Lantern: Reflection of the Peach Blossoms Huai Shang,淮上

This is the story of the Phoenix Vidyarāja and a Grand Demon just awakened from Hell.
On the ancient battlefield, two armies were standing in stalemate. On one side were the Vajras, the Arhats, the Gods and the Buddhas from the Realm of Gods. On the other side were all the of monsters and demons from the Blood Sea in Hell.
The personification of that Grand Demon leaped forward, holding a long sword across his chest. He flew across the battlefield, insolently cutting in halves the eleven Phoenix Bone Arrows, each of which was enough to destroy the world.
Then, he arrived in front of the Phoenix Vidyarāja, who was standing high above the masses:
“Your Majesty, please don’t move—”
“I didn’t come for the war. I came to propose to you.”
Phoenix was the Buddha’s inexorable doom for thirty-thousand years, while Zhou Hui was Phoenix’s redemption that could free him from the fate of his eternal life.
After hundreds of thousands of years of endless light and shadow, this handsome yet devilish man finally emerged from Hell,
To bring the Phoenix Vidyarāja away from the gandah-gajah Kingdom of Buddhism and the boundless lotus sea.
“Let me follow you to that world. For you, I’ll be invincible forever—”
You’re my shore after swimming across hundreds of miles of water. You’re my destination after traveling through thousands of miles of land.