Everyone Thinks that I Like Him 飞奔的小蜗牛

From infancy to maturity, what Ye Zhou dislikes the most was “two”.
The reasons were: he was ranked second at home, he had been forever ranked second at school, no matter how diligently he worked and tried, he couldn’t shake off that “second” curse. What was more exasperating was that, at University, not only was he ranked second, but even his appearance that he was proud of had to be classified as second best!
Why can’t I obtain the first place!
The eternal second will rise!
Then, Ye Zhou, after his vigorous efforts finally rises and the result was… the first became his boyfriend.
This is the story of a man who has been forced to be “second” and how he became the first, most popular.
Protagonists: Ye Zhou, Shang Jin.

Table of Contents