Maken no Daydreamer (LN) Chapter 1

Maken no Daydreamer (LN) Chapter 1

Spring—-The season of beginning.

The flowers bloom at their fullest, and the animals would awake from their hibernation to roam around in hills and fields.

The monochrome world starts to be painted with various colours.

Many people stumble upon a turning point within this season.

Elementary Schoolers turn into Middle Schoolers, the students turning into working adults, a bashful child suddenly makes his XX debut……only to fail.

Setting aside the fact a weird example was stated above, within this season, when everything starts anew——

Sigh, I’m so dead

I, Harukaze Minato……was on the verge of dying.

The debris was scattered, with flames burning passionately, along with the corpses of several people.

Normally, any sane person would end up puking, but oh well, due to the acute pain coursing through my body, I can’t even do that.

Eh, what happened to me?

Well simply put an airplane crash.

This spring, I joyously passed the examinations, becoming an university student.

The university was far from home, so I needed to move to my rented home. Henceforth, I left the home triumphantly, boarded the plane and……

This airplane was caught up in the super strong turbulent air that appeared suddenly, and crashed.

Compared to the scale of the accident, I hate the fact that it could be said in just one sentence.

After all, I’m near death thanks to it?

No well, I’m 100% sure to die, right.

I couldn’t move my head, but within my peripheral vision I could see ridiculous quantity of blood flowing. All of it being mine.

Apparently a piece of glass or airframe is happily stabbing my body.

I could feel my skin already torn, my flesh ripped and a foreign object in my body.

What an extremely rare experience, not for everyone definitely.

The pain being too much, I could laugh on the pain I felt before.

Would I die first from blood loss or by being burned by the fire?

Not that I care, but I’d go for the former, less bothersome after all.

Sigh, what a short life I lived……

I guess I need to come terms with reality. Although I got my regrets.

O Lord, if you may listen to my last wish ever……just fuck up my whole room right now.

And, drop down my desktop PC to the ground, destroying the hard disk, so that the data can’t be restored.

Ah, you can also drop down the bookshelf onto it.

Anyhow, I hope you’d do anything to erase all the『P』『R』『N』data, just so my social reputation doesn’t degrade after my death.

If my family saw that, then there’d be an awkward atmosphere between the relatives and kin attending my funeral.

And at the time of cremation, I’m sure my nasty good friends would merrily put in the posters and pictures of it in my coffin. In front of the attending people, they are sure to do that.

Oh wait, I’m out of time already while thinking idiotic things.

I can’t see or hear anything anymore.

Anti-climatic……well, I guess that’s what life is.

Good bye, world……and the good impression left by me (depressed).


……That was the memory of my『previous world』.

Eh, what does that mean?

The reason is utterly simple.

I seem to have reincarnated.

Moreover, in a different world.


I’m currently staying in a western house which is located in place I don’t know—-No well I do know that this place is within the mountains or someplace though.

If I were to give an example, this is like a gorgeous western styled 3 floor mansion, in which a Dracula would love to live in.

No, don’t misunderstand. It’s not like I’m abducted, but rather this is my home.

I’m living here together my single foster parent.

I’m currently in the Balcony, but even after looking up……the darkness seems to spread.

However it isn’t the night. Right now it must be afternoon.

For some reason this place is always covered by dark clouds, making it seem like night.

Even during afternoons, it seems like an evening in the winter.

Simply put it is slightly bright enough to be able to read a book somehow.

Generally it’s like this, but it becomes more bright depending on the weather.

Apparently this whole mountain range is like that.

I’ve been residing here ever since reincarnating, and rarely stepped outside.

I do have been to the lawn and the forest surrounding it, but due to reasons I can’t go any farther from the home.

As for what reasons……I’ll tell afterwards.

By the way the reason I used the word『foster parent』is because apparently my real parents are someone else.

I don’t know the particulars of why this person is raising me……but I’m sure that this person isn’t my real parent.

Why can I know that? Well……

「Minato? The dinner is ready?」

「Ah, yeah. Coming, mom!」

The female『foster parent』of mine calls me out from below the balcony.

Her hair being blond and reaching her waist, and is completely soft. Definitely doesn’t need any hair conditioner.

She is fair skinned, with a well proportionate body, as a female her body style is already crossing the ideals. Her boobs are big enough to be called as titan breasts……

It’s only natural as a healthy young boy to have been mesmerized by them, don’t judge me.

