Wu Shang Jin Shia

By Ni Tian Er Shang

Wu Shang Jin Shia Chapter 3

Wu Shang Jin Shia Chapter 3

Blood Spirit Judges


How abundance?

Mind swaying, Chen Ru burst dazzingly, felt the wonderous suction feeling came into his mind so suddenly.

Immediatly, he discover his own center of mind impressively seems arising red-color space with beyonce abundanceness.

This space is actually strange, it is fused with his own mind together.

Chen Ru scalp felt numb, he felt the surge of mystical power came through, which made his entire consciousness drift into this inexplicable space.

Within the space, with the blood-red stand as fundamental key is, extremely broad, vast, and boundless.

There are some pools of blood, which hold many kinds of blood. The blood was not gives fishy stench which is strange, but there are several pools of blood which gives off the smell of a good.

Just at the very center of this space, there is a vast field, which is stands a strange blood-red jade carved sculptures on this spot.

This sculpture is probably have about a dozen meters high, the sculpture is not human, but an artful bloody giant mosquito.

Life blood of mosquitoes, that huge needle beak like Straw, which exudes a strong result, appear very ferocious. But was surprised by Chen Ru is the mouth of the mosquito blood seems to have a golden brilliance Flash

Due to the low position Chen Ru on the site, but it is not clear about something on mouth of giant mosquitoes.

However, Chen Ru has looked at the blood of giant mosquito sculptures, lost in daze. He increasingly felt more the statue and the blood jade he has been wearing on his chest is somewhat similar!

Not much the same, but still very similar. However, a large, a small, have more clarity, and even more refined!

This blood-mosquito sculpture, have a blood jade he wore on there!

Standing on the field in solid ground, Chen Ru felt it was too incredible. A real space within your mind? This is fantastic!

Does this space really related at this little blood jade?

Because his conciusness floated in this space, Chen Ru pay a little attention at this little blood jade on his chest. Mind dumbfounded!

Not knowing for how long, Chen ru was recovered from his extreme shocked. But his heart still dance badly, because all of this made him puzzled on the mistery.

He did not know exactly where, what is odd with a space in front of, the only thing he can be sure of is, which is a real space indeed and his blood that jade.

“How come this weird space in my mind, it really is a miracle! ”

Chen Ru murmured something, in addition to describe this weirdness, he could not find any other words.

This huge blood mosquito in front, got crystal clear, and brilliance color on another round after round like water gently flow, dizzying spin. Blood-red space, but also some faint clouds, statue, surrounded by smoke, it set off as more and more mysterious.

Even more amazingly is the statue on top of this, it seems on that there are odd lines which looked similiar with pre-Qin insciption text.

Chen Ru frowned, ventured, slowly took a step forward, carefully approaching this blood statue, preparing to digest the information of the ancient inscription, when suddenly the insciption glowing bright red and marched forward directly into his eyebrow.

Felt head blew up with a loud bang, he almost fainted, but also at this moment, Chen Ru was sobering up, and somehow he can fully understands the meaning expressed by the ancient!

On this statue contains a lot of information.

The most important is a shocking one ‘all-day blood for God,’ the method of magical arts skill, which exercises by a number of pieces of unique mosaic patterns and word combinations.

As for the other, is to introduce a number of things in this space as well as space and the use of the magical arts skill.

After understanding this bizarre inscriptions, Chen Ru know the space really is its inside his own piece of blood jade that has been worn. Therefore he know how to enter the origin of this space.

It turned out that the blood jade is contained the key to this space, and only when there are few kinds of blood gathered at the same time together, and the faint presence trace a few of ancient beast blood essence was also there, which is start fusing with this space.

This blood jade took itself in a few strongest soul power in human blood.

That Twin-head Golden Bat power although strong, have spirit wisdom, but never incorporated in human society, and being struck by divine thunder in a row, its natural soul force is matched with Chen Ru, therefore, Chen Ru had been lucky to escape unscathed, that Twin-head Golden Bat is dead instead.

Really have to say this guy really have downright bad luck, not only in his died, their blood essence is also used to treat Chen Ru as of the blood jade new master. The extra blood also was forcibly drawn into a pool of blood and sealed on this space within.

Know the origin of the lucky was not dead, Chen Ru has been out in a cold sweat, called it heaven blessed.

Chen Ru seriously down, scripture in the brain also has the introduction of the mosquito blood jade brand origin and secret: it is a legend that the ancient demon, it shocking that the legendary ancient demons, the unique ferocious beast – owned by a Daoist priest Wen as one of his greatest treasure.

This daoist Wen branded blood jade, actually have five spaces, each space consists of daoist priest Wen of his countless magical blood in blood kelp. Now, Chen Ru of this space is on the lowest form of this space.

In those years, Daoist priest Wen used the third most valuable treasure of nine golden lotus unique weapon shedding the West Country to teach a lesson, however it caused great enmity of the two western saint, afterward going battle with the two saint, before he died, he sending the blood jade of misteriously, even neither both of the West Saint still be aware of this skill.

And this is the (Judge of blood God) Daoist priest Wen after the success morphed into a human form that year, with human form he create unique form of magical sword moves arts skill. And later was gradually improving.

