Kōshaku Reijō Ni Semara Rete Komaru Kishi Wa, Toriaezu Nigeru Chapter 2

Kōshaku Reijō Ni Semara Rete Komaru Kishi Wa, Toriaezu Nigeru Chapter 2

Chapter 2

[I know it's an unbelievable story, but it's true.]

[How, he's a monster from another world.]

[I mean, I was irritated and had given up in just about everything, I was feeling like that at that time.]


The marriage of the daughter of a bakery was very difficult.

People who would marry under the condition of living together with her older brother and sister-in-law in a narrow house were certainly hard to appear.

When the neighborhood girls got married one after another, she said that there was a time when she disliked her current situation since her marriage was so delayed as if she was left behind.

[Maa, at that time I saw that person.]

[You don't know what he was then?]

[No. I do know.]

Isset's father, the demon, was a kind and polite man. He told her that he was a demon from another world and explained that he was a different existence from the people who lived in their world.

[But, he was too much of a good man to die.]

She was befuddled after she regained her memories, but after glancing at her son's face, her face became clouded. She sighed that Isset didn't resemble his father at all.

[You were born for a various reasons; you have a different figure from that person.]

That person had a horn on his forehead and two black wings sprouting from his back.

[So, how can I believe it!?]

[Don't you have scars on your forehead and back?]


After being told by his mother, Isset traced the big scar on his forehead that was there for as long as he remembered with his fingertips. The two scars on his back too, sometimes women who shared a night with him would ask "What's with those scars?".

[He tried to take you away. Because you can't live in this world. But I stopped him, so he broke your horn, cut off your wings and sealed your power so that you can live as a human, and then he got out of my sight.]

The demon had talked on how a demon could survive in another world before he left.

With the power of the earrings, he let Isset stay in this world, and he tried to make it possible for him to live a life no different from ordinary person.

[At first, he said that the seal of the earrings wouldn't last long.]

At most would be about 20 years long. And then he would have to supply the magical powers himself.

[That's good. You played with women moderately, so you don't spend any magical power until now.]

[…Shut up.]

The supply of a incubus' magical power was taken from human's vitality. That power was taken via sexual intercourse.

[He told me that I would die in less than a year if he robbed magical power many times from the same person.]

Magical power existed as if it was merged with a human's flesh and blood, and it also fulfilled the role to connect them with the world. If it ran out, Isset also knew that it would mean death.

Their way of life was thrust before his mother, and it would be cruel if he had to live while getting magical power from various women.

[What's with that.]

[I'm sorry. Really, I'm truly sorry.]

Isset was in a situation where he had to believe his mother's story because of the things that were pointed out.

He remembered that a couple years ago, his body felt a feeling of fatigue along with nausea that he couldn't suppress.

Somewhere in his mind, even if he didn't know why, if the symptoms came, he would then fluently seduce women and slept with them even though he didn't know them well.

When he got up in the morning, he felt no fatigue but got repeatedly hit by feeling of self-hatred instead.

In addition, it was strange that the memories of the women that he spent the night with were gone.

If the reason was because of his incubus blood, then he had no reason but to believe in his mother's story.

[But there's another thing]

[What is?]

[How to live in this world as a human.]


He couldn't choose a woman after this. His mother said that there was another way to live as an incubus, although it was a story that wasn't understood well since such a fact wasn't felt yet.

[What does that mean?]

[You will sign a contract with a magician.]

[Ha? Wouldn't that make me a manservant of my contractor?]

[In a nutshell, you will.]


If he signed a contract with a magician, the magical power necessary for him to live would be supplied. Even if he didn't do any sexual intercourse, he would be given enough.

[No, it means that I have to work for that person for a lifetime!]

[But isn't it better than to live as a womanizer?]

[How harsh…]

If he signed a contract with a magician, the troubles of his constitution would be resolved. However, he was terrorized by the fact that he had to live while crawling on the ground.

[Hey, what do you know about magicians?]