Naturally her face is also beautiful, with somewhat immature-ish traits still remaining. Her eyes are green, and her eyebrows are also thin.

And……her ears are long and pointed.

They are the so-called, elf ears.

But, she is not an Elf.

Um, introducing, my foster parent『Lilyn Quadrille』

Her species is Succubus.

And my name, in this world, is 『Minato Quadrille』.

I don’t know why my name from previous world exists in my current name, as of yet. I’ll ask her about it in the future.

I’ve got black hair, eyes and my ears aren’t long or pointed.

I can deduce my species as Human, and my body is looks similar to any average Japanese person.

Judging by the fact we two don’t have anything in common, I’m sure we aren’t real parent and child. Not like I’ve actually asked her about it, though.

Even then, she’s the one who raised me up until now, and I think of her as a real mom of mine, so don’t make any mistakes understanding.

「Minato? The stew will get cold」

She’s calling for me, I need to go already.

With this and that, I, newly reborn Minato (currently 5 year old), am living my life to its fullest with my mom in this mysterious western house present in a different world.


Just for information, my consciousness awoke not long after I was born a child.

But not from the moment I was born.

Before knowing it, I was being raised by the current mom.

Well, I’m thankful for her to pick me up (did she really?) and raise me, but within that process I’ve had to experience unbearable shameless plays.

What were they? I don’t want to recall them, though……

Big Boobs or diapers……

Sorry, but I don’t want to tell anymore. My mind would break.

After all, even if I was a kid I had my consciousness awoke.

I was directly made to drink her boob milk, and was forcibly stripped to get my diapers changed……this is way past the level of embarrassment.

Moreover, it was done by an extremely beautiful woman.

Or rather, why is she able to produce boob milk if she’s my foster parent? I lived my shameful life for several years thinking about that.

There’s also, baby food, bedpan and various other too embarrassing episodes but I won’t speak anymore or I might end up killing myself.




At this moment, I (9 year old) was living in an environment completely different from modern Japan.

After living in this western house for some years now, I can deduce from the furniture and the equipments in this house that……

This world is an antiquated world similar to Europe in medieval ages, albeit having swords and magic.

In fact, I’ve seen my mom using magic a lot of times already……

If I leave my home, there are demons loitering around, so I’m sure about it.

If asked whether I can live peacefully as I could in modern Japan over here in this『another world』. The answer is naturally no.

Ever since I reached the age of five, under the guidance of mom, my everyday routine had a new element added,『training』.

Naturally if the word『Training』comes up with a world of swords and magic, it means only one thing, battle practice.

In fact there are demons in this world; obviously one needs to obtain『power』to defend themselves—-according to an explanation from Mom.

Repeating again, this forest in which I’m living—-it’s more like woodland than forest—-is filled with demons, and is a dangerous place.

Thanks to that I’m not allowed to go outside, but from what I saw from the windows, there are all dangerous monsters outside, such as wolf that could’ve swallowed the five year old me as a whole, or a giant bear resembling like a big truck.

What I mean is,

As long as those demons keep loitering around, I can’t leave the house, unless I gain power

Hence there comes the need to train for that, obviously.

That’s why when she talked about training me under her directive I was thinking, ‘so it finally starts’.

And mom started the training.

My mom is like a role model sort of person, someone I would aim to be.

Speaking frankly, to the insta-kill level that demons wouldn’t even know what happened to them.

In the previous world, I was into games and anime, but mom’s way of fighting in close combat or swordsmanship or even magic clearly was above than those game character or protagonists from anime. As expected of a citizen from another world.

On the first day of training, as a substitute for warming up, she obliterated some demons in the forest with a mix of taijutsu and magic. Seeing that I knew that she was the reason monsters didn’t come near the house.

Mom is probably reigning at the top of the ecosystem of this forest.

Along with the four animal pets she is living with.

To be precise……it should be one bird pet and three pets.

The lot looked like monsters living in a fantasy world.

Their appearance, more or less, is similar to animals in my previous world……but they sure aren’t normal.

On the earth there was no “bird with golden wings over 2 metres in size with its wings spread” or “a flying dog covered in blue fur with white wings on its back” or even “a white cat that would jump fast enough on a rat, if spotted, to leave afterimages behind itself” and also neither “a land turtle as big as a hatchback car with scales and tough jet black shell to cover it”.

These pets heal me during the short breaks in training, and I’m depended on them quite a bit, but……these all are also ridiculously strong.

