a glass wall separating in between. On the left side, there were two large crystal monitors with size more than 100-inches.

“.....What a strange place. Ah, Onii-chan, look!”

“Hm? that...a crystal?”

Urged by Kokoro`s sudden remark, Kazuma looked at the corner of the room and spotted a floating crystal-like stone.

“.....What`s with this stone? Can anyone even made that kind of stone?”

“No….., size aside, to begin with, how is the stone is floating itself is a mystery.”

The two who finally could not keep up with the situation just stood there blankly.

“.....Well, just standing here won`t help. Let`s try searching the other doors.”

Including the big door that they went through, there were other doors inside the room.

“It`s not opening….What about this one?”

Giving up on the first two doors that were not opening. He went to the door which connected to the space with glass wall in between. This door also could not be opened, but the inside was viewable from the glass wall. Inside the room was a dining table along with 6 chairs, a huge refrigerator and a kitchen.

“This isn`t just a single glass layer. What kind of structure is this?”

The glass wall’s thickness should be around 3cm. That single glass wall stretched into the ceiling which was so high that it could not be measured by eyes alone. He tried hitting the glass wall. The hardness was similar to a concrete wall. A human could not possibly break through this glass wall.

“Sigh…..What to do now?”


Kazuma and Kokoro who were at a loss sunk themselves onto the sofa nearby while holding his head. There were still unexplored rooms left. They still have not learned any clues as to where were they and how did they get here. All of this seemed so unreal.

“It would be more realistic if this were a dream.”

“You`re right…..But I`m talking to Onii-chan now though”

It was confusing enough for them to say reality felt like a dream to them.  During that timeーthey heard the sound of a door slightly being opened.

“Who is it!?”


They reflexively turned their attention to the opening door…..And there was a girl wearing the same uniform as Kokoro`s high school uniform staring back at them.


“.....Eh? Moe-chan?”

The girl that suddenly appeared, Mizushima Moe, named herself. Both Kokoro and Moe seemed to be classmates and could not hide their surprise at meeting each other at this strange place.

(What a gaudy girl)

Kokoro waved her trademark ponytail in surprise. This was Kazuma`s impression, but to him ponytails symbolizes the activeness and liveliness of second year students, and Kokoro`s impressions fits perfectly. On the other hand, Moe is also lively, but her hair was colored brown and she wore cosmetics. It was rude because they didn’t know each other yet, but the impression that Kazuma had of her was that she was the type to play around.

“Moe-chan, how did you come here?”

“Well~, I did bad at the last test and needed to do a resit…..So I was thinking of going to school, and when I left from my place, I suddenly ended up here.”

“It`s not so different from us…..Ah, this person is my cousin, Onii-chan.”

“Kiriyama Kazuma, nice to meet you. I`m sorry but we also don`t know what`s going on.”

“.....I see. Really, what`s with this place.”

There was suddenly a voice addressing the three who were at a loss.

「Kiriyama Kazuma, Kiriyama Kokoro, Mizushima Moe, sitdown on the sofa and wait a moment~~」

A voice resembling that of a little girl echoed throughout the room.

“Who is it!?”

“Eh!? Where!?”

“What? What? I`m scared!”

All three of them turned to look up at the ceiling but there wasn`t any speaker or the like found. In the first place, they could not even see the ceiling.

“I don`t know who you are, what the hell is this!? Explain yourself!”

Realizing that a third party was watching them, Kazuma roared while burning with anger.

「Just sit down for now~~. There will be an explanation once the other three people come~~」

The owner of the voice didn`t answer Kazuma`s question and just one-sidedly told them to wait. In the end, they only found out the fact that they`re not the only ones being in this place. After that, there was no answer no matter how many times they called out. Without any choice, they could only wait.

After around 10 minutes passed. The door opened once again.

“Excuse me…..Who might you people be? May I know where this is?”

A girl wearing a sailor uniform appeared from the door. She had a calming atmosphere around her, but she had sharp eyes and somehow seemed cold. She had long, straight hair that extended to her waist, a short and slim build with prominent facial features. A fine japanese beauty.

(Another girl huh)

She looked like a refined lady, born and raised in a high-class environment.

“Uhm...We`re…..where are we?”

“Uh~, I wonder too…”

“I don`t know!”

Kazuma who thought that the girl would be on guard if he approached, entrusted Kokoro with explaining their situation and also asking about the girl`s situation.

“I see… Kotoko-chan also suddenly ended up here.”

The girl was called Enjouji Kotoko, a second year at middle school and she was walking down the hallway in her house when she then suddenly ended up here.

“Sigh, I give up. I`ll just wait patiently for the explanation.”

Kazuma raised a white flag and sunk back into the sofa.

“You`re right, there`s nothing to do after all…”

Kokoro agreed in a tired voice.

After around one hour, another 2 people joined up with Kazuma, Kokoro, Moe, and Kotoko.

The 6 people that had been kidnapped had all gathered in this place. Other than Kazuma, all the other 5 people are women.


A woman was gazing around uncomfortably. This fifth person was named Makishima Yuriko. She was in the middle of making breakfast in the kitchen in her home when she suddenly ended up here.