He didn't have a guess. He recalled about what his undesirable (but inseparable) friend talked to him earlier.

[…I'm going to bed.]

He left the room thinking that there was nothing to gain even if he talked about it. He was severely tired from his work that day.


He thought it's because he's running out of magical power.

Isset's mother repeatedly apologized, and she stroked his back gently so that he didn't suffer alone.

However, since he knew he wouldn't be able to deal with his mother who had no knowledge of magic, he shook off the hand that was stretched.

He couldn't quite get to sleep that night.



Since there was training early in the morning, he dragged his heavy body down to the first floor.

All of his family members were awake. It was the busiest time since they had to make bread.

After properly eating leftovers from yesterday, he took a bath to wake himself up, and after he got dressed, he headed to the garrison of the knight order.

There were only 3 people in the designated place, though it's unknown whether it's as expected or surprising.

The captain Eisel, the large figure of the adjutant, Givanju Chelik {TN: ギヴァンジュ・チェリク, anyone has better suggestions?}, and Isset.


Eisel who nodded while looking over the plaza was stunning.

Then she saw the only subordinates who were on time for the meeting.

[Isset Sennel.]

[What is it?]

[Do you want to tell me why there is no one else?]

That day was the first morning training. Eisel had told the members about the gathering time many times, but when it was time, there was a surprising result. She asked Isset for the reason.

[Aren't they still sleeping?]


Even if she asked again, he had to say the same thing.

This was the eighth knight order. It was a platoon without splendid motivation of about 20 people. They weren't human beings who would come to training before the working hours started.

[Maa, that's fine.]


[It doesn't have to start well.]

Eisel pulled out her sword from her waist where it was sheathed as smoothly as possible and pointed the tip to Isset.

[I hope you're my opponent!]

Towards Eisel who pointed her sword assertively, Isset nodded a little with half-opened eyes.

After acknowledging it as a sign of consent, she stroked her sword and kicked the ground.


Isset immediately drew his sword to deflect the downward swing.

He thought that he was going to push back, but Isset noticed that he was pressured.


His heel that he used to brace himself was slowly falling backward, and at last his sword was flipped out of his hands.

The sword that spun in the air finally pierced the ground and Isset peered at Eisel's eyes after watching his palms that were strangely numb.

[What's with that face? It's nothing strange.]

Eisel pulled out Isset's sword which was sticking up nearby and showed the sword in her left hand in front of his eyes.

[This is?]

[A magic sword.]

On the surface of the sword, something like ancient words was engraved. Eisel said that it was a magic sword.

[The technique formula was accomplished by each letters etched on the surface, it became a surprisingly light for the user and it was surprisingly heavy for those receiving its blows.]

Eisel said that it was a treasure of the duke household.

The knight's uniform was made of threads woven with magical power, it looked like ordinary clothing but it was more durable than armour, but the one that Eisel was wearing was obviously different from the uniform worn by other knights. The texture of the cloth was different.

There were many people who were not amused that her privileged environment surrounding her greatly raised her abilities.

In addition, her appearance was also a problem.

Eisel was 28 years old, but she had a tender face that belonged to an 18 years old woman. She had a strong will, but there was no dignity to make people obey her.

Her personality was stiff, and her tone was old-fashioned. Although she was talented with swordsmanship, her power was dependent on the treasure and magic of her household.

Besides, since she was a young woman, her subordinates' loyalty to obey her was shaved off.

Isset recognized that she was a pitiable person.

Like other members of the platoon, he thought that it was fine to skip the training, but he woke up somehow, and because he didn't want to think about last night, he thought he might as well move his body, and so came with such circumstances.

[Well, this is enough for a break. —Let's start the second round.]

For the whole session, one-on-one training was done.

When he met his senior members who came late in the break room, he was ridiculed as a serious person but he disregarded them suitably.

TN: Maybe Eisel is the love interest? Seems like it since she’s a duke’s daughter.