Prisoner's Love: The Devil's Mark

By Shu Wu Lei,舒舞蕾

Prisoner's Love: The Devil's Mark Chapter 1

Prisoner's Love: The Devil's Mark Chapter 1

It was a cloudy day, without a trace of wind in the dark sky.

A young girl of about sixteen, holding a ten-year-old girl behind an old woman dressed in a butler’s outfit walked through a large, deep courtyard as they headed towards the main house.

When she arrived at the door, the old woman suddenly stopped, she didn’t bother hiding her distaste towards the girls.

“Remember what I just said, when you see the old master, don’t make trouble! Now hurry go into this door, you all must know how to comply with the rules here, the old master hates disobedience the most,”the woman said with displeasure in her eyes, then frowned, “especially penniless low-life people like you!. Well, don’t dawdle, go in, you don’t want to keep the old man waiting, do you understand?”

Liu Yutong took hold of her sister’s trembling hands, providing assurance that she was still beside her. Then with a neutral expression, she turned to butler Hao, and in a well-behaved manner said: “I understand”.

She was fairly young when her mother died. If she wanted to feed herself and her sister, then she could only endure the humiliation and anger and bow down her head to people.

A few days ago, she suddenly received news that her mother died in a car accident.

Her sister, Yuxin after knowing about it, shed tears unceasingly, but she, on the other hand, didn’t feel anything at all, perhaps because her mother’s treatment towards her was cold and indifferent, so their relationship wasn’t close enough to grief.

A few days after her mother was buried, they were taken to this strange place. She heard that this was her mother’s friend’s home, in other words, they will be fostered in this very large luxurious place.

In the middle of the hall sat an aged 70-year-old man and two exquisite teenagers. The elderly man had a head full of silver hair, with an unusually cold and sharp appearance.

Seeing two figures come in through the door, two ice blade eyes stared straight to the door.

However, even though she tried to look calm and composed she still could not help trembling. she moved closer until she was five steps away from the old man, and didn’t dare move any closer. Her black and white eyes showed a little panic but she still looked at the old pair of eagle eyes.

“You are Liu Ting’s daughter?” Looking back and forth between the sisters for a while, He Kun asked lightly.

Nodding, Liu Yutong once again clenched her sister’s cold palms, “yes.”

“Do you know why you were brought here?”

Because he knew her mom?

She hesitated a moment, then nodded, her clear eyes still didn’t leave the old man who experienced the viciousness of life.

“Well then, from today onwards, you will change your surname. He Rui, the rest of the things are yours to deal with, I am tired.”

After tending to the older boys around him, the old man propped himself up on his crutches and slowly left with the support of the servant.

As they stepped into the house earlier, Hao butler already told them, you shouldn’t say what can't be said, don’t do things you can't do, there was more to the truth than she knew, so despite being confused, Liu Yutong still accepted it without questions.

Looking back, she was faced with pair of cold and frosty amber pupils.