An Alternate World's STRONGEST Canceller ~ Using The Rare Cancel Skill to Become GODLIKE~ Chapter 2

An Alternate World's STRONGEST Canceller ~ Using The Rare Cancel Skill to Become GODLIKE~ Chapter 2

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Series Title: An Alternate World’s STRONGEST Canceller ~ Using The Rare Cancel Skill to Become GODLIKE~

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A Warning from me (and the author). Although the names are the same, do be aware that this is a Spinoff and the Characters, Settings, and Events are completely unrelated to those in Isekai Canceller.

Volume 1: Practical Use of Cancel

Chapter 2: Adventurer’s Guild

After doing a lot of “stuff” I greeted the morning with a refreshed feeling, but for now I took Melissa and the maid outfit Seira to the dinning hall.

I ate my own breakfast but, as expected, having the two of them share the leftovers would be a bit harsh.
Is what I thought, but Seira trotted her way into the kitchen and started cooking instead.
When I asked what she was doing, apparently it was something that Zak ordered her to do quite often.

「That adventurer Zak, he often made that girl help out to discount his lodging fee」

The girl who brought my food told me about the details. What a fucking cheapskate!
But because of that Seira was able to secure her own breakfast.

I suppose she is self-sufficent huh. The breakfast that Seira made was pretty delicious.
Even Melissa was relishing the taste.

「……Cooking is…… standard for a maid」(Seira)

Siera was fundamentally soft-spoken. In bed she was quite talkative though.
Well, rather than talking, it sounded closer to barking and howling.

「Now then, let’s go to the adventurer’s guild」(Hitto)

「Okay, Goshujin-sama」(Melissa)
「…… Acknowledged」(Seira)

The adventurer’s guild, it was a brick building in the western district of the city.

It was two stories tall and the size was, well, it was about the size of a “Hello Work” from Japan.

I opened the wooden door and went inside.

「Aniki! I’ve been waiting for you!」


The door closed shut.
Huh? That’s weird? He took a beating yesterday, and even though he was wearing the face of the Supreme Ruler of the Century’s End, I think that retarded and weakass guy is standing in front of me.

「Aniki! What’s wrong!? You came to the guild, right! Yes, please head this way!」

He held open a door with his fatass hands. What is going on? I’m pretty sure this is that guy from yesterday who’s name I don’t care to remember but, did he want to fight again or something?

「I was charmed by Aniki!」
「Sorry but I’m not homo」(Hitto)

Suddenly being confessed to by a muscle-brained meathead is troublesome.
I don’t have “Thaaatーーーー” kind of preference.

「I fell in love with Aniki’s strength! Please make me your disciple!」

……Oh, so he meant it in that way.

「No thanks, I don’t need a disciple」(Hitto)
「Would you please reconsider!」

He even going as far as to dogeza.

「…… useless trash」(Seira)

Seira, you have quite the poisonous tongue.

「What shall you do, Goshujin-sama?」(Melissa)
「Aniki, I’m willing to do anything, so please!」

Melissa asked me a question as the man with the forgotten name continued to beg.
But if I want to be an adventurer then he’ll just get in the way of my activities.

「Will you listen to anything I say?」(Hitto)
「Then go fetch me one of those seven colored prismatic eggs from the legendary rainbow dragon」(Hitto)
「Understood! So it’s sort of like a trial, is it! UuoOOOOoOOoOOOO!」

The man who I couldn’t remember the name of, he rushed out of the adventurer’s guild in search of the seven colored prismatic egg.
Incidentally, back in the game, this was a fun event that made adventurers dumb enough to believe some bogus rumors wander around aimlessly.
In other words, that egg doesn’t exist.
Fare thee well, man who’s name I don’t remember.

「That guy just ordered around the C rank Zak――」
「Who in the world is he――」

I heard some hushed whispers from the sidelines. But, who is Zak?
Well, who cares. The receptionist at the counter was a cute nekomimi girl. I’d like to make her my slave.

「Welcome to the adventurer’s guild. What kind of business might bring you here today?」

So she’s not going to end her sentences with a “-nyan” huh. How unfortunate.

「My name is Hitto, but can I register here?」(Hitto)

「Eh? Sorry, not many people come here to ask that question…… Do you possess a guild card?」

So they have guild cards huh. In the game they didn’t exist.
And, I don’t have it in my item box either. So that means I’ll have to start from the bottom huh. Well, I suppose that’s fine too.

「I don’t have one which is why I want to register」(Hitto)
「I see……」

Her response seemed uninterested. And she’s looking at me like I’m suspicious or something. Rude.

「Then, please write on this paper――」

Explanations are annoying so I just Cancelled it.
Incidentally, the adventurer’s guild operates as a service that provides adventurers with requests from individual people or countries.
The highest adventurer rank is S rank, and below that is A~F, with F rank being the lowest rank that all new enrollees start out at.

Depending on what requests you complete you are able to increase your rank.
If you fail then you can also lose rank. If you are D rank or below and don’t accept a request for more than half a year then your adventurer status is revoked.
Also, if you are convicted of a criminal act then you will have your status revoked and have the reward money taken from you.
If you have your status revoked then you won’t be able to register for another 3 years.
By the way, if you are C rank and above then you won’t have your status revoked unless you commit a criminal act.

Well that’s the gist of it. Also, requests can also have a rank requirement, so if there is a limit then you have no choice but to abide by it.

「Here is your guild card」

I received the guild card. It is silver and the size easily fits in one hand.
It also acts as an ID card. How convenient.