Sometimes, upon mom’s orders, we spar for a short time, but it’s always me who gets beat black and blue without even being able to stand against them.

The golden bird, Stork, fires beam from the wings, and spews fires from the mouth to boot.

The doge with wings, Pelt, creates tornados, and spews fire from mouth to boot.

The white cat, Bii, is fast to split even her afterimages into numerous ones, and spews fire from the mouth to boot.

The black land turtle, Babel, fires canon of rocks from its shell, and for fucks sake he also spews fire from the mouth to boot……these lot are fire breath loving maniacs.

Well aside from that, they are a cute bunch when playing or eating their food.

Whenever I say ”It’s time for food”……





Like that they cry out happily to gather around……no, stop pointing out, I know there is a weird cry mixed among them.

But don’t mind it, these bunch are like this after all.

With this and that, with mom and this bunch I trained and increased my skills, but after a year of training, a shocking truth threw me off.


I am not suited, to become a mage.


No well, I did feel like that from time to time.

The results had improved in taijutsu and weight training, but the “magic” I’d been practicing every day had little to no signs of improvements.

I thought that it wasn’t an easy thing to train and would take time, but being the same thing even after a year, mom got curious and examined me, resulting the truth coming in front.

I’m apparently lacking in a major part of talent needed in becoming a mage.

It’s not like I can’t use magic at all.

For example with『Ignition』magic, I can make a fire of about the size a lighter can make, although mom’s is like using flamethrower.

Even the “Magic Energy” needed to use magic, according to mom, is abundant within my body.

However, I lack in controlling power –is apparently called 『Induction Power』- to use that magical energy outside my body.

To explain with an example, just like with the ignition magic, it needs quite the magical energy to create a large fire. In my case, the magical energy is more than enough for that, but I’m lacking in the power to eject that energy out of my body and control it.

Simply put……imagine a water storage tank.

There is large quantity of water stored within it, enough to shut down any sort of conflagration, but the only “exit” for that water is a faucet for home use.

So what’d happen?

Even with the absolute quantity, it could only hose down water at a slow pace.

As such, its work still remains for home use only. That’s what I’m like.

And this not a problem of me being “Human” or mom being “Succubus”, but rather it’s the innate talent difference.

The moment I heard that from mom’s diagnosis, I was so depressed.

No, after all I’ve finally reincarnated, won’t everyone want to use magic. Even in the web novels every one could use it.

And then I’m branded as『Talentless』, cutting off my dream. Is there anyone who’d understand this despair?

On the other hand mom didn’t seem troubled at all, and created a new menu for my training saying, “In that case, there are others ways to train you”

I was at the bottom of despair, but I saw it, that smile of mom being too confident, bright, saying it won’t accept defeat……

And at that time, with an ahem, her breasts bounced up and down (definitely G size) being ingrained in my brain in the deepe–…….sorry being useless.

Anyhow, I believed in mom and continued to train, without doubting anything.

In fact, I’ve gotten stronger, and recently I can have a good fight with the demons that appear within the forest.


Setting aside magic related stuff, my daily life is mostly helping mom.

Helping with cooking, helping with laundry and helping with cleaning.

For some unknown reasons there is a lot of ingredients in the storage of the house, and mom gets new ingredients such as vegetables, fish and meat from time to time, so we don’t have any lack of food.

Mom is strong, maybe she hunts down demons.

Hm? Am I eating demons’ meat?

Yeah, apparently. At first I was quite perplexed, but it is tasty, and it is normal in this world. So I don’t care as long as it is tasty.

There are other chores too, but mom does the simple stuff with magic.

She can create fire, she can condense water from water vapour in air. Too convenient.

Even while living conveniently, she makes sure of things I need to learn and makes me do it.

She politely says, “Now Minato, you try doing all that I’ve done” and without asking any question I keep on learning knowledge and skills of different areas.

Mom is truly amazing to be able to teach me such things as easily as that.

Moreover, along with all that my survival skill also increases.

I can’t help but feel respect and grateful to this person trying to make me an adult in every way possible.

Incidentally, there was reading and writing, and calculation in knowledge area, but I had no problems regarding that.

Mom can easily understand Japanese for some reason.

The characters are different, but I learned it easily too. I’ve been seeing it ever since being born, so it’s only natural I can read it.

Moreover, even if there are some difficult words, the teacher helping me in studies is a beautiful women, so of course my motivation increased by 10 times.

