Beautiful Girls in the Underground Prison アーロンスキー

Women who disappeared suddenly
What kind of fate would await them?
Beautiful girls who were surrounded by family and lovers and living a full life were dropped into a life of hell living as a sex slave in a secret organization
Bearing the insults and torture of sadists every day
In the darkness of the dungeon where the light of justice does not reach, an innocent junior high school student is resting her body filled bruises was proof of her treatment
Pretty school girls are restrained with abominable shackles, forced to wear a collar and dragged around the floor with a chain.
In the closed room isolated from the outside by a number of iron grids, the electric current runs to the white female college student hung on a chain
A female teacher who was teaching in the torture room where the smell of blood drifts as screams due to the whip resounds
A virtuous married woman tightly bound by rough rope bears terrible torture instruments and enormous enema
This is the paradise of the sadists, the hell of the women.
The screams and crying of the women who disappeared echoes through the prisons