Transformed into the DC World

By 想静静的顿河

Transformed into the DC World Chapter 1

Transformed into the DC World Chapter 1

Thea, dear, we are going to… participate in the funeral, clean up and clean up and we are waiting for you downstairs.” The middle-aged woman choked and finished her mouth and walked out of the room.

“Okay, Mom, I will come here.” Thea Queen, sitting on the edge of the bed, watched the mother’s figure disappear into the field of vision, and her thoughts continued to emerge. I have been through or said that it has been three days, and slowly accepted the current identity.

I have turned from a young man who is still a successful career to a miserable Miss Qianjin. Former life, let’s call it a past life. The memory of the past seems to be like a movie fragment. Born, enrolled, graduated, married, and soon, it seems like a dream, no happiness, no resentment, just a look from an outsider's perspective, calm and indifference.

What is your original name? Can’t think of it, compared to previous gene rations, the current physical condition is basically controlled by the original emotion of Thea, sad, sad, depressed. I used to be only Thea in the future, and it will only be Thea!

Ignore the black dress, although my heart is still a majority, but still very resistant to women’s clothing. Put on the white vest black suit trousers prepared by the mother, black leather shoes, but fortunately, Thea is still not an adult, if she is wearing high-heeled to attend this solemn occasion must be a disaster.

Taking care of the hair in the mirror, Thea has a thick brown-black long hair, white skin, light green eyes, and calm eyes reveal the thoughts of the death of their loved ones.

After reading the news on the first day after the integration, she determined her situation. This is a world similar to the Arrow TV series. Maybe it is not. The information is too small to judge the specific situation. This drama has seen a part of the past, if you are not mistaken, you are the protagonist of the Green Arrow sister, a problematic girl who is rebellious and unreasonable.

Picking up the handbag and going down the stairs, at this time, Thea is still in the stage of prostitutes. I haven't got a lot of bad habits because my loved ones have passed away. After the two souls merge, the mental strength is stronger than ordinary people, and the mental feedback is back to the body. Although it is a fifteen-year-old thin girl, the pace is still strong.

Going to my mother Moira Queen, whispered, “Go, Mom.”

Moira did not speak, just staring at Thea, and the two entered the car silently.

Robert Queen, born in 1958 and died in 2007, at the age of 51. He is an outstanding entrepreneur of our Star City, our mentor and friend, his departure has made us lose the great father, sincere friend, he ……”

“Oliver Queen, born in 1985, died in 2007 at the age of 22. He is the child of our Star City, a gift from God, he…”

Listening to the statement of the pastor on the stage, Thea’s thoughts were a bit messy. The pastor’s praise to his father Robert is beyond words, but there is nothing to express to his brother, just to talk about two sentences.

My own brother does not have any achievements to make a comment. Merry, innocent, no sense of responsibility, in addition to being handsome, there is no advantage. But who can think of the sage-like father to bury the city with a curse, but in a critical moment, this swayer saved everyone.

The departure of their loved ones still makes Thea very sad, and grinned to prevent himself from crying. Although she knows that her brother is not dead, the father who has always regarded himself as his own has indeed died.

Yes, it's ironic to see yourself as a self, not a child of Queen's family. The father always knew the truth but still treated himself as his own daughter. There was no dissatisfaction.

Reason can no longer suppress the burst of emotions, and Thea cried with a headache on her mother’s shoulder.

“Dear, cry, cry out.” Moira gently stroked Thea’s hair and said warmly.

Soon after, the funeral ended. Two empty burials were buried in the cemetery of the Queen family.

“The sorrow, Moira, the sorrow, Thea.” A middle-aged man with a cold face dressed in extraordinary looks first calmly around the two.

Seeing this person, Thea immediately recognized that this is her father, Malcolm Merlyn. This man is a thoroughly conspiring career ambition. The shipwreck of the gold medal Queen is directed by him. It can be said that it is the final boss of the first part of the Arrow TV series.

This gentleman now looks at the appearance of a gentleman, the hand does not bind the power of the chicken, in fact, martial arts is very strong, code-named black arrows, archery swordsmanship all the way to master, in the first part twice hit the Arrows do not want.

And this person’s sense of existence is still quite strong, the first four parts of the Arrow are very active, the fifth part has not finished the end of the West has passed, do not know the situation, but the person’s survivability will not die.

From the performance of the drama, although he is innocent but still loves his children, may he learn martial arts from him? The original plot of Thea is in the third part of the training of Malcolm to become the of Arrow’s assistant, can you advance this process? Thea is very insecure now, although there are still five years before the official story, Oliver is still fishing on the Purgatory Island. But on the guest list just now she saw a bright name, Wayne Enterprise. If you remember correctly, this is the company of Batman!

This is what the world is coming to.

It is not clear that he currently knows that he is his daughter. Moira is sure to know as a mother. Will she tell Malcolm? What did you say in the play? Thea really can’t think of it. Malcolm is not a good person. If he doesn’t know the truth, he will run away and get an oolong but he will lose his life.

At the same time, Thea's heart is also very resistant to Malcolm's recognition of this matter. After all, he is the father of his own father, and his eldest brother has been wandering for five years, and his body and mind have been devastated, although this is The price of hero growth, but the cost is too great.

Anyway, there is no good idea for a moment, you can only let go of this Idea first.

Silently standing next to Moira, watching the mother thank the guests for their condolences. This is a complicated woman. Malcolm's plan, she knows, does she not love her family? It turns out that she has invested all her feeling s in this family and is willing to give up her career or even life for her children.

However, she has taken a look at the shipwreck of her husband’s son. The annoyance and hatred that she showed after the shipwreck could not be done at all. It's a contradiction. Maybe you can only describe her with the ostrich psychology. As long as you don't die in front of her, you can feel better in your heart. Maybe Malcolm is taking advantage of her psychology.

“Thea, let me introduce you, this is Walter Steele, your father’s right-hand man.” Moira introduced the bald black man.

According to the plot, this person will become his stepfather in the next few years. Thea's performance is very faint. He nodded and did not speak. Her feelings about Moira are very vague, not close to each other but not alienated. She does not object or support her to find another man. Maybe the original Thea is this attitude.