“I`m back.”

Another woman said so while entering the room.

She was the last one to join up, her name was Isurugi Mitsuki. She was about to go to her university and suddenly got here after exiting her place.

“It`s useless right?”

“Yeah. I`ve looked around but it turns out to be just as you`ve said.”

Mitsuki had gone to take a look around this place after joining up with the rest.

“There aren`t any windows in any of the rooms, I also couldn`t find any door that leads outside…...It`s a completely closed space. In the first place, I couldn`t find any ventilation hole. How the air in this place is maintained isn`t clear.”

“I agree, I also took a look around this place once.”

“You can`t even turn on smartphones here. Any way of contacting the outside world seems to have been severed. I don`t know what`s going on anymore…..”

“Well, if there was possibility, it would be that locked door. For now, at least let`s do a proper introductー”

Just when Kazuma was calling out like that to Mitsuki.

「Chan, ChanChanChan, Chan♪

 Chan, ChanChanChan, Chan♪

 Who~~will live~~and who~~will die♪

 The dirty person will survive~~♪

 Let`s go~~Let`s go~~♪ Fooling each other~~♪

 The Game of God is starting~~♪」

The voice resembling that of a little girl`s was once again heard.

“Tch…..Where is it coming from”


“It`s really scary, you know…”

“.....What is going on?”



Kotoko, Yuriko, and Mitsuki who heard the voice for the first time stiffened up. On the other hand, Kazuma and the other two who had heard it before were looking for the source of the voice.

“...Oi, oi”

“...What, is that?”

“...I`m scared, I`m scared, I`m scared”

The three who were looking for the the voice finally found its source and focused their gaze on it. They found the source…..but it was neither a speaker nor a human.

「Haroo~~, haroo~~, everybody~~. Nice to  meet you, I am Kami-sama」

ーIt was a sphere of light.


Everyone was speechless at the sight of the sphere.

「Arrreeeee~~? This is we~~ird, there`s no response~~? Haroo~~, Haroo~~, everybody~~. I am Kami-sama~~!」

“.....What is your goal? How did you bring us here?”

「So you heard me~~. You can at least answer~~. Don`t you have any manners~~?」

“.....Answer me”

「Well~~, well~~, calm down now~~. I`ll explain properly~~」

“Of course you should. Your manners is worse, come out and explain”

「Don`t wanna~~」

“Why youー!”

“Please wait. For now let`s just hear the explanation first.”

Mitsuki proposed so while getting between the two.


Kazuma nodded accepting the idea.

「Alrighty~~. First, how did I gather all of you here. Of course I did it with my power~~. I`m a Kami-sama after all~~」


「Yes yes. Next, it`s about the reason for gathering all of you here~~. Kami-sama is bored~~. Because Kami-sama is bored, I had all of you gathered here~~. Do you understand~~?」


“Please wait! Let`s hear until the end.”




“Then, what would you have us do, Kami-sama?”

「That that! To kill time, Kami-sama will have you guys play a game~~. Kami-sama is thinking to watch you all~~.」


「Humans are greedy right? Kami-sama want to see human`s filthy side~~. That`s why~~, Kami-sama had prepared a game for you guys to show that~~.」

“Can you say more clearly?”

Mitsuki finally couldn`t hide her irritation because of the arrogant voice.

「Hm~~? Let`s see~~, the rules have been prepared~~, do you guys have any motivation to do the game~~?」

One-sidedly being made to do a game and asked if they have any motivation or not, of course anyone would be irritated.

“Are you an idiot? Of course I won`t do it.”

“Kinda impossible. Can you please return us home?”

“I won`t mind doin` it, ya know~”

“I refuse”

“P…..please return us back home!”

“I also refuse”

Due to the excessive unreasonableness, The other 5 people aside from Moe replied in refusal.


It was so sudden.

At the moment when Kami-sama said so, Kazuma`s right arm, starting from the elbow, suddenly dropped. With a clean cut, the pink-colored meat and white bones were visible. The next second, blood spurted out from the wound.

“Ha…..? Ah...argh, it hurts, it hurrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttsssssssss!”


Kazuma went blank for an instant, but in the next moment, his brain was assaulted by intense pain. He started thrashing on the table while screaming.


Yuriko had raised a scream in fear. Meanwhile, the other four who didn`t understand what`s going on could only stare at the bloody Kazuma. As if doing a follow-up attack, this time Kazuma`s left leg starting from the knee was cut down.


Kazuma fell into panic and could only scream from the top of his lungs.

“! Everyone what are you doing!? Onii-chan will die at this rate! Please help!”

Kokoro who had returned to herself, desperately applied pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding.


Even after Kokoro screamed at them, all they could manage was tremble. Butー

“At this rate, he will bleed to death!”

Mitsuki came around to Kazuma`s side with a stern expression.

“There`s nothing to bind the wound…..! For the time being I`ll apply pressure to the hemostasis while looking for something to bindー”

「Alrighty, that`s good enough~~」


After Kami-sama`s voice echoed once again, Kazuma`s arm and leg returned to his body as those were never cut off. There were also no traces of the blood that came out from the wounds found anywhere.

