An Alternate World's STRONGEST Canceller ~ Using The Rare Cancel Skill to Become GODLIKE~ Chapter 1

An Alternate World's STRONGEST Canceller ~ Using The Rare Cancel Skill to Become GODLIKE~ Chapter 1

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Series Title: An Alternate World’s STRONGEST Canceller ~ Using The Rare Cancel Skill to Become GODLIKE~

A Warning from me (and the author). Although the names are the same, do be aware that this is a Spinoff and the Characters, Settings, and Events are completely unrelated to those in Isekai Canceller.

Volume 1: Practical Use of Cancel

Chapter 1: Cancel in a Different World

I was just your average high schooler, but one day my game console exploded and I found myself in the middle of a forest.
I pretty much understood my circumstances though. It’s one of those “sent to a different world” thingys that you often read in web novels huh.

In any case, it seems that this world is based on the game I was just playing.
As such, I tried yelling out “Status” and a status window actually appeared in front of me.
My name was the same one I used in the game, 「Hitto」. Well, I guess I’m fine with that.
From now on I will go by the name Hitto.
My Level and Status were left exactly the same as what I had before. I’ve spent thousands of hours grinding this game so they are both pretty high, but the thing that makes me the most happy is that I still had the Rare Skill: 「Cancel」.

Well of course I was happy. After all, my game console exploded while I was celebrating like a madman after finally obtaining.
By the way, “Cancel” was a randomly acquired skill from the game I was playing. The chances of obtaining it was about one in a billion; there were even rumors that doubted if it really existed in the first place.
It was a “Rumor” level skill but to think that it really did exist~

Incidentally, my class changed to a “Canceller” when I got my hands on the Cancel skill .

And with that, let’s finally test out this Cancel skill that I so painstakingly obtained.
I took out one of my knives and threw it at a tree. Just before it hit the tree I activated Cancel.
It returned right back into my hand. Yup, it works. I’ve got a pretty good understanding on how to use it.

The Cancel skill seems to work on myself, and enemy, or even natural phenomenon. Whatever I use it on has it’s actions cancelled half way through.
That being said, since I can choose to what extent I want to Cancel things, if I felt like it then I can Cancel an attack mid-way through and leave only the resulting damage. It’s pretty much a Cheat.

Incidentally, when I opened my Status window I immediately Cancelled it. As a result, all of the contents were sent directly into my brain without me having to read it.
Seems like I have an item box. Looks like the items are still in there too.
I checked to see and a bunch of things really were in there. As for money, I have about 50 billion Yens[1] worth.

At this point I was thinking “what should I do now?”, but since I probably died in the explosion before coming to this world I might as well go all out and enjoy life in this other world.

Well then, let’s test things out again. This time I activated Cancel as soon as I threw the knife. It returned to my hand immediately and only left a mark on the tree.
I only Cancelled the act of throwing the knife so only the result of it hitting was still carried out.

…… When I tested it again it really does seems like a Cheat huh. Well, whatever.
On my waist I had the Rare Katana【Komatsu-kun】.
Everything’s perfect. By the way, I was wearing a black long coat but don’t be fooled, it’s not your average coat. This coat has abnormally high defensive stats.

Now then, let’s stroll around for a bit. The map was floating around in my head so I already knew the general location though.
Well, it’s what you call “exploring”.


Iya~~! Please stop it~~」

「Shaddup! You must've been wagging your hips on top of that merchant every night anyways, right?」
「Just let us have a little fun too」
「Don’t worry, despite how we look we’ll be gent――」



Beautiful long blue hair, a easy-on-the-eyes slave girl. No matter how you look at it, she was being attacked by some thief-looking guys.
That being the case I launched an attack and swiftly Cancelled it. I cleaned them up by Cancelling everything but the fact that they were cut down.

Regardless, I wonder why bad guys always come in groups of three.
By the way, I used the iai[2] katana skill “Absolute Judgement”. Since I Cancelled the swing itself, it sliced those three into pieces.

「Umm, Thank you very much」

Half way through her explanation I just Cancelled it. Thanks to that I was spared the minor details and somehow understood the situation.
Seems like this girl was a slave that served under the merchant Tornelo. Her name is Melissa.
Also it seems that Tornelo was impotent so she was still a virgin.
Lucky~. And she’s even got giant boobs too. I stopped her from being assaulted earlier so her clothes aren’t all torn up though. How unfortunate.

「Is it okay if I loot the corpses?」(Hitto)

「Eh? Ah, I believe that would be all right」(Melissa)

I see. It looks like Tornelo’s bodyguards were wiped out. They were all men so who cares though.
I Cancelled the looting process so everything just went straight into the item box.
Seems like there’s nothing impressive, let’s sell them all later.

「Umm…… I would like to express my thanks to you, but unfortunately I am……」(Melissa)

「Is that so. Then I’m fine with having “you”. Will you become my slave?」(Hitto)

「Eh? Will you be pleased with just having me?」(Melissa)

「Yea, that’s plenty. You’re pretty after all. Are there some procedures we have to go through?」(Hitto)

「From here, you would have to go the the slave company in the City of Arts, and then conduct a change of custody at the company. However, you will have to pay 10% of the original price to complete the change of custody」(Melissas)

「How much would that cost?」(Hitto)

「In my case that would be 50,000 Gold」(Melissa)

In Japanese Yen that would be about 500,000 Yen huh. If it’s only that much then it’s pretty cheap.

「I get it, that’s no problem. Do you have any special skills?」(Hitto)
「I am skilled at appraisal」(Melissa)

As expected of someone serving under a merchant.

