Kōshaku Reijō Ni Semara Rete Komaru Kishi Wa, Toriaezu Nigeru Chapter 3

Kōshaku Reijō Ni Semara Rete Komaru Kishi Wa, Toriaezu Nigeru Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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When working hours began, Eisel gathered the inexperienced troops in the square.

They were shocked since contrary to their expectation of Eisel training them to forge their willpower, she began talking endlessly about the art of supply logistics and studying with their heart and soul.

[Therefore, a battle does not merely consist of physical fighting—]

Some of them were attacked by drowsiness due to the tedious talk, but if one dozed off, they would face a punishment like a blow to the cheek by the adjutant.

It was a common scene in the platoon.

Eventually, they heard an appreciated story in the morning and many members left with a red hand print on their cheeks.

While they let loose their complaints about the captain, they had a lunch break.

The cafeteria became a battlefield at lunch time.

As popular food items disappeared, Isset, who had been watching the platoon members going into the battlefield, took out bread and a bottle of fruit juice he brought from home from his personal locker, and then went outside with a stagger.

Every time, his lunch was leftover bread from the previous day. Rather than saving money, a big reason was that he didn't like the dining hall very much.

He sat on a wooden bench outside, ate his bread and drank his juice before heading to a certain place.

It was a few minutes away from the knight garrison. The library that the country managed was a building with a luxurious atmosphere that drew a lot of attention at the capital city. Isset entered the hall and looked for his intended book.

He checked the volumes one by one by tracing the titles with his fingertip.

—Monsters who appeared at the vicinity of the kingdom, the kingdom's monster illustrations, when encountering a monster, monsters that one must be careful of.

No matter at how much he glared in front of the bookshelves, there was no book that he was searching for.

Isset gave up and asked the librarian.



[Is there no book in this shelf about demons?]

The female librarian looked at him blankly.

It could be said that the citizens had no knowledge of demons. No doubt, it would be suspicious if she didn't know, so she immediately answered back.

[Unfortunately, demonic related books are forbidden. All of them are kept as the castle's storage books.]


[Since they are evil existences from ancient time, it seems that reading restrictions are applied.]


It was said that one needed a license of a managerial post to be able to see the book. Moreover, depending on the type, it was said that there were times when it couldn't be read even if there were approval documents.

The librarian provided all the information she had, so Isset, who had a befuddled look, silently bowed at her and left the library.

Isset wanted to know the information about what kind of living creature the "incubus" demon was, but he was stunned that such information was not easily available.

And he also knew that demons were evil existences.

Occasionally, he thought that the blood that flowed in his body would harm people, and he would feel shivering along his back.

Anyway, what he could do know was to know himself.

However, if he declared to his commanding officer that he wanted to read the prohibited books about devils, he would be regarded as suspicious. There was a possibility that he would be detained as a harmful being if Isset said that he was an incubus.

Isset hardened the idea of giving up on the forbidden books.

His destination after working hours were finished was his friend Ennis. He was thinking of listening to his stories about the magician he was talking about yesterday.

[What happened?]

[No, I want to hear about magicians.]

[Aa, it's about Aydin Yessimen.]

[Yessimen? I have heard of that family name.]

[Of course you have, the Yessimen ducal house is the house of the royal prince.]

[Aa, now that you mention that.]


[What is it?]

Ennis looked at Isset with a strange face. Despite getting irritated by his attitude, he hurried him to get along with his explanation.

[Swiftly speaking, Yessimen is the family name of your captain.]


The name of his captain was Eisel Yessimen.

The name of Ennis' acquaintance was Aydin Yessimen.

He was greatly perplexed as to why he didn't notice.

[He's doing research on different world beings, the relationship with demons, and the people who studied such various things. I know it seems a little weird…]

Though it was a serious fact that the magician acquaintance was his captain's older brother, he sweated a lot since he had to know the contents of the magician's research.

[So, should I introduce him?]

[No, no need.]


[It's not necessary.]

Isset stood up while saying that he was in intruding.

[Oi, no need to restrain yourself. I'm acquainted with the older brother, I can introduce you if you ask me, so please wait!]

Ennis left the room before he finished speaking.

In this way, the possibility of getting away was shut.

If he was revealed to a person that was connected to royalty, he thought that he would be sent to prison as it is and he would spend his lifetime in a gloomy place.

Besides, the man that was Ennis' acquaintance and Eisel's older brother was studying living beings of otherworld.

If his real identity was found out, his body might be chopped up as raw research materials for his whole lifetime.

Feebly, he went to sit on a couch nearby and the scenery seemed to distort. Since he didn't want to be regarded as weird in such a public place, he returned to the platoon's break room.

Arriving in the break room, he sat down on a chair heavily.

Since it was already an hour and a half since working hours had ended, there was no other member.

He sighed heavily while placing a hand on his forehead. Sleepiness, fatigue and hunger attacked simultaneously, and his view slowly distorted.

It was not uncommon for such symptoms to attack him for the past year or so.

No matter how much he ate or sleep, he didn't recover, and the doctors couldn't tell the cause of his poor physical condition.

Those mysterious symptoms were miraculously healed once he embraced a woman.

He would be tormented with his bad physical condition for several days and felt worried on why such a thing happened, and he then became better after he had an intercourse, so he forgot that his body became weird periodically.

He had repeated such a life.

Because the overall reason was because Isset Sennel was an "incubus", it could be explained with just one word.

Isset considered about it.

As always, he would endure it to his limit and he would hook up with a woman in his lost state.

It was said that it must be handled in an appropriate place.

He then stood up with a stagger and changed his clothes with the one he put in his locker.

When he opened the door of the break area with the nth time sigh of that day, there was a figure of Eisel who had raised her knuckle and was about to knock on the door.



They were surprised by each other, and then Isset felt awkward. It was because he skipped the training near the end of working hours to go to his friend's place.

[Isset Sennel.]


Eisel passed through Isset's side and entered the break room.

[Sit there.]

[No, I have to go now as a matter of fact.]

Isset rejected his superior commander. Before that, he was wondering why they were talking in the messy and smelly men's room.

Eisel stood up and faced Isset. She, who was staring intently at Isset's face, was grimacing at the poor comfort.

His boss queried Isset with an unpleasant look.

[You look more worrisome than before.]


The moment he was accosted, his blood boiled and Isset felt as if his body became feverish.

[Especially your eyes.]

Someone's voice echoed in his head.

—Before his eyes was a woman he could embrace!

The voice was his instinct as an incubus. Isset shook his head to drown the voice.

[Mu? Are you alright?]

Eisel who noticed Isset's strangeness stretched her hand towards him, but she suddenly stopped.

His face was wet with sweat, the condition of Isset with his teary eyes was not normal.

[Wai, wait a bit. I'll call a doctor now —!?]

As soon as she took a step to slip past the side of Isset who was standing in front of the entranceway, her wrist was gripped.


She cried out at once for him to release her, but Isset did not respond.

His teary eyes looked empty; he looked as if he had lost his sanity at first glance.

[Those are magic eyes after all!?]

She asked the question while desperately concealing her trembling, but Isset naturally did not respond.

The hand that grasped her was abnormally hot.

More than anything, she was stunned by the present condition that there was a human who could touch Eisel, who had a constitution of not being able to be touched by people who were not family members.

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