More Than A Few Blessings Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon,Yue Xia Die Ying,月下蝶影

Lu Chengyu was born again nine years ago after being killed accidentally just after graduating from college.
In order to avoid the unfortunate fate of the last life, Lu Chengyu started from the very beginning and started to avoid his classmate who has good feelings for him.
He began to select stocks, work carefully and everything was in progress.
Just didn’t think of an encounter would bring Yan Mu to his life, Lu Chengyu’s life is no longer lonely.
– Author’s note
This is a story of making a fortune and changing his destiny after a rebirth.
The article is fluent in writing and vivid in character. It captures a delicate, yet naughty and an indifferent face, a warm and passionate attack. A plot twists. Fascinate reading. After all, how can the two men walk step by step. We should wait and see while developing their romance.