“Huh….? E, eh….? Why…..”

Kazuma was stunned while touching both his arms and legs. Everyone was confused as the situation developed.

「Alrighty~~, next are the women`s turn~~」

The next moment after Kami-sama stated the target, excluding Moe who agreed to participate in the game, all the other girl`s arms were cut down.

“Argh! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!”

“It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts!”


“Hah hah hah hah! Urrrrrrrrrgh!”

Kokoro, Kotoko, Mitsuki, and Yuriko had blood spurting from their wounds and started screaming.

“Please wait! I don`t care if you`re a god or anything, I`ll apologize! I`ll apologize so please stop!”

Kazuma didn`t understand what happened to him and the other girls who were convulsing on the floor. Yet, he understood that this situation was caused by this self-proclaimed god.

「Okay~~ okay~~. I forgive you~~」

Right after Kami-sama said so, the girl`s arms were all connected back in their original place. Similar with Kazuma, there were no traces of blood found anywhere.

“Argh….., hah…..haa…..”

“W, What was that…..What on earth happened?”

“Haa…..haa…….I`ve had enough…”

“Haa, haa, haa, haa.”

「Now do you understand~~?」

No one could say a word. Its attitude and voice only sounded like a kid, but what has happened made them unable to deny the existence. They succumbed to pure fear because of the pain and suffering they experienced just now.

Even so, Mitsuki continued.

“.....Isn`t this just some sort of illusion or drug effect? Do you think something like this can be forgiven?”

「You sure are an idiot~~」

In the next instant, a soccer-ball sized hole opened up on Mitsuki`s stomach area.


Mitsuki leaked a sound that didn`t become a voice, and lost her life while staring at the hole on her stomach just like that.


The other 5 people left lost their words on the gruesome sight that they behold.

「That`s what you get for being cocky~~. Do you get it now~~?」


「Ah, I get it, I get it~~. You`re dead~~. Kami-sama kinda failed~~.」


「Oh my, everyone turned silent~~. It`s fine, you know~~? I`ll properly bring her back after all~~. Oi~~, wake up~~」

With that, Mitsuki who was supposed to be dead woke up. The hole on her stomach and her clothes were restored to normal.


Mitsuki desperately rubbed her stomach to check whether it was fine or not.

「Do you understand what will happen if you disobey me~~?」

“.....Aa, ah”

「Answer me~~. I`ll open a hole on your stomach again if you don`t~~.」

“Y, yes! I, I understand!”

「Good good~~. Should`ve behaved yourself earlier~~.」

It`s easy to imagine that the existence that proclaimed to be god was nodding in satisfaction. “It” then asked one more time.

「So, shall we do it~~?」

“S, sure.”

“I, I`ll do it!”


“I`ll do it! Please let me do it!”

“I agreed… do it….since the beginning…..don`t hurt me…..”

“I`ll do it!....Please just don`t hurt me!”

「Good~~. Alright then~~, everyone pay attention to~~ the~~ screen~~.」

The huge screen in the middle of the room lit up displaying rows of letters.

<Rules of the Game>

  • Female side will be granted 7P at the beginning of the game as their Life Points. Male side will not be given any Life Points.

  • The maximum limit of Life Points that can be gained are 10P. Points that go over the maximum limit won`t be counted.

  • With each passing day at 10 a.m, the Female side each will lose 2P.

  • Male side can supplement points by 2 ways; Mouth ejaculation for 2P and Vaginal/Anal ejaculation for 3P.

  • The upper limit of Life Points that can be supplemented by Male side will be 7P per day.

  • After going over the 7P daily limit. On demand from the Male side, every vaginal ejaculation will be given 1P.

  • By using 1P, the Refuge Area can be used for 2 hours.

  • There are food and water available inside the Refuge Area. You cannot bring them out.

  • Any kind of violent act towards the Male side is forbidden.

  • Once the time goes beyond 10 a.m and someone has 0P. They will experience an excruciating pain for 3 hours and die afterwards.

  • A suicide will result in Kami-sama forcefully reviving the person back.

  • 3 Female deaths will result in the death of the Male. At that point, all the surviving Females will be released.

  • If you manage to survive for 15 days, all survivors will be released.


  • Male side possess a Wild Card. The contents of the Wild Card will be revealed on the 8th day.

  • If Kami-sama feels bored, the rules will be changed♪

Everyone turned silent at the words displayed on the screen. No one could utter any response.

What they understoodーwas the fact that they will be killed if they disobey, and someone will die during the progression of this game. Just this two things.

The other screen lits up.

Kiriyama Kokoro □□□■■■■■■■

Enjouji Kotoko □□□■■■■■■■

Mizushima Moe □□□■■■■■■■

Isurugi Mitsuki □□□■■■■■■■

Makishima Yuriko □□□■■■■■■■

The girls names were lined up, besides the name were something looking like a memory. This should be their Life Points, every one has 7 of the memories.

「Alright then~~, good luck everyone~~. Do your best and reveal your hideousness~~.」

Kami-sama`s innocent voice echoed throughout the room.