Kōshaku Reijō Ni Semara Rete Komaru Kishi Wa, Toriaezu Nigeru Chapter 5

Kōshaku Reijō Ni Semara Rete Komaru Kishi Wa, Toriaezu Nigeru Chapter 5

Chapter 5

TN: My superior just dumped a lot of work on me.

Isset, who was listening to Aydin's words, looked down as if it's an expected development.

However, what was described earlier was unexpected.

[Eisel is ill.]

The power to generate magic power in response to the good will of others.

[That child was born receiving blessings from many people. She is a princess that's raised happily.]

A child who was given birth after 15 years of trying from a couple that had difficulty in procreating children.

The birth of Eisel, whose father was the king's younger brother and general of the imperial knight, was blessed by the whole nation.

[—But something strange happened the day she was born.]

Rampage of magical power.

[My father and grandfather rolled it up, so it was really lucky.]

The magic power overflowing from Eisel's body caused a big explosion.

Fortunately, her father who was holding her baby self was a knight who knew magic, and her grandfather who was by the side was the leader of the royal palace's magicians. It didn't become a big matter.

[Maa, all sorts of clothes were blown away due to the explosion, so my grandfather only had his cane and my father was holding a baby while they were stark naked, it's a story that's a bit laughable.]

Aydin continued to talk while saying an unrelated story.

Since then, Eisel was entrusted to an underground research laboratory and they devoted every day to investigate the characteristics of her body.

[I was only able to meet my cute little sister when she was 3 years old.]

Eisel was able to speak clumsily when she was 3 years old, and since she was influenced by her grandfather, she became a girl who spoke in an old-fashioned way.

Still, his cute little sister had not changed, and Eisel was welcomed as a normal family member despite her problem.

[My grandfather told me.]

He shouldn't love his sister. It would hurt her.

He should overlook her under any circumstances even though it's inhuman. It would help her.

[It was a cruel story. I was only looking forward to hug my little sister.]

A lot of spells were engraved on the skin of the little girl. In addition to that, she was forced to wield magic items that had heavy magic power consumption.

[One is the teardrop jewelry that is worn over the forehead, the tear of saint.]

A cursed magician who absorbed his own magic power and had spent many years living in a sealed place underground.

[The second one is the magic sword Dylan.]

Eisel carried the magical sword, which was said to cause its wielder to grow old and die due to its magical consumption, with a calm face and wielded it.

[My sister, who was strictly cultivated by my father, is now a disappointing child that is not ladylike at all.]

Eisel with her pride as a soldier and uttered old-fashioned words stood out wherever she went.

Eisel, who was raised to be upright and unaware of the filth of society, repeatedly clashed with other soldiers.

[The period of her birth was bad.]

Her figure that slashed down monsters resolutely with her long sword was more courageous than anyone else.

If the world was currently a devastated and war-painted world, she might be hailed as a hero.

Everyone in the family lamented.

The country had achieved a contract with the great spirits hundreds of years ago, and peace had been maintained for a long time now.

Eisel, who did not had the opportunity to display her power, was shunned wherever she went.

[Mou, I already thought that I had no choice but to look at my younger sister with regretful eyes.]


[But you appeared.]

It was a once in a lifetime good fortune.

The existence of the youth who has the magic power absorbing ability had the greatest utility value for the duke family.

[You know what kind of creature incubus is right?]

[Didn't I hear the explanation earlier? It's a creature that robs magical power via sexual intercourse. I know that.]

[You can't tell me to ravish your younger sister right. That's crazy.]

Aydin didn't deny those words.

[Mou, I guess I'm freaking out right now.]

When she was very young, the magical power inside her was too much for her, and the suffering Eisel cried alone without being understood by anyone.

[It is my job to apply the magic to prevent my younger sister's magical power from rampaging.]

He was not permitted say encouraging words to Eisel, who was working hard every single day, and the only thing Aydin could do was the task of engraving the spell for magical power control that was entrusted to him.

[Engraving spells on the body requires one to use scorching hot golden needle.]

He had to endure seeing his sister's crying and shouting figure, and had to treat her according to his grandfather's instructions for 20 years.

[Mou, this is no good, if it's allowed, I would like to rely on God if I feel like it. My family doesn't show it on their faces, but I think everyone's one their limit.]

They did everything they could. Still, Eisel was far from being able to live normally.

[In the first place, even though it's impossible to bring out national treasures that absorb the magic power, won't they be meaningless if I took away her magical power?]

[Maa, that would be the case if it's an ordinary incubus. But you possess something good.]


Aydin pointed to Isset's ears.

[Demon ornament. The power it holds is not less than the holy grail (elixir).]


[It is a vessel that can store infinite amount of magical power.]

Isset's earrings were not made by human hands; it was made with a special power.

A person who has interest in magic would want it so much that they would wish desperately for it.

[It is an item that maintains your figure as a person, and yet it is connected to life. You can't say that people don't want this right?]

[That's reasonable.]

[If so, let's have a deal.]

A piece of paper was presented to Isset.

The conditions written on the paper were that Isset had to visit Eisel once every 3 days for sexual intercourse, in which Eisel's memory would be erased after the deed, and he would be given 50,000 Lira {TN: the currency} every time as a reward.

In addition, Isset's monthly salary would be raised to 20,000 Lira.

Such extraordinary awards were shown.

[About the memory erasure.]

[Wouldn't it be bothersome to each other?]

It was said that yesterday's memory would be erased after asking the circumstances.

[Anyway, aren't inconvenient memories erased from one's mind habitually?]

Aydin's smile seemed to affirm it.

[It's fine isn't it. You will feel good and your livelihood as a human will be secured. There's nothing wrong with it.]

[Not particularly, I never thought that I felt good or anything like that.]

Seeing Aydin's smiling face, Isset said so.

For incubus, having sex with people was to take away their magical power. It had the same meaning as food for humans. If it wasn't particularly delicious, one wouldn't remember what they ate a month ago, and Isset hardly remembered those times.

[Oh well.]


[I'll give you time to think.]

Aydin pushed a small bottle to Isset.

[This is?]

[Hydeadern, a blood plasma tablet1.] {TN: name of medicine is ハイデアデルン産}

Magical power was dissolved in human blood.

He handed the medicine created using foreign technology to Isset.

[I'm giving this medicine to you. It should make your body a little better?]

However, the effect of this medicine didn't last long.

[The reason is that human's magic has various characteristics, and if it isn't similar, it will go out without remaining in the body.]

So Aydin told him that there wasn't much significance in taking the medicine every day.

[You're an incubus. You can only have enough supply of magical power when you have sexual intercourse with humans.]

[So I have to give you my answer before the medicine runs out, isn't it?]

Isset spat out those words, and Aydin had a face full of smile as if saying that Isset had fully understood.

[Well, you should go home now. Your family must be worried.]

Isset peeled of the blanket and climbed out of the bed before putting on his shoes.

In the meantime, a bell was rung and a servant-like man came into the room and presented a coat to Isset.

He realized that his clothes were not the plain clothes that he wore before.

[Oi, my clothes…]

[I threw it away since they're ruined by Eisel's magic.]


He roughly grasped the presented coat, clicked his tongue and left Aydin.

He thought that it would take a long time for his head to accept reality, but he would go home without being annoyed by a headache.

  1. Donated, frozen plasma is used in clinical settings such as hospitals. Most donated plasma is used to make a range of essential pharmaceutical products, such as those used to treat people with immune deficiencies or bleeding disorders. So yes, such medicine exists though not in pill or tablet form.