Tsukurareshi Inochi to Kirei na Sekai (LN) prologue

Tsukurareshi Inochi to Kirei na Sekai (LN) prologue

T.L This novel is translated from the Chinese version of light novel (Tsukurareshi Inochi to Kirei na Sekai) to English.

You might wonder why I chose to use my source from Chinese this time? Because Chinese is my native language so it is 3x faster for me to translate from Chinese > English as compared to Japanese > English. Rest assure, I am quite confident that this translation would be even better than my Japanese > English.

If you are uncomfortable with Japanese > Chinese > English, then please skip this post. Enjoy ~

Prologue: The first ray of light

Under the eye glaring sun ray, [I] opened my eyes.
After slowly getting adapted to the sun ray, what entered my vision was the lush green forest, blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and —

[Good morning…!]

And a young man smiling while greeting me. Silently standing behind him, was a young lady smiling at me.
I do not understand why, but [I] immediately knew they were the one that woke me up, they were the one that called me.
… However, their expression slowly became filled with sadness.

[–However, I am sorry…]

(…Why? Why was their face full of sorrow…?)
I wanted to stretch my hand towards them… but my body was unable to move freely.

[You are an (Artificial living being)… so you do not have the blessing of the goddess, is an abnormal existence…was something created by the desire of the human, a (man-made being)…]

And behind the young man with face full of sorrow, the young lady showed an expression full of concern.

[But…even if you do not have the blessing of the goddess, I can, no we can, still bring plenty of happiness to you… so…!!]

…Tears, fell on my shoulders, that… those tears felt so warm… so, I knew that those were not [tears of sorrow] but [tears of happiness].

…Although I do not understand the meaning behind their words, but…

(…But, I could feel it… their concern for me…)

[ — Being able to meet you, I felt happy from the bottom of my heart. Welcome to this world - (Iris)]

([Iris]… is that…my name…?)
The young girl standing behind, had an expression of holding back her tears but still smiled beautifully at me.
I do not understand the meaning of [Blessing of the goddess], but I understand the meaning of [Blessing].
(Hence, I do not need the [Blessing of the goddess]… I just need your [Blessing]…)
— This was what I felt from the bottom of my heart, I wanted to tell you that — but, how do I tell you…?
Also…I did not know…how to address such a gentle person.
— Please… do not worry about me. I want you… to be happy… I wanted to express my feelings, but… I did not know how to express my feelings. Just when I was worrying about such matters —

(—Eh?… Un, I know… I could probably say that…?)

A [gentle breeze] sweep passed me and the young man, giving me a warm feeling like his smile. It then gave me an idea of a prank as it seemed to tell me what to do.

— Hence, I tried speaking with my mouth that could still not articulate well, even if it was just for a bit, I still wanted to tell you —


It took me great efforts to squeeze out my voice… and both of them showed a shocked expression.
(They heard me…)
I felt relieved, but also suddenly felt sleepy…
(Could they understand… my feelings…? … It would be great, if they could…)
I felt my consciousness became blurry… I also felt that papa picked up and carried me.
(…So warm…ah…)
I am surrounded by [Blessing], and I felt into a deep sleep once again.

[ — I felt happy from the bottom of my heart being able to meet you. Congratulation for being born - (Iris)]

[… Tha.. Thank you… (Pa, pa)…]

[She actually… called me (Papa)…]

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T.L.2  End of prologue. As this is from light novel, the release might be slower as each chapter is very long.