Lucifer's Academy

By Animeaddict04

Lucifer's Academy Chapter 0 part1

Lucifer's Academy Chapter 0 part1


"What? Will you not even ask for forgiveness for what you have done? Don't you know me?!" yelled the guy that I bumped into in the quadrangle. I rolled my eyes and chewed my bubble gum instead. Jeez, I want trouble, and trouble, it looks like it's in love with me. It's touching really. It's always on my tail.

"Oh? Cat got your tongue?" He said. I just stared at him while chewing my bubble gum. He's already attracting the attention of other people here in the quadrangle. There will be an assembly because it's the First Day of school. Sigh, it looks like I can stretch my bones again.

"Ahhh. You're just a newbie that's why you act arrogant. Looks like I have to teach you a lesson." He stated then laughs boisterously together with his sycophants. I grinned.

This will be fun.

"Why are you smirking darling? You're about to face hell you know." He said as he tried to sway my hair to my ear but I catch his pulse then grip it tightly.

"So you'll fight back ha!" he said as he tried to pull back his arm in my grip, but he fails in doing so. The grin on my face got bigger when I saw fear on his face. But he tried to hide it.

"H-hey you guys! Help me here!" he complains to his sycophants. He's the one whose grin got bigger when he saw that I got surrounded by his people who are dressed as a butler. I just shook my head in my mind and pop my bubble gum. Oh, darling, hiding behind your guards? Poor kid

"Get her!" yelled the guy. In cue, they all rushed to me to catch me but I just smirk and dodge all of their attempts to touch me. There are four of them, and all of them have huge bodies. Oh, I don't like gang bang you know, sorry.

I kneeled on the ground and do a break dance while targeting their feet near me. I chuckled silently as they all fall into each other. Hahaha, they look like sardines in a can.

I went to the guy who provoked me earlier and arm lock him before his sycophants get up. I smirk as all the students who were watching us gasp. Christ on a bike! Are there no teachers here that can notice us? Oh well, even if they're here they can't do anything anyway. Trouble is trouble. It can never change.

I was livid when the man in my arms continued flailing around. Tsk. So twitchy!  And the fool really has the guts to bite my arm! Fucker, you'll pay for this!

I didn't even think twice as I bombard him with a punch. Hah! Am I a lady? Yes, I am. But not a damsel in distress. He tried to punch me back but I was quicker and I immediately lay on top of him. While lying on top of him, I bombarded him with punches. We also switch places on top of each other because we both do not want to back down. But as always, I'm the one who got the last laugh. I noticed that he's already worn-out, but I'm still not. I just smirk at him and his eyes widened at that. I pulled his collar and neared his face to mine.

But not a damsel in distress

"Sleep well, darling…" I whispered as I suddenly head-butted him. Blood poured down his head as he slid down on the cemented floor. Then as if on cue, the teachers arrived. Tch…Acting as heroes now when it's too late?


"Pitou! You really haven't done anything right! How many schools is it already that kicks you out! And now, you just entered this school and you already got into a fight and what's worse is that the other person you beat up is in the hospital. You insolent child! Why did I—"  complains my Dad but I'm not listening to his rant. I'm used to it anyways. It is always me who's in the wrong! Tss.

Dad glared at me but I just blankly stare at him in return while chewing the bubble gum in my mouth. I always have a bubble gum in my mouth. It became a habit of mine so that I'll become lazy to talk and just chew and chew instead.

"Hon, just forgive our daughter. Let's just enroll her in another school."  coaxed my Mom to my Dad. Tss, they're so flirty and really, doing it in front of me.

Dad palmed his head in frustration while Mom is hugging him. Psh, so cheesy, they're enough to feed the rats.

"Hon, I have no choice, I'll send her to L.A," Dad said sweetly to Mom.

I wrinkled my forehead at that. Where is that L.A that they're talking about? And by the tone of their words, it looks like I'll become a good girl there?

"Don't! She'll be in danger there! Have mercy on our daughter." Mom replied crying to Dad. Who? Me? I'll be in danger? Tss, why won't they just clarify it?

