Wu Shang Jin Shia

By Ni Tian Er Shang

Wu Shang Jin Shia Chapter 2

Wu Shang Jin Shia Chapter 2

Gourgeous Distress

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Welp, it took me so many days just to read this chapter, although not completely sure at almost all of the paragraph, lol. But, at least, Now I have just little better for understanding this chapter.

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“正好,父亲 的 阴 生 也 就 在 这 几 天了!还请顺便帮我也烧些纸钱给父亲。” 心里一酸,陈悠兰 的 双眼也忍不住闪 出了 濛濛 雾气。
“As it happens, father existance still shaded on the past few days! Please help me burn some zhiqian for father.” Griefed, Chen Youlan unable to resist the misty fog in her eyes.

Their father Chen Yongtai, used to be famous doctor. However, he got traffic accident suddenly when house visiting his patient two years ago.

A certain drunken truck driver with full of stone brick, crashed Chen Yongtai motorcycle when turn around abruptly. Having took heavy hit all over the body, Chen yongtai look on nearby cityzen people to got helped and was sent to nearby hospital. It is pity yet despite the best effort, die with heavy injuries.

This accident brought both brother and sister distressed and sorrow.

Chen Yongtai death bring serious blow to his whole family immediately.

At home, Chen Youlan, Chen Ru two sister and brother are getting along with a lot of affection from their father Chen Yongtai. But faces in that comes suddenly, the whole family are deeply grieved.

今天,之所以与地理老师周克定起了冲突,只怕还真的与那“升官发财死老婆”、“ 有娘生没爹教”的两句话引起的。
Today, there is a conflict with geography teacher Zhou Keding, perharps even that “got promotion and rich from his died wifes” is real, “like having no parent to teach” caused few talk about that.

“En! I know.” answering in light tone. Chenru is fierce in the mind.

Knowing his elder sister is very much busy, disturbing no longer, he took his bag, returning back to the house in shanan city whom his elder sister bought.


72 Peak Shannan, Nanhu province famous district for scenic spot. 72 peaks stretched longer, from Shannan to Yuelu bring altogether 7 counties, aproximately about 300 li.

Vulcanic, covered in violet, heaven pillars, furong (rose of hibiscus) , Called “Old Mt. Wufeng.”

Shi Linfeng, zhurong peak is located in the South, mountain town in nanxian County General and Zhu Rong Xiang ren Cun of mountain County at the junction, Southeast of huanglong au, 1189.3 meters above sea level. Mountain pure granite, and is a huge stone mountain, peak seasons and mist had a Boulder at the top side, fanyong fountain, the name “stone cross” The northern end is Maple Ridge, Ridge side of a cave, bottomless, cave breeze blowing gently, countless bats volt wall hanging, swept its dung hill farming medicine for medicinal purposes, namely medicine ‘Night Pearl’, can cure diseases of the eye, one can take a few sets. Mountain four weeks had many monuments: As General Temple, Chishingtan, Wang Fu House, Fairy Cave, not exist presently now.

Grandfather Chen house located at Shilinfeng foothill, Chen family originally top most medical well known family, breeding many famous doctor, afterward suffered misfortune, Chen family gradually become nameless at shilinfeng.

Chen Yongtai in those year possed a little medical knowledge, aknowledge another doctor Xie Xian as a master, succed in lesson, soon made small clinic on Shanyang city, precisely 20 years ago, but when leaving to make a house call got traffic accident…..

Chen Ru knelt silently sitting in front of a grave without a tombstone, sobbing slightly. (Nanhu tradition, parents haven’t died, son to die cannot be erected)

Real man do not easily cry, but still can be felling sadness.

While burning zhitian, recalling back his warm memories of his father from time to time. Chen Ru fell into his own world grieving.

“Father, we realized we really miss you a lot.”

“Because of this your conceited son, perhaps i am not be able to live up to your expextation, Not even having passed for College entrance examination…”

“Today matter, This son made unrefined moved to hit the teacher….who teach him like the scroundel…”


Chen Ru kneeled at his father grave, mournfully grieved. he kept mumbling without stop, all his doing on today matter one by one, immersed in his own sadness world.

I don’t know when it began, it became dark, thick black clouds galloping like wild horse running wild, from far and near, blotting out the Sun, the wind grew violent, with a low whistling, whizzing by.

