By こんどうさん

VRMMO Chef Chapter 4

VRMMO Chef Chapter 4

Chapter 4: My First Hunting Experience
Author: こんどうさん Translator: Damyabo

I step into the field slowly but what should I do now.
When you pass through the entry gate of [City of the Beginning], there lies the unpaved roads.
There is a forest at the right side and wild grassland spreads at the left side.

“Well. If you are looking for food ingredients, may be forest is the better choice.”

Thirty minutes after stepping into the forest, I pull out some grass without thinking.
In front of my eyes, there is one hell of a chicken, intimidating me while raising its bright red chin.
That chicken is preparing to peck me if I go near it.

If it is an ordinary chicken, I can finish it easy peasy but this chicken is one hell of a problem.
Its head is around my chest height and if you include its cockscomb, you can say it is as large as me.
And it is buffy too!
It seems like some kind of heinous thing with a face drawn on it.
If you are peck by such chicken’s beak, you will find yourself in the coffin.

However, this chicken is so meaty, it will be very appetizing to eat.
Breast meat, thigh meat, chicken wings, chicken drumettes, giblets, chicken cartilage, cockscomb …
It is like looking at a moving treasure trove.
Of course, chicken bones, chicken skins and vensions are fine ingredients too.
Oh, I’m so looking forward to a dish I will make with this chicken.
As I start thinking about cooking it is hard to stop fantasizing about it.
First things first, let’s get the ingredients in front of me.

As I move to avoid its suddenly lowering beak, I take a half step to the left.
I got a hold of its neck with my left hand and cut its throat with a dagger in my right hand.
This is an easy way to prepare ordinary chickens.


I give up.
The blade does not go deeper into the chicken’s throat.
It just give some light cuts, and the damn blade is stuck.
Simply put, the dagger is too dull.
Shit, may be I have neglect the maintenance of my meal ticket.
Well, it can also be the limit of what the initial equipment can deliver too.

“Well, damn it all.”

I am sent back to [City of the Beginning] by a chicken who stubbornly peck me to dead.
It is as my younger brother told, when I die in this world I am returned to the city.
My grilled chicken, my fried chicken, roasted chicken, chicken with kumquat, boiled chicken, oyakodon, samgye-tang is gooooone.

I log out with my regretful heart and call my younger brother for some in-game advice.
I learn from him that chicken is called Giant Chicken and there is no way I can defeat it at my current level.
Until I can take it down, I have to grind my level little by little in the wild grassland.
This is a cruel fate of a beginner.


TN: Hope you guys enjoy reading it. ?
Oyakodon 親子丼 – Parent and child donburi. Chicken, egg, sliced scallion(or onions)are all simmered together in a soup made of soy sauce and stock and then served on top of a large bowl of rice.
Samgye-tang サムゲタン – Ginseng chicken soup. It contains a whole young chicken, stuffed with garlic and rice, scallion and spices including jujube and ginseng.