Ten Years are not that Far

By Jiu Lu Fei Xiang,九鹭非香

Ten Years are not that Far Chapter 1

Ten Years are not that Far Chapter 1

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Chapter One

"Perhaps we should just forget about it." The girl at the nearby table suddenly spoke, "I feel… we are not that compatible."

Qu Xi's ear perked up. Her body started moving slowly to the other side. She secretly stretched her head out. Through the partition, she eavesdropped on the two people conversing next to her with rapt attention. She didn't dare make any sudden huge motions. As her head slowly moved out, she could just see the girl's back and the hand that the boy had put on the table.

The boy's forefingers lightly tapped on the table, and he was silent for a long time. Such a long time passed that even Qu Xi wrinkled her brow, when he finally said, "How has that exercise coach been lately?"

When the girl heard what he said, she shook. From Qu Xi's perspective, although she couldn't see what was happening, that girl's current expression had to be very marvelous. They were silent for a long time. The girl stood up, and said resentfully, "Gu Yan, you have never been sensitive to other people's feelings, and you don't even leave a margin for error for yourself." Almost sobbing she said, "In any case, even I would have liked you before."

The girl covered her face and left.

After a long time, Qu Xi heard Gu Yan softly mock himself, "You think I wouldn't have liked you once either?"

He had also liked her once. As it turned out, such an excellent person could also get hurt because of mutual feelings. And such an excellent person could also become frustrated and sad.

Qu Xi was completely unaware that her head was stretching out more and more. Half of his body was already revealed from the other side. She only saw him wearing a Western suit, as he sat there calmly. However, his hands tightly clutched the wine glass in his hand, almost as if trying to shatter it.

He was not good at expressing his own feelings, ahh. Qu Xi thought, Isn't living like that very exhausting…

Perhaps Qu Xi's gaze had been too piercing. When Gu Yan lifted his head guardedly, their eyes locked. Qu Xi stared blankly before laughing brilliantly as she happily waved at Gu Yan, "Hey, what a coincidence!"

Gu Yan frowned immediately. Without saying another word, he left as if he were escaping. Qu Xi immediately got up, accidentally kicking over a chair, and tagged along.

When they exited the cafe, the sun shone brightly outside, as the beginning of spring dyed the tips of the willow branches green. Gu Yan walked along quickly, so Qu Xi ran slowly until she caught up. "Uncle Yan, the day has warmed up. If you walk this fast, you will sweat. Slow down…" Qu Xi said, "No wonder your girlfriend was a two-timer. You're really inconsiderate!"

When he heard these words, Gu Yan abruptly came to a halt.

Qu Xi also stopped and laughed, "But it's fine. Your ex-girlfriend left you because she was lacking a sense of security. I have a really big sense of security so I definitely won't be a two-timer like her."

Gu Yan glanced at her out of the corner of his eye and said, "You really have grasped ahold of everything to recommend yourself for this position."

Qu Xi thickened her skin and laughed, "I like you. It was so difficult for me to get to this moment, so of course, I must confess my love for you. In the past you had a girlfriend so it was fine if you didn't accept me, but from the events I just personally witnessed, you're single now! In the future, I'll pursue you boldly."

If this were to happen in the past, Gu Yan wouldn't even pay attention to her. However, today his mood was extremely bad, so with a grouchy face, he coldly said, "I am not interested in playing around with you."

Qu Xi still looked up at him, smiling as she spoke, "Gu Yan, I am very sincere."

"If you were ten years older, I would believe you were sincere." Gu Yan indifferently turned and left, completely not noticing that the girl's face had gradually lost its smile.

Qu Xi kneaded her fingers, as her usual smile fell downwards, feeling a bit wronged. She whispered, "Ten years… It's not as if ten years are that far apart."

She and the person she liked were ten years apart. When she was 16 years old, he was 26 years old, and he had come to her high school for a lecture as a young, promising entrepreneur. At that time, Qu Xi's parents had just divorced. She had just found herself in the most rebellious phase of her life. She set her heart on leaving home, to go to the outside world to make a living.

She would forever remember the lecture on the future and your dreams held underneath the old poplar trees at the school, on a March sunny spring day just like today. The lecture, coupled with Gu Yan's extremely infectious voice and his wonderful performance, softly knocked on Qu Xi's heart.

Reverence, and then love.

Up until now, Qu Xi had always been fighting with Gu Yan as her goal.  She studied at the university he had gone to, she studied the major he had studied, and after she graduated, she was accepted into his company, as one of his workers. Then, she proceeded to bravely confess her love.

In fact, all of this hadn't been easy, but Qu Xi felt it was worth it.

Translated by tranzgeek

Edited by Ely