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VRMMO Chef Chapter 2

VRMMO Chef Chapter 2

Chapter 2: First I have to think about choosing [Skill].

As soon as I arrive home, I start playing “Dwellers of the Infinite World”.
I appear at a place where I said good-bye with my brother.
Here is the place to visit for those who just started the game, [City of the Beginning].

I look around and search for the biggest building in this city called [Temple] and when I find it, I head towards that place.
In this game, when you go to that [Temple] for the first time, you get to choose five [Skill] as you like.

[Skill] are indispensable in this game. As you grow your [Skill], your character will grow stronger.
Moreover, [Skill] can be developed into advanced or special [Skill] depending on your play style.

At first, [Temple] let you choose five [Skill], but number of [Skill] you can wear is ten.
There are ten [Skill] to be used as secondary skills so I can learn a total of twenty [Skill].
Now I’m at a loss about what to learn.

I have studied a thing or two from my younger brother as a prior knowledge.
For [Materials] such as basic foodstuffs, you must get out of the town and obtain yourself.
So, you should have [Skill] of attacking means and defensive means.

[Materials] can be purchased from other players and shops in the game.
Still, it is better to simply go hunting and collect them yourself for the sake of raising your level.
And a large varieties of [Materials] aren’t sold in [City of the Beginning].

After thinking for a while,[Skill] I first learned within [Temple] are like this.

[Dagger] for attacking: I think it will be a skill that leads to the kitchen knife so I take it.
[Evasion] for defending: You have to learn separate armor [Skill] based on your armor choice, I feel like I can make-do with just this somehow.
To distinguish [Materials], I take [Food Knowledge] and [Plant Knowledge]: I need them for the skill I want called [00 Knowledge], so I am taking these two.
Lastly [Cooking]: It is not an exaggeration to say that it is my greatest purpose for playing this game.
Let’s get started from here.


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神殿 – Temple/Shrine/Sanctuary I will just use temple for now.
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