Dad patted Mom's shoulders and look at me again. His chocolate colored eyes stared at me seriously, and all that I can say is, being serious doesn't suit him. He looks nasty.

"Pitou, you'll be transferring to Lucifer's Academy." He stated and that made me stop in my tracks.  I popped the bubble gum in my mouth.

Lucifer's Academy? What's that? A school of an angel who disobeyed God's orders? I smirked at that. Interesting…

"No reaction?" Dad asked and that made me stare at him. So what should be my reaction? Should I be happy? Scared? Or be sad? Like I'll be doing that. It's better to be busy on the bubble gum in my mouth than stare at his hideous face. Is that really my father? Tsk. I'm too beautiful for 'that' to be my father.


"Fine, pack your things up, there's a dorm in that school." He said.

Dorm school? It's good then so that I can have my freedom at last. I stood up and silently went to my room.

I immediately went to my closet and grabbed all of my clothes and quickly put in my suitcase.

After that, I went down the stairs only for a worried mother to receive me. Tss… A mother who's light is dead.1


"My child, be careful when you got there okay." She said then hugged me tightly. I didn't hug her in return. Let her have her dramatics alone, I don't care.

"Pitou, your new school's service is already here," Dad said to me. It's really funny. They're so eager to let me leave this house. Looks like they really planned to kick me out right on this day because why else will the service already called. I just glance at him and take out a bubble gum in my pocket then shoved it in my mouth. The other one already lost its taste earlier.

I went out of the house and my gazed lingered on the black limousine parking outside our house. I harrumphed. Is this my service? Why is it so fancy? And they're enrolling me in a school that has a limo as its service? Eh, we're not even that rich.

Despite all of my wonderings, I said nothing as I get on the limo and they started driving it.

I did nothing but chew on my gum while sitting with my chin on my hand throughout the whole trip until we reached Lucifer's Academy.

I get out of the limo and didn't wait for them to open the door for me because it looks like they're not going to do it anyway. Tch.

I stared at the surroundings. You can only see forest everywhere. A wild forest that is full of hidden creatures that shouldn't be seen by anyone.

I walked around until I glimpse a gate that is dyed black and bloody red but it seems it is clean when you look at it. I grabbed my luggage at walked towards it. I halted when I sensed a presence at my side, 9 o' clock to be exact in direction. An old man wearing a tuxedo with a single spectacle with his right eye and white hair quickly received me.

"Are you Neferipitou Iceah Freecs?" he asked but I just blankly look at him and popped the bubble gum in my mouth. That's a sign of a 'yes' if he knows my shitty body language.

I wrinkled my forehead when he just laughed. Psh, is he insane?

"So, it's true that you are lazy to talk because of the bubble gum in your mouth." He said while grinning evilly. Tss, Is he high? I stared at his gloved right hand when he presents it in front of me.

"So, here is your dormitory room number." He said. His opened palm suddenly snaps its fingers and it promptly held a red paper.

My forehead creased at that. Only a dormitory number? What's my section? Schedule?

It seems that he noticed the crinkling of my forehead so he spoke again.

"You do not have a section yet since you are a transferee. Besides, you first need to present yourself in the Welcoming Ceremony before getting a baller band that will symbolize your section." He stated.

I just nodded absentmindedly as I chew my bubble gum again.

He opened the gate so I get inside the campus. Just as I step on the pavement of the school, I already felt a strange feeling.

I felt it all. The tension… the thirst for blood of this place and the gazing eyes even though I can't see any people around.

When I roamed my sight, huge buildings entered my view in different directions. The three buildings laid on my right side are silver. On my left side, the buildings are black while the ones in front of me are gold.

How curious… What's the meaning of the color of the buildings? It looks like there's a color-coding. I stared at the paper in my hand. It said here what is the color of the girl's dormitory. White for the girls while blue is for the boys.

I walked towards my assigned building but I'm only halfway and I'm getting bored already. Tch. Is there anything to ride in here? The buildings are so far away from each other!

