How Dare You Attack My Support! 凉慈

Qiao Yanzhou is a video gaming streamer.
Gu Zixing is a professional gamer.
Qiao Yanzhou is a big fan of Gu Zixing.
Gu Zixing is Qiao Yanzhou’s idol.
Qiao Yanzhou is a quiet fan.
Gu Zixing is a cool and charming man.
Qiao Yanzhou is a couch potato.
Gu Zixing is a world champion.
A ranked game brought the two together, and the chemistry between them takes an unexpected turn…..
Not long after:
Gu Zixing: Xiao-Qiao, am I still your idol?
Qiao Yanzhou: Yeah.
Gu Zixing: Can I kiss you then?
Qiao Yanzhou: Sorry, who did you say you were?