「Well then, I guess we should head to the City of Arts. By the way, they won’t suddenly increase the prices by the time we get there, right?」(Hitto)

I was a bit concerned about that part.

「Eh? No, I don’t think that will happen」(Melissa)

「OK, then let’s head to the City of Arts」(Hitto)

「Yes. However, it takes about 8 hours to reach the city on foot, so it might be difficult arriving before the gate closes……」(Melissa)
「Ah, no problemo」(Hitto)

As I said that, I Cancelled our journey to the City of Arts.
Basically I Cancelled the actually movement part and only left the result of us arriving there.

「Huh!? What! Why are we at the City of Arts!」(Melissa)

「It’s just one of my special skills」(Hitto)

「Special skills…… Is it perhaps transportation magic? I heard only a few people are capable of doing transfer magic so this is my first time experiencing it……」(Melissa)

I answered “Well, that’s pretty much it” and headed towards to gate.

「This is the City of Arts. Please show us your identifica――」(Gatekeeper)


It would be troublesome to deal with the gatekeeper so I just used Cancel to pass through.
It went smoothly except for Melissa’s puzzled look.

The city was, well, it felt like a Fantasy-esque city. In the center was a plaza with a giant-ass fountain that had some sort of clock thing in it, but who honestly gives a shit about that though.

I used Cancel to arrive at the slave company.

「Welcome. Are you planning on purchasing a slave?」(Merchant)

「Nah, I want to change ownership of this girl, Melissa, over to me」(Hitto)

「Is that so. Then first let me explain to you how our business works-」(Merchant)


「The change of ownership is now complete. Congratulations」(Merchant)

I Cancelled the merchant’s explanation and everything wrapped up nicely. There’s no need to explain things after all. Ah, I never payed the money. Oh well.

「With this Melissa is now my slave huh」(Hitto)
「Yes, Please treat me well, for now and in the future」(Melissa)

She respectfully bowed her head. Seems like she was educated in formalities.
Well whatever, the day’s almost over so let’s go and stay at an inn.

On her recommendation, Melissa showed me the way to an inn. It was called the “Dream Butterfly Inn”.

「Welcome~~ The fee will be-」

I picked out a room with a double sized bed. It looks like the bath is on the first floor but a toilet was properly attached to the room.
It was a pretty wide room but for some reason Melissa was sitting on the floor.
This world has Seiza too huh.

「Are you all right like that?」(Hitto)
「Yes, I am a slave after all」(Melissa)

Is that so. Well, I guess that’s to be expected.
I was getting a bit hungry so we went to the dining hall. Melissa still sat on the floor when we got there though.
But judging by the looks of things, the other slaves do that too. I guess it’s just common practice here. Although it bothers me a tiny bit.

I asked for a meal but only my portion came out. Apparently slaves only eat leftovers.
Do they not worry about malnutrition? Since I am oh so kind, I ordered a second portion and gave Melissa the leftovers that I was too full to eat.
I thought she might lick it up like a dog, but she properly ate it with a knife and fork instead.

By the way, the meal was sort of like a pot-au-feu.
Well, now that I’m full I was planning on heading back, but-

「Hey, ya bastard! Aren’t cha treating your slave real nicely! My name is Zak! I’m a famous adventurer around these parts! If you don’t wana get hurt then-」

For some reason, we got involved in a commotion. The man was a grim-faced musclehead.
But what caught my attention the person standing next to him, a slave dressed like a maid.
Long black hair, and she’s cute! I definitely want her!

「Shall we have a duel?」(Hitto)
「Huh? Eh?」(Zak)
「Like I said, a duel. You scared or something?」(Hitto)

「D-Don’t be stupid! Fine then, I’ll take you on!」(Zak)

「Hey! You two! Fighting is fine and all but don’t do it here! You’ll destroy the whole place!」

「Ah, don’t worry. It will be over in a second anyways」(Hitto)
「What did you say?」(Zak)

Yeah, Yeah. [Cancel], [Cancel].

And so, the battle was Cancelled. His armor was destroyed and Zak fell over completely naked.
Wow, you’re seriously weak.

「So? You lost so it’s fine if I take your slave as spoils of war right?」(Hitto)


Yay, exactly as I planned. Now I’ve got a maid slave!

「Well then, from now on you’re my slave」(Hitto)


The one to answer was the slave of that weakass adventurer. Apparently her name is Seira.
From the looks of it her chest is a disappointment but still, Maid Slave GET!
Incidentally, the loser is the one who has to go through the formal procedures so I don’t have to do anything. That sure makes things easy.

I was worn-out so I had Melissa and Seira accompany me to the bath. Slaves don’t have to abide by the bath rules that separate sexes so they both went in with me.
I had them wash my every nook and cranny. The other customers were glaring at me with looks of envy.

So, we went back to the room and all three of us hopped in bed! AND THEN [CANCEL]!

Phew, I’m tired. Also, Virgin GET! I Cancelled our nightly operations for adult reasons.
Oh yea, we should visit the Adventurer’s Guild tomorrow.

Ending TL note: Well, that was fun. Now then, everyone make sure to Cancel this from your memory and forget that any of it ever happened.


TL note: At the current exchange rate, 50 billion yen would be about 450 million usd.


TL note: Iai/iaido is the art of pulling out the sword.


Some differences between the original and this spinoff

Hitto starts out with tons of money.
Hitto uses a Katana instead of twin swords
Melissa has blue hair instead of blond hair + blue eyes (still has big boobs though).
Melissa costs 50,000 Gold instead of 1,500,000 Gold
The Slave Guild is called the Slave Company
The town is called “City of Arts” instead of “Central Arts”
Hitto asks “The prices aren’t going to be super inflated right?” and Melissa says “No way” (Lol)