Then, it is very strange, more the cloud growing up, become black, but it doesn’t rain. The whole sky at the moment came absolutely repressed.

Like a metaphore : “City Buildings to destroy dark clouds!” But in this outstanding view within this big mountain, that made sense of repression is even more stronger.

Chen Ru woke up startle from his stupor, looked up at the sky at the sudden appearance of strange color of the clouds. Gently wiped the tears on his face with the sleeve, Chen Ru with lingering feeling of attachment to catch a glimpse of his father’s grave before parting, “father, rainstorm is coming, son has come back to see you again. ”

Stood up, pounded some stiffness, numbness in the legs, resting good for a moment before walking step by step down to the Hill.

On the Shilin Feng, if not as soon as possible found a cave to shelter from the rain, then I am afraid that will be very dangerous!

As the blood flow to his legs, Chen Ru pace is got more and more nimble, agile, like the clouded leopards are and as light as the spirit of monkey-like, quickly ran down the Hill.

Running at full speed reached near Maple Ridge, he could not help but rejoicing, there is a cross cut of path in the mountain’s trail here, even in this trail to stay overnight, would not be afraid of the rain. Just be worried to don’t fall down of the mountain opposite, otherwise, absolutely over.

Felt uneasy, Chen Ru immediately lifts his leg. It was in this moment, a great moment of lightning tearing the clouds, striking straight to mountain not far ahead from Chen Ru. Shortly thereafter, then suddenly thunder storm sound fast at the mountain storm, echoing countinously.

Then, one after another strange lightning accompanied by a clap of thunder among the mountain exploded, deafening!

Chen Ju-acoustic looked shocking at Maple Ridge which is a very deep cave.

This cave, however it is the most famous Batcave!

From a high oblique view, you can see under the mountain seemed vaguely raised a regiment like peach general miasma of dense fog.

“How dry thunder, it does not rain?” Chen Ru think strangely, but still moving quietly at the foot of wing places. It filled of darkness, so that the top of the mountain seems to have no light.

A clap of lightning slips open at the sky, flashed it down.

‘Crackling ……’

Then, this thunder exploding in violent landed not far from Chen Ru. Suddenly, he just felt the whole mind deaf, then he slipped and screams, Fall down to the side of the mountain.

‘It’s over -‘ Chen Ru give horrible shriek, foot drop to the head. felt red miasma below, Chen Ju terror speed free fall.

‘Bamm ……’ I just felt a sharp pain in the left elbow, hitted something. Then, the body also hit the top of this thing, the whole body like a collapsing immediately. Throw a ball with this thing.

Chen Ru heart remains to though of surviving, hands turned suddenly, vaguely hold this thing, along with its impact on the way in the mountains, down the cliffs. Felt very strong pain, Chen Ru couldn’t help but jerk out some blood, and his consciousness was fading.

Before completely lost consciousness, a strange color brilliance came from his chest, and it rapidly surging off ……


Twinhead Gold Bat have a bad luck through and through today. This great lake accumuluted from several hundred years bring joyous therorough the day today, because precisely today it is when condensed demon blood pearl pellet (dan).

This bat cavity existed for countless years, covertly absorbing countless amount of ferocious beast, blood of spirit bird, and prior to few days before it kill many ominous beast, holding a large amount of blood poured at this bottom cave, within the body condense demon blood pearl pellet today.

This variation of bat, Twinhead Golden Bat, previously no one know its origin place born being with spirit wisdom. fumbleling, because of absorbing humanoid species blood, thus it obtained formidable phisycal strength.

It have been extremly intelegent, it know for best protection to not harming it neareast nest. combined there is not much damaged on mankind, livestock, not until before cultivating found by luck.

However, the universe change excessively fast. the current world lingqi is thin, every beast, spirit bird blood lingqi also contained very poor lingqi, this causing to cultivated for 500 years, and now today have reached to condensed blood pellet realm.

Today intending to make full use of this pool of blood essence for breakingtrough to the first step of own evolution, but unexpectadly, had been out of luck with facing divine lightning, just be about to condense blood explode , even to the extend this divine lightning striking it on the body straight for several times, spurting blood violently.

Originaly have been bad luck already should not have bad luck again, yet disaster after another, soon afterward Chen Ru like have descend from heaven unexpetedly, because of his elbow hitting the vital point between the head and neck by chance, holding it while fallen down to abyss, bear fruit unintentionally served again and again as Chen Ru meat shield…..

