Kōshaku Reijō Ni Semara Rete Komaru Kishi Wa, Toriaezu Nigeru Chapter 7

Kōshaku Reijō Ni Semara Rete Komaru Kishi Wa, Toriaezu Nigeru Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Isset, who was forced to hold the position of the aide, continued to refuse the one way decision, but he had to accept it since the promotion notice had been delivered from the top on that day.

He was reluctantly waiting in the break room after he was called since the former aide Givanju Chelik had something to tell him about inheriting his position.

Once he shut his mouth and listened, it seemed that there wasn't a lot of work as an aide.

There was no special task Eisel handled all the office work and the eighth knight platoon which had no right to speak was required to attend the meetings with just a single written consent form.

Lastly, he was handed the work journal and then parted with the stern-faced knight.

His office was in the same room as the captain's and their tables were placed side by side.

A sofa and a desk were also placed in front of their tables since the room also served as a guest room.

Isset sat on the chair while exhaling a large sigh.

When he opened the journal which Eisel and Givanju updated every day, the descriptions of each member could be read.

Of course, details about Isset were also written.

Isset Sennet.

24 years old, medium build.

His sword skill is good, but it is stagnant at the current level which can be accounted to his lack of motivation.

His agility can be regarded to be in top 5 even among the entire knight corps.

The former captain of the platoon acknowledged his value and entrusted him the role of outrider of the squad.

While that man was a good for nothing drunkard, it seems that he had an eye to discern people.

What was written wasn't so bad though he was severely criticized for his usual lazy attitude.

The other members also had their good points written down.

In the daily work report, the results of daily training, future issues and ideal formation were also spelled out in detail.

The logistics needed to be indiscriminately memorized, but the content had been reasonably and thoroughly thought of.

However, it was noticed that the recent trainings had shown signs of development.

But it was realized that there wasn't enough time for combat instructions due to the snow wolf exterminations.

The door of the office opened suddenly while he was absent-mindedly reading the work journal.

[What, so you are now in the left hand position.]

It was Eisel who came into the room without any sign.

She sat on the sofa without any complain even though she had seen Isset relaxing previously.

[Did you eat dinner?]

To Isset who shook his head, she recommended to eat in the dining room that was dedicated to the people with official position.

[How about you, captain?]

[No, I do not have a good appetite.]

To those words, Isset looked at her doubtfully.

Eisel went to the office after noon, stating that she was busy and refused the meal prepared for the aides.

He pondered whether it was okay to skip two meals a day, but thought that it was unrelated to him and just went home as it was that day.

The next day, the day of Isset as an adjunct started.

He knew that if he went to the break room as usual, he would be mocked by the senior knights, so he went straight to the office.

Eisel was already seated at her table and was tackling piles of documents.

They had to patrol around the capital city that day.

Isset was instructed to lead his subordinates and rode on horseback to see if there were any monsters or suspicious characters.

When he came back from the mission, he had to hand over his written report.

After Eisel finished up the remaining documents, Eisel taught Isset who was staring off at space on how to write the report.

He finished writing his report somehow, while thinking that it was troublesome to spell it using unfamiliar wordings.

It was now lunch time, and he stretched his back.

[Adjunct Sennet, going out for a meal.]

Isset said those words, took out a loaf of bread and fruit juice from his bag, and stood up.

Looking at her subordinate who had brought lunch from home, Eisel inquired with a curious face.

[Why do you not go to the dining room?]

[How about you captain?]


Eisel's words were stuck.

Since Isset was entrusted with the captain's meal from the former adjunct, he went out and left while saying "is that so", while thinking that Eisel who did not eat was troublesome.

Isset put a handkerchief of Eisel's table and placed his bread on top of it.

[This is?]

[Nut bread.]

The fruit juice prepared in the morning was poured into a cup and served.

[There's no need.]

Even though she shook her head and tried to refuse it, he just willfully placed them on the table.

[What, you can't eat cheap bread from downtown?]

[No, that's not what I'm implying.]

Isset sat on the sofa to see his boss' face and asked for more details.

[…I see. You're not the subordinate who had been following me for many years. I should give an explanation.]

Eisel had the cup of juice in her hand and grimaced after a sip, she then explained her reason.

[My sense of taste seems to be different.]

If she was asked what she meant, she couldn't taste whatever she ate and had never thought the food she ate to be delicious.

Eisel spoke about all the problems she had.

The fact that it was an idiosyncrasy that she could create magic power but unable to control it all that well sometimes, and the fact that other people were not allowed to touch her.

Even if she didn't eat, nothing would have happened to her body.

[My family still recommends me to eat like a normal person, but I just dislike it.]

As she said other things, all of the rest were information he heard from Aydin a few days ago.

[But I have received this at great pains.]

Eisel offered a pre-meal prayer in front of the bread Isset gave her.

[You don't have to particularly eat it.]

[It is my first time to be blessed with food. I shall be thankful.]


She wiped her hands with a handkerchief, tore the bread to pieces and ate it.


Eisel's eyes became wide open and she ate a second piece.

Since the nut bread was the least popular bread in the store and something he regarded as "the bread that steals moisture in the mouth", he thought that she must be astonished by the dry texture.

But the word that came out from Eisel's mouth was unexpected.



Hearing the lone word that was whispered, Isset doubted his ears.

Eisel finished eating the bread deliciously; she then drank the fruit juice and frowned again.

[This is different. Why is this one delicious?]

Isset also want to hear the explanation.

The bread that was given to Eisel was made in his home bakery without any doubt.

No special process had been added.

[Is it magic bread!?]

[It's normal bread.]

Since Isset's was the same as the one sold in the vicinity, he thought that she would like to eat one more and offered a loaf of bread with dried fruits.



She ate the baked sweets that her deputy placed on the table and felt that perhaps her sense of taste had been cured.

[…Such a fine taste.]

[What's with that. I don't understand the meaning.]

Isset also ate the baked goods just in case, but it tasted like the usual polished taste.

[Where do you buy this bread?]

[Where you ask, it's made in my family's bakery.]

[It's made by your family?]


It was so strange that they cocked their neck in puzzlement.

[There must be a reason. May I dispatch a magician from my house?]

[No way.]


[It's just an ordinary bakery that does nothing special.]


No, no matter what she said, he glanced at his troubled boss.

[Then, is it okay for me to visit as a customer?]

[No, for a noblewoman to visit such a store is…]

[Are you not conducting a business? Are you going to reject a customer?]


There was no reason to refuse.

Isset had no choice but to sigh, draw a map to the store and hand it to his superior.

[Well then, I shall visit in a few days.]

Let's just hope that she didn't get lost in the maze called downtown, was what Isset thought.