If mom is my teacher, I can probably even master the universal languages.

And the arithmetic taught in high-school of Japan are apparently way above the norm of this world, so I had no problem in normal calculations.

Like that I spent my days.

I’m living my life to the fullest……

But there is still one, problematic part in it.





「Hah♪ A bath feels so nice after training, right? Minato」


The bathroom was neither small nor big, and within its bathtub.

There I am bathing with my mom.

Naturally we both are naked.

No, sorry, wait. Don’t throw rocks at me!

There is a reason……no, it’s not something big as reason, but I’m definitely not the one who asked for this 18+ game event.

Simply put I used to bath with mom ever since I was small and it still is continuing.

I’m already 9 years old. And my mental is already above a University Student.

I’ve been objecting this recently, but mom doesn’t even try to hear it.

She is strict yet gentle and can be said a good mother to be able to do that, but in this sense she keeps on spoiling me, she is unable to let go of her child.

I’ve become able to change clothes and go toilet alone, but she obstinately hold on three points. The three of them being, “Eating together”, “Bathing together” and “Sleeping together”.

I’m happy for the thought, and the first one is of no problem.

But, physically I’m nearing puberty and bathing together with her is getting harder for me.

After getting out from the bathtub she starts washing my back and asks me to do same for her.

This is my daily life of trying to maintain self-restraint.

And after studies and free time, she coerces me to sleep together in the bed.

Ah, just for information, I cannot rebel.

Even if sleeping together is fine, albeit unwillingly, but her sleeping wear is a thin negligee, isn’t that strange? What does this mom think of cultivating good aesthetic sensibility in her child?

I’ve tried to object to her, but her answer is always short and simple.

She neither persuades me or dodges the question, but just “Don’t wanna”. Period.

And I can’t refute her for some reason after that.

I’ve sneaked in the bath alone to get done with it alone, but as a sensory freak, she raids in every time.

And always at the inescapable timing, like when I’m done stripping or am in the bathtub.

I’ve tried sleeping in different room while sneaking away at night, but waking in the morning she is always beside me hugging like a pillow. What a freak is she?

Is she observing me using magic? I’m not joking, this is seriously creepy.

Don’t misunderstand, it’s not like I’m not happy or anything?

I cannot tell her but my actual is 18+9 years. Well, let’s not talk about my mental age not being consequent with my conduct.

And, as a child, I do feel her motherly love.

But, who knows when this unreliable self-restraint would be breached. I’m her son for fucks sake.

I feel uneasy lately because the barrier I created by persuading myself, saying “She’s my mom, She’s my mom, She’s my mom”, is getting cracked.

But I don’t feel bad on the part that she does love me.

To not betray the faith in my mom who is loving me as her “son”, I believed in my heart and continued to fight in isolation.

But the fight to maintain that parent-child bond……abruptly reached an end.

In the worst way, yet in a great way.

With a conclusion one would never think of……


Not long after I turned 10.

That day, as usual, mom was washing my back.

She’s my mom, She’s my mom, She’s my mom……calm down me. If I lay hands on her, I wouldn’t remain human, but a devil.

I don’t want to betray her faith in me——with that thing in heart I completed the mission of bathing together.

And like usual, we sleep in the same bed.

Mom entered a little later, wearing same negligee as always, but I’ve even fought against her naked body.

Enduring this is just like, a criminal hanging on a cliff at the last scenes of a 2 hour drama, trying to outrun the detective, it is just that ‘simple’.

…..You get me right.

Oh well, these two can’t be compared though.

Like that, another day of saving our relation, I went to sleep in the bed.

……Was how it was supposed to be





Why did it turn out like this……?

I was being cautious, to not betray her, tried to deal with her as her son……

The hard work up till now, right now, became useless.

A pair of male and female lying upon the bed.

One had held down other, riding on top the one.

The breathing was wild; obviously, the arousal was not being controlled.

If the pair was intimate, then this situation is possible after some time……if just there wasn’t a wall called as『parent and child』in between.

Not wanting to destroy the favourable relation between the parent and child——to not betray the love between them, the lust was desperately held back.

However it finally overflowed, and “pushed down” the other person, and revealed its dangerous fangs.

…………However, mom’s lust.


「—-W-What the fuuuuuuck!!!?」

「It’s fine Minato. Don’t be scared……okay? (salivating)」

No, you are damn scary!!