Of course, because of Twinhead Golden Bat physical strength, even if to plunge down to the depth ravine, unlikely to have trouble. However out of expextation of Chenru whom blood spurting got all over the place that time, his body before suddenly to raise up his blood honor alongside, Chen Ru holding on, absorbing rapidly the blood of Twinhead Golden Bat …..
Not knowing how long he passed out, Chen Ru gradualy procced to regain his consious from coma, among sober and little confuse, his windpipe looks like blocked by unknown, felt the worst, to the extend even having difficult to breath. heavy stomach just like people drowning, seems pouring a large amount of liquid, instead there were dirt and smell like fish on his mouth.

He coughed a few times, coughing strange fishy sweet liquid in throat, feels breathing a lot better, and senses are gradually becoming clear.

Chen Ru feels is lying sprawled within a mud swamp, covered with invasion cold mud.

Gently shook his head, he was a bit confused, not knowing where they live now. He only remembers before the coma, he seems to be a hit something, then it seemed to have a strange red lights.

I do not know what is the red light that suddenly appeared.

Chen Ru did not want to go down any further, this little wonder was replaced by survival of great joy.

“I am still alive? It’s incredible! ”

Indeed, fell from a high place of the deep mountains, also seems not to have suffered serious injury, Chen Ru have reason to be thankful.

Tough chuckled a little and smiled for a moment, Chen Ru slightly rolled over and, with almost stiff hands supporting the body, look up and observed the surrounding environment.

However, the obverving into the scene stunned him, shocking greatly.

This is a huge cave. he is moving around in this weird, dark cave. Top of the cave, there are many different bats.

Some of these bats only baby palm size, and some there are twenty or thirty centimeters. They all hung upside down on top of the cave. Although they perceive to the bottom of the cave there is an alien presence, but has chosen not daring to down. Seems fear of Chen Ru.

“Perharps this is really the legendary bat cave! ”

Chen Ru of nearby terrain is extremely familiar, natural the first thing to do were guessed what this place is. But he does not understand is that how he enters in the cave? When all tunnelis sealed, this can be right.

Barely relieved, Chen Ru struggled to stand up. This found their mud flats, seems to take a little bit of red in the dark!

Suspiciously sniffed around, Chen Ru sudden lurch face great changes, “this … … This is blood…… “scream, immediately flush ceiling hang countless bat.

Bent over trying to vomit, Chen Ru even within the gastrointestinal tract of the bitter spat it out. Oh Brain swelling, sore eyes, shook head keep shaking.

Vomiting for a long time, only slightly hearts nausea disappeared a little

This quagmire of blood, does not seem to be much, with the glimmer of light, Chen Ru was surprised to find himself not far from a huge beast which was stuck in the mud.

Mind-numbing, a cold in the middle of an instant rise in the heart. Immediately, Chen Ju whole body felt creepy, almost in an instant goose bumps covered body.

Before the Earth seems to have no anger, Chen Ru breathed a sigh of relief, carefully looked at before the beast’s body.

This guy seems to have drained the blood of the body, like a mummy. But Chen Ru is to see what the body was. It has two heads, the bats body is like a magnified hundreds of times

“Is this legend of the village hundreds of years of two-headed King of bats? “Chen Ru was so surprising, but remembered handed down near an ancient legend. “Previously is that it falsely wacky lightning? “Chen Ru aren’t stupid, but highly intelligent. Figured it out the first time that strange Thunder Road moving towards the mountain previously oddity.

“Maybe it turn out to be a demon, attracted mine robberies.” Chen Ru reached out and patted his chest, heaved a sigh of relief. Things seem to be clear.

Stretching his arms and legs slightly, Chen Ru was immediately shocked: “what’s going on? I was without injured, just a little tired?

Fallen down from cliff, on deep ravine through perhaps several hundred meters high. Chen Ru vaguely remember ramming countinously to reach here, even not died, can caused heavy injuries in the least is right.

Eyes blinking in dazed, whisper in low voice muttering : “Is that the reason the red light flashed suddenly?”

心神 一动,陈儒 突然 觉得 有些 古怪。似乎 自己 的 脑袋 里 好 象 多了 什么 东西
Thinking carefully, Chen Ru mind felt rather strange unexpetandly. As if there are abundance place on his own mind.