Transformed into the DC World

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Transformed into the DC World Chapter 2

Transformed into the DC World Chapter 2

Thea didn’t care for all the people who came to comfort. She always had a cold face. In fact, many of her people didn’t know each other, and there was no memory at all. It can be seen that the original contact between Thea and these families was really rare. Everyone didn’t feel strange. After all, it was a fifteen-year-old girl. She died and died. Her face is ugly and normal. If she sees who and who says hello, there is a problem.

“Thea, the sorrow,” a young man ignored her iceberg face and patted her on the shoulder.

The young man is the only young man that Thea is currently present. It is the life and death of his brother Oliver, named Tommy and Tommy Merlyn. It is the son of Malcolm Merlyn, the only son, the blood is his half-brother.

A little funny, Oliver and Tommy, their two brothers, a half-brother, a half-brother, this relationship is really messy.

After all, the relationship is different, and Thea nodded softly and said “thank you.”

Tommy is very sad. He is really sad. The whole person is indulged in a painful mood. He grew up in Queen’s parents. His feelings for Oliver are his father’s brother. Now the death of the two makes him sad. Hundreds of people inthe audience were very sad, but the real sadness here is actually two and a half people, a Tommy and Moira, who knows that Oliver is still alive and can barely count half.

Gently giving Tommy a hug, Thea didn’t stay in the crowd and walked back to the car alone.

When she saw her returning to the car, Moira quickly got rid of the crowd, and the two returned to the Queen family’s mansion without any words.

Rejecting Moira’s suggestion that mother and daughter should share a pillow, Thea returned to the room alone.

There are still five years from the beginning of the plot, and you should not waste these hours. The world is too dangerous. Throughout the entire Green Arrow story, somebody around Oliver was tied up, and then he made a big splash to rescue, the protagonist saves one, the villain then tied one and then the protagonist to save again, so repeated five seasons, really a nonsense story.

And that’s the story of Arrow after going home. Didn’t he come back? This can be a five-year vacuum, and now he is the only heir to the Queen Group! The kidnapping for blackmail is not too small. The bodyguards employed by the Queen family are as useless as ever. The strongest bodyguard in this area should be John Diger, but it was ridiculed by the Assassin League as a kindergarten class.

The most important thing is whether the big conspiracy of Malcolm will be tempted by the huge property of the Queen family. In theory, he married Moira and killed his own big property and returned to him! Thea thought that if he didn’t know that he was her daughter, he would have a chance to do it. If he was killed by a relative who did not know the truth, it would be too tragic.

In the original plot, Thea fell down after the death of his father and brother. He may give up the idea of a pot with his heart and mind, but he certainly will not touch those things now. What promiscuity is even more impossible, because of the influence of previous souls, I feel sick now when I think of men.

What would he think if he let Malcolm see his heroic success in inheriting the Queen Group? Think about it, will you do it yourself? Inevitably!

Looking at the temple, Theabecame more and more worried about her current situation. At this time, she discovered that Moira's relationship at the funeral today did not seem to find a few umbrellas.

This is a great and poor mother. She is subconsciously unaware that Malcolm is not good for his illegitimate daughter. It is because she does not understand the true face of Malcolm. This is a wolf, a beast that eats people. In his eyes, there are no friends, only living enemies and dead enemies. In the plot, Oliver has repeatedly confronted him. He has personally admitted that Oliver is like his son, but when the so-called pro-son blocked the road, he was not soft.

My own bloody daughter is also pitted again and again. Fortunately, Malcolm is still at the highest point of his life. As long as he does not destroy his plan, he will not do it himself, provided that he knows that he is His daughter.

I am not in a hurry to learn martial arts now. Life and death are big events. Does he know the truth now? This problem makes Thea want to get bigger.

I thought about half-staying, and I fell asleep in the middle of the night. In my dreams, I dreamed of Superman Batman's battle of justice and dawn, and I died in chaos.

I was so scared that I couldn't sleep, and I lay down for a long time until Moira called myself to have breakfast.

“Oh, Thea, your face is so bad? Do you want to see a doctor?” Moira asked Neya worriedly.

“Nothing, Mom, last night… I didn’t sleep well, I will lie down later.”

Tommy also came to eat rice during the meal. He stayed at Queen’s house for much longer than his own home. When he was familiar with talking to himself, Thea suddenly realized where his breakthrough was! On Tommy!

My mother always knows the truth of the matter without temptation, just look at whether Malcolm knows it. In front of him, he does some movements with Tommy’s relatives. If he knows the truth, he will definitely stop it.

Although it is hard to accept yourself with men, this is the only way at the moment! Fortunately, Tommy is very familiar with himself, not very disgusted.

For this little life can only bear a forbearance!

In fact, in the original plot, Thea had a little meaning to Tommy. Fortunately, the writer also had some rhetoric and did not make such anti-human settings. Tang Miyan, who did not understand the truth, refused Thea, saying that the two were only brothers and sisters. In fact, they were blood. It's really a brother and sister. Duan Yumu, who has not become a US drama version, has to say that it is a blessing.

In the next few days in front of Moira, Thea still behaved as usual, getting closer and closer to Tommy in the back, on the one hand, causing the attention of the big boss, on the other hand, pulling Tommy Dang. The amulet avoids big bosses to start with. Well, in fact, both sides are for the use of Malcolm, no way, the current Star City, he is the invisible emperor, if you want to live, you must agree to it if you live wonderfully.

Fortunately, he is his daughter. There is a reality that cannot be changed.

As long as the facts are clear, you will be as stable as a mountain!

Some people around her neutral dress in her suits and trousers did not express excessive interference. They all thought that she was affected by big changes, and her mentality was somewhat unbalanced. It would be better after a while. In fact, Thea has already thrown those short skirts and high heels in the deepest part of the cupboard. I don't know it later, but at least she doesn't want to wear it anymore!

I have to say that Tommy is really a good friend. She is not bored by Siya every day. She thinks that she is too heavy and she is happy to change her style. Even his official girlfriend Laurel Lance Can’t take care of it.

NT: For those who did not understand, MC was a man before reincarnating as Thea, so in the course of the chapters you can see the “he”.

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