By こんどうさん

VRMMO Chef Chapter 1

VRMMO Chef Chapter 1

Chapter 01: I start playing MMO.

Right now, I am in the world inside a game.
About my gaming experience what I remembered was the young me holding a game controller, moving around like crazy in front of the TV.
Good old memories.
It was what happened in my elementary school days.
I can only vaguely remember as I was talking about what happened 10 years ago or so.

But recent games are all about wearing a weird helmet and relaxing, powering on and drifting into the different world.
Still, what is the most amazing about VRMMO is you have to control your body movements with your thought process.
I can feel them.
I can feel my right arm and my left leg I lost in that damn traffic accident a year ago.
I can move them like I used to move.
It is truly a commendable achievement.

I must thank my brother who told me about this game.

I’ve never get a thorough explanation about what to do in this game.
Well, how shall I start off in this game.
By killing those rabbits running around?
The process of transferring to this VR city has almost happened automatically, so I don’t know what to do.
I don’t know anything at all .

“Congratulations. Congratulations my big bro.”

Well, I was suddenly called from behind.
Turning my head to the direction of the voice, all I see is a young man with a jet black costume.
Glittering ornaments are messily hanging from his neck.

“Oh oh, my brother. Don’t make me surprised man. However, bad choice of costume to cosplay eh? Are those ornaments fake ones? ”

My younger brother who makes a red face refutes me strongly.
He explains me with words like INT, DEX and STATUS.
I won’t understand it even if you explain it in technical terms, so you should take it easy brother.
Well, let it be, let it be.
Let me tell you that I thank you for introducing me about this world.

So, what should I do in this game from now on?
My brother’s reply to my question is so simple.

“Just do what you want to do. As this world has endless possibilities.”

What the hell.
I feel like my fiery sensation that I stored away in the back of this heart had started burning again.
May be I can.
May be I can cook again.

I want to try again.
Diligently from the beginning.
To walk the way of cooking.

Let’s return to real life after listening my brother’s lecture on basics of this game, “Dwellers of the Infinite World”.
Let’s start playing this as soon as I return home.
I am looking forward to it.
How long it has been since my heart excites like this.

“So, brother. Tell me how can I log out of this game? ”

Oh, my brother become speechless.


TN: I know this WN has pretty short chapters, but I don’t have that much time to translate since my new semester start today. I will try to translate like 2 chapter per week. I can’t help but feel this WN has a soothing atmosphere. I wonder why is it. Hope you have fun reading this WN translation. ?