Even when I’ve got quite the life experience and am already an adult mentally, this is creeping me out!!

I seriously didn’t think about it. I was deceived.

Who knew, I’d be attacked before I got the chance.

Mom seems different than usual in the bed.

Specifically there was a…….black aura of sorts floating behind her.

Her breathing is wild, and her eyes are still, what happened……by the time I thought that, I was already pushed down.

Mom started to slowly strip the pajama I wore just a while ago while looking me at a gaze no mom would look at their son.

I can’t even move a single finger, let alone escape from here. She hadn’t forced me down or pinned me, but my body wouldn’t move a bit.

Even in this unnatural situation……fortunately I understood mom’s intentions.

This is the so-called forbidden love stuff or something, just like a scene from my previous world’s Adult Manga.

But in fact, being pushed down, and stripped down for real didn’t make me horny but rather horrified.

I can hear chattering voice, coming from my teeth.

I’m not all aroused, just scared. Enough to shit myself.

One reason is because this is happening all of a sudden, but……the main reason that is driving my mind in a corner is that bizarre coming out of mom.

It seems like the person in front of me wasn’t mom.

The kind gaze always looking over me was nowhere to be seen.

Let alone in this life of ten years, even in my previous life I had never met a person with such eyes.

There was insanity flickering in them, as though a starving animal staring its prey.

Without giving a single consideration about my scared appearance, she seemed to have decided to eat her treat.

「*chuckles*……Don’t worry Minato, just let me lead you……」

Apparently having some sadistic requirements――I kept on falling deep in the feeling of being wrapped gently by a silk thread――, she slowly opened the button of the pajama, and grabbed the collar…………At that moment,




——Hisss!! (TN Note: I don’t know the name of the sound when cats cry)




The pets came charging in from the flank.

They sent mom, who was on me just a moment ago, towards the wall……and without stopping broke apart the wall and disappeared in the other room.

While being startled at this abrupt happening of things, my body regained its freedom.

……Was I being held down by her magic or something? Scary……

「Wai….wait everyone!? I was just, you know, increasing that whatever as a parent. I had no ill intention, it’s a new way of talking, ow ow ouch! No, no claws Stork! You too Pelt! Wait, the fangs are no playthings……I’m soweey, I give up, fo-forgive meeee!!」

Voices of panicked mom and somewhat angry pets came from across the hole in wall covered by a cloud of dust, along with some really scary sounds.

Apparently mom is being beaten black and blue by the pets.

Few seconds later, my brain was finally able to realize the fact that I’ve been saved.

However thanks to the release from the tension the world around me started to turn upside down……unfortunately my link to consciousness was cut.





After ten-odd minutes later.

「Errr……so where should I start from?……」

Upon regaining consciousness, mom was sitting on the floor in seiza form.

I was on the bed, so I was basically looking down on her.

The pets, which had been rampaging in the other room before, were right now surrounding me.

It was to protect me from the dangerous being who had taken some incomprehensible actions.

On my right was Pelt, on the left was the Babel, on top of my knee was Bii, and finally perched on my shoulder was Stork.

Stork continued glaring down upon mom while having a bossy air even while perching on my shoulder.

He is even intimidating with his wings spread open. Excuse me mom, aren’t you being perceived as an enemy right now?

Mom, clearly being uncomfortable of the stares, raised her hand as if to ask a question to me.

「Err Minato, would you listen to what I have to say?」

「Yes, indeed. Of what?」

「Well you know……about why I turned different and almost did something bad to you before」

「Oh that……wasn’t it the result of your desire, lust and corrupted feelings breaking the lid and turning down the ethical and rational thinking?」

「……Where’d you learn those difficult words?」

「Books in your room」

It’s a lie. My previous life sufficed for it. Not like I can say that, though. Or is there some different reason for her actions?

Well I was thinking it was the only reason, along with being careful of mom in future.

I composed myself in minutes after waking up, and the brain started to work……I resolved myself for the real reason.

「I guess this was too fast for a ten year old? But boys of this age only think about lewd things, so I thought you would be happy……」

I am seriously scared of thoughts inside her.

Mom continued slightly uncomfortably.

「Ahaha. I won’t refute that I had ulterior motives too, but there is a different reason for my actions, mind you. It might sound like excuses to your ears, but still try to pay attention. Moreover」

A beat later.

「I’d wanted to tell you this sooner or later」

……? Doesn’t sound like a normal makeshift……?