Watashitachi no Tamura-kun


Watashitachi no Tamura-kun Volume 1 Prologue

Watashitachi no Tamura-kun Volume 1 Prologue

Return to the planet that I called home.

This was my goal as I rose to the next school year.

My name is Matsuzawa Komaki, 15 years old.

My home is on the moon,

so I'm always looking up to the sky like this,

using my rabbit ears to receive radio waves,

and straightening my hands to transmit responses.

But before the rocket comes to pick me up,

I'll be waiting here for you

In my class, Tamura-kun is the only who tries to talk to me.

He always lingers on the path that I run my morning marathons on,

unceasingly watching me, and always asking me questions.

The first time I met a boy like Tamura-kun,

I didn't know how to respond.

Even if he saw my exceedingly disturbed, bewildered face, Tamura-kun never let me go.

And that's him, my dear Tamura-kun—

My name is Souma Hiroka, 15 years old.

I think everyone is irritating.

Don't come close to me! Don't talk to me! Go away! Stop bothering me!

I don't want any friends. Even if you threaten to kill me, I don't want any companions.

Basically, I've always wanted to live a life by myself

But only Tamura-kun was a different story.

He sits behind me, and seems to be an unruly and unscrupulous kind of guy.

This has nothing to do with how diligently considerate he is, this gloomy natured guy.

He looked as if he intended to snoop through the insides of my heart.

You could say he's probably the only guy on earth who wasn't afraid of me.

And just like that, he made me conscious of how my chest hurt, almost as if I couldn't breathe.

That's him, my pighead Tamura-kun

My favorite food is eel. I'm interested in history. My favorite era is the Kamakura Period. The person I absolutely admire is Hōjō Tokimune.

I have one exceedingly exceptional older brother and one athletically versatile little brother.

In between these two is the extraordinarily ordinary me, Tamura Yukisada, 15 years old.

I'm completely hopeless with —women

「Tamura-kun, I'm actually an alien!」 ......a denpa girl whose eyes are always wandering, absentmindedly staring at the sky.

「Hey, Tamura! Were you listening?」 This wild lone wolf, I didn't even know why she confronts me.

But there are times when the two of them will use a tender voice almost melting in the wind, or that restless and feeble voice to call my name.


「I say, Tamura-kun.」

Like this, there was no way I had the heart to abandon them.

I wonder what they thought of me?