As he swallowed three lotus seat impressively there in front of the mouth of this giant mosquito sculpture, Chen Ru previously seen golden thread just like three lotus seat came around.

Everyone knew how stupid Daoist Wen to burn the treasure of two Saint from The West, and then, afterward, almost all people in the world think the third grade Linjian had been swallowed by Daoist Wen, to enhance his own cultivation. Even The Western Two Sage think so too, afterall, at that time Daoist Wen cultivation increased horrifiedly by leap and bounds.

Comprehending this information carefully, Chen Ru mind got focused in that ‘Judge the blood God’ part.

When Chen Ru were fully focused all his mind, in front of that mysterious Scarlet Giant Mosquito body suddenly exudes a magnificent bright color light, in the air to form a giant light diagram, constantly changing, dazzling. Then broken down into twenty light color circulating IPL instant transfer of mysterious light diagram, just lile DNA helix structure generally put Chen Ru soul consciousness.

Chen Ju just feel uncomfortable headache, all of a sudden from his mind emerged the blood jade space back out. But this twenty light diagram is deeply engraved in his mind, could not afford to spend.

This is a mysterious sense of heritage. Separated by millions of years, this mysterious demon frightening Dao skill, was acquired by Chen Ru whom just an ordinary human.

It is probably anybody dreams.

To be able obtained this Dao Skill, and survived, Chen Ru really grateful for the great contribution Twinhead Golden bat, and of course, would like to thank the great masterpiece of Daoist Wen.

Shook his head slightly, Chen Ru finally finds himself the blood jade which had been wearing on his chest has disappeared. He just sensed this thing would magically hid on his body.

It can recognized it master!

Chen Ru excitedly according to the method of use, were call it out vigorously.

Sure enough, this arms thing, was so magical.

Chen Ju’s mind at this moment finally jump for joy like a child, keeping the blood jade called out, and returned to the body, playing it so joyfully.

Fortunately, Chen Ju relatively has come to self-restain, a little indulgence for a moment, then stopped.

Look up scouting around, he found himself still at the bottom of this strange bat cave, deep at the end of this cave, and smooth no arrival point.

‘How to go up?’ Chen Ju was not depressed, and now he wanted to leave here, because he was afraid to made worry of his nearly ninety years old grandparents.

“It should be able to cultivate ‘Judge blood God’ to try!” Chen Ju knew himself from falling off the cliff a few hundred meters high, not only died, he did not even hurt, that is largely the Twinheaded Golden bat blood essence played great effect previously.

‘Heaven Blood-Spirit’, different from other cultivation, was to use the blood for all kinds of rare birds and beasts, going through all meridians accupoint and strengthen **.

Other creatures of the innate strengths and blood factors (genes), to complement its own internal factors (genetic) defect, in order to continuously implement their supreme evolution.

‘All-day blood for God’ divided into a total of five steps, called Tongmai, Dian Shen, Hua Xing, Jian Dong, Ju Dao.

On each volume, cultivation dao formula, the cultivation method described is not all the same as the difficulty of each cultivation is poles apart.

More later, will exponentially increase the difficulty of cultivation. But, correspondingly, more in the future, the strength of the practitioners will got more powerful!

It can be said, there is boundary per each state! Each state have a realm of strength just like clouds and mud which are have a great disparity, so very different.

On the segmentation, then, each state was divided into early, middle, late, the successful four levels, corresponding to a huge three-dimensional light diagram.

Purifying Blood-Vessel State (Tongmai Jing) : need comprehensively to dredge the 12 regular meridians and eight extra meridians of the body veins, and constantly accumulated the essence of True Qi, expanding and strengthening the meridians.

Spirit Enlightment state: each of the meridians gained awarenese to go beyond and have enlightment within each meridian corresponding to the ‘God Image’, making the true qi worked on each meridian, work by-itself, raised the self-consciousness and the mind to freedomination.

Star Maker state: deification of each meridian acupuncture points, lighting each acupuncture points, achieving flock of stars.

Celestial Builder state: enlightenment of each meridians, making its own galaxy, establishing celestial palace within flock of star.

Dao Forming state; Exploited the Heavenly Dao mysterious law, constraint galaxy on vast universe and reaching Supreme Dao boundaries. However, Chen Ru basic foundation still can not comprehend at the moment, could not see the last four-light image of 20 light’s diagram.

‘Divine Blood Spirit’ first four volumes of the five volume, each volume, include many cultivation methods and annotation. And each of these methods and annotation are very detailed.

This ‘Divine blood Spirit’ is extremely strong, with regards to other immortal and demon ** concerning about World Lingqi absorption.

Of course, the cultivation of ‘the Heaven blood Spirit’ skill method will not go like zombies or vampires to suck blood, they just need a strong biological or different biological blood, just blood-essence is enough. Because it is mainly collected and plunder is a good genetic factor of any organism, now known as good genes in the scientific community.

However, some powerful organism blood contains powerful spiritual power, the practitioners of this method had a strong attraction, can’t say precisely the people whom trained on this cultivation give the cultivators interested in the idea of this whole body blood having psychic powers. Otherwise, Daoist Wen would not be in this blood jade space which has houses a collection of countless magical creatures blood.