Now that I think about it the guild also buys cores. When you defeat a monster it drops a core and by using a special technique you can turn them into ingredients.

For now I have completed my registration, and while we were at it I had both of my slaves registered as well.
This is when I first learned about these two’s levels. Melissa is level 5 and Seira is level 7.

Pretty weak. Well, it’s not I wanted them to be strong. But for an F rank they seem to be relatively high level.

So, I went over to the guild’s bulletin board that had a bunch of requests stuck to it, but as expected there are no good F rank requests.
But among them I found one that piqued my interest.

Request details: Exploring the dungeon behind the guild.
Request requirements: None
Reward: You can keep whatever you find in the dungeon. If you defeat the boss class monster at the lowest level then you will receive 10,000 Gold, limited to the first time only.

It’s a dungeon that also existed in the game. This one seems like it will be pretty fun. The reward is a bit cheap though.

「Can I accept this request at any time?」(Hitto)

I tried asking the nekomimi receptionist.

「Yes. This dungeon is aimed towards beginners. In the backyard of this guild there is an underground dungeon that consists of 5 floors」

It’s in your backyard?

「However…… If you have just registered it would be best not to overdo it……If you take it too lightly then you can even die on the first floor you know?」

「Yea it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine. Then I will be heading out for a bit」(Hitto)


For some reason I think this receptionist is underestimating me. Don’t look down on others, Oraaa!

Well whatevs, for now I went to the backyard but when the grim looking old man saw me he said,
「What, you’re just a little brat. Will ya be alright in there?」
He spoke while looking down on me.

「I’ve heard the main objective is defeating the boss monster, but how long does it normally take to do that?」(Hitto)

「Huh? Rather than worrying about that you should be thinking about how to survive the first floor. Well, the fastest record for a party of adventurers was something like 5 hours」

「If I beat the record will you kowtow to me?」(Hitto)
「Wha? Gahaha! You’ve got quite the bigass mouth! Fine then, if a bastard like you can beat the record then bow down or whatever you want!」

You better not forget those words.
The two slaves and I headed for the underground dungeon.

「But will it really be all right, Goshujin-sama?」(Melissa)
「…… Underestimating…… is dangerous」(Seira)

「It’ll be no problem. Let’s finish this lickety-split」(Hitto)

And so, CANCEL!

「Eh? Huh? This place is?」(Melissa)
「…… In front…… a door」(Seira)

I Cancelled the process of exploring, so right now we are right in front of the boss room on the fifth floor. It didn’t even take 1 second to get here.

Ano, Goshujin-sama…… Is there someway that I might raise my level……」(Melissa)
「……For me as well――」(Seira)

「Oh, putting it simply I used a skill to speed up the process of reaching this place, so all the enemies that we would have encountered on the way here have already been defeated by us. So your levels should have also gone up」(Hitto)

Incidentally the raw materials were also already collected.

「…… Goshujin-sama is too amazing」(Melissa)
「…… Abnormal」(Seira)

Who are you calling abnormal.

「Well, whatever. Let’s go defeat the boss」(Hitto)
「U-Understood! I’ll do my best!」(Nino. I mean, Melissa)
「…… Will defeat」(Seira)

The two of them don’t have to put that much energy into it though.

And so, when we entered the room.


There it is, the Goblin Boss. Around him were about 20 or so smallfry goblins.
Goblins are short and bald monsters with green bodies.
The boss is essentially a bigger version of that.

But whatever, I imagined myself doing an iai 10,000 times and then Cancelled that.

「EH!? The enemies were!」(Melissa)
「…… Cut to pieces」(Seira)

Yea, that’s right. Our opponents were annihilated before they could even retaliate.
There’s also a treasure chest in the boss room but the contents are…… it was a slightly extravagant looking long sword.

「It doesn’t look very impressive……」(Hitto)

「EH!? No! That is a considerably rare item!」(Melissa)

Oh right, this girl has the appraisal skill huh.

「Do you want it?」(Hitto)
「Eh? Umm it is true that I have a basic grasp of swordsmanship, but for me to receive something of this kind of value……」(Melissa)

What, is that all.

「Okay, then I’ll give you this instead」(Hitto)

I took something out of my item box and handed it to her.

「Wha-, this is! It’s the holy sword Eroscaliber![1] It’s a super rare item! This! Why does Goshujin-sama have this!?」(Melissa)
「Yeah, I just happened to pick it up」(Hitto)
Happened to pick it up~~~~~~!?」(Melissa)

It seems like she’s so surprised that she turned into the gag man though.
But, I can’t give something to just Melissa alone. Look, I’m very kind after all.

「Seira, do you have a particular weapon you’re good at?」(Hitto)
「…… Anything」(Seira)

Anything huh, saying that actually makes it more troublesome though…… Oh, in that case.

「Then I’ll give you this lance」(Hitto)
「……Will…… treasure it」(Seira)

「Wait! That’s the divine lance Kunieros![2] Why do you have that too!?」(Melissa)

Melissa, shut up.

Well whatever. For now it’s “mission clear”. Let’s get out of here and make that bastard who underestimated me bow down beneath my feet!

Ending TL note: Alright folks, remember to Cancel this from your memory until next year.


TL note: Eros-calibur is an obvious pun on the holy sword Excalibur. As a side note, the word for “Holy sword (seiken)” is spelled the same as “Sex Sword (seiken)”.


TL note: I’m not sure what the original “god lance” is suppose to be. All I know is that the “Kuni” in “Kuni-eros” can also mean cunnilingus.