I roamed my sight and I saw a group of bicycles parked on the sidewalk. A smirk tugged at my lips and I immediately went there. I took a bubble gum in my pocket and when I'm about to open it, it suddenly disappears from my hand. My jaw dropped when I saw a woman with a long straight hair, white skin, and round coffee colored eyes was chewing my precious bubble gum.

What the— She just smirked at me! I rolled my eyes at her and just took a new one and immediately shoved it into my mouth. Who is this irritating woman anyway?

"Hi! By the way, I'm Catherine Mae Vellaguez. Nice to meet you! You are Neferipitou Iceah Freecs right?" she asked me.  My forehead wrinkled. Shit, how many times is it already that I creased my forehead this day? I'm going to have a wrinkle at the rate this was going. It's the fault of this annoying pyscho. She suddenly knows my name.

"Dear, I am not a pyscho. You're just very unique." She said then linked her arms to mine. I glared at the arm around me. I'm not used to being touch.

uniqueI'm not used to being touch

"What's your dormitory number?" she asked and just ignored my glare at her arm. I lift the paper I'm holding and held it in front of her face.

"Oh. 5th floor, 204th room. So we're roommates." She said. I suddenly popped my bubble gum. Christ on a bike. This glutton, will be my roommate? Geez, give me a break! I will not agree—


I didn't have a chance to complain anymore as she pulled and push me toward the bicycle. She already rode her bike so I have no choice but to follow her. When I neared our building, I almost got dizzy because of its enormity. It's so chic that I can not handle it.

When we went in, we immediately went towards the front desk. They're really unbeatable, they even have a front desk. This school is so pretentious.

"Catherine Mae Vellaguez and she's Neferipitou Iceah Freecs, a transferee" she emotionlessly and coldly said to the woman at the front desk. The woman just nodded and swiftly inputted it into her computer. Catherine's gaze returned to me and then she smiled widely at me. She was about to grab my arm again but I dodged her attempt and quickly went inside the elevator. I immediately pushed the button for the 5th floor and leaned on the wall, while Catherine is silently chewing the bubble gum she stole from me.




A woman walked by when the elevator opened and immediately went back when we went out of the elevator.

"Um, I just want to ask…where's the 204th room? I'm been here loitering around for a while now and I can't seem to find it."  She asked us. I roamed my eyes at her, from head to toe, and my eyebrows raised at what I saw. She's wearing ballet shoes when she's wearing jeans and a white undershirt. Seriously? What's with the shitty getup? Her hair is normal, straight and black, then her face is also normal with no trace of any rouges or make-ups.


"We are all roommates! Yippie! I'm Catherine Mae Vellaguez by the way and she is Neferipitou Iceah Freecs." Announced Catherine. I saw a trace of doubtful wonder on the girl when Catherine is the one who introduced myself. I just pop my bubble gum. Yeah, I was weird. I know.

"Marize Monteverde." She smilingly said. Catherine just signed her to follow us to the dorm room so she trailed after us. When we arrived in front of the dorm room, I noticed that there's no doorknob or anything that can be used as a handle to open the door. Oh-kay, so how will we open this?

"Open. Amethyst Speaking." Catherine said. And as she said it, the door opened. Hmm, Amethyst is her code name while mine is Fallen Angel. It's what the Dean assigned to me, as it says so in the paper I'm holding a while ago with the dorm room number.

Fallen Angel.

When we arrived inside, a huge HD TV flat screen welcomed me with three sofas around it. There's also a laptop at the side and an X-Box under the TV. Okay, cool.

I roamed my sight around and immediately went towards a room with a black and white color. I choose this one because the other two rooms are a pink room and the other one is full of food.

I tossed my suitcase at the side and then laid on the bed.

Hmmm…it looks like I'll have a good sleep.


1 This text says ' Inang pundido ang ilaw ‘. There's a saying in the Philippines that a mother is the light of a home. ' Ang ina ang ilaw ng tahanan '.  Pundido is a word only used for light bulbs or lamps that are already dead and won't light up anymore. Meaning a mother who's light is dead won't lighten up a home anymore. So you get the gist of it.