A Flower of Love and its Fragrance prologue

A Flower of Love and its Fragrance prologue


[Next up we have the News. Over at K-City H-District, there was a murder case that occurred in an apartment. The victim of the resident’s apartment was Kashiwabara Manaka-san. Twenty Years Old. Her body was discovered in a state where her heart was scooped out from her body.

The first to discover Manaka-san’s body were her parents. After coming back home from a wedding anniversary trip, they found it strange that there were no lights in their house and as a result decided to peek into Manaka-san’s room.

With the room that turned into a sea of blood, the individual next to the fallen Manaka-san was arrested as the prime suspect in the murder…]

The sound disappeared and the television screen faded. Upon turning around, my boss was standing dominantly with a remote control in hand.

“You are not allowed to smoke here.”

It’s been tough for smokers as, during the last few years, words of Smoking Prohibition were brought up frequently.

Furthermore, things like tobacco cannot be smoked unless you are situated within a smoking area that can only be called a cage, making them seemed as though they were doing something wrong.

But it seems this person in front of me did not care about it and continued smoking tobacco.

“Satou, mind handing me a lighter?”

“Like I said, quit smoking.”

“…Tsk. This is why you can never get a woman.”

“Mind your own business.”

The person currently smoking tobacco and never seemed to quit is my boss, Wakabayashi-san. Sitting next to me on the sofa, she gave a *Kon kon* sound as she tapped the desk with her cigarettes.

“Why did you switched off the television?”

“….It’s going to go crazy, this world.”

“Mmh…? Well. That’s true, it was a terrible murder case. There’s a limit to abnormality…”

“Hotoke-san, her heart was scooped out was it?”

“Ah. Yes. Well… The incident was discovered immediately after though.”

“The criminal was holding the heart?”


This incident was truly abnormal.
A female student attending College in the City was killed. The girl was discovered last night with her heart scraped and removed from her chest.

The criminal stayed in place without escaping, spending two nights with the dead heart and the remains. Also, the criminal kept holding the heart throughout the entire time. There’s a limit to abnormality.

The criminal answered only the same thing and did not speak up even when being interrogated. I even witnessed the incident and felt like my head was going to go crazy if this continues.

I breathed a small sigh as I complain about the confusion and irritation building up within me before passing my lighter over to my bothersome boss.

* * * * * * *

Just who was in the wrong. There will be no end to baseless accusations. However, I can affirm it.

You’re the bad one. But this way of saying it seems awful. Let’s rephrase my sentence.

You’re bad for misleading others.

*Doku doku doku doku* (heartbeat)

Tears continued flowing down and don’t seem to stop.

Oh my, is this your tears?

But what goes around comes around. That’s why I will not help you.

Ah. It’s different again, let me rephrase it.

Yes. I came to save you….
Because I’m alive, I thought that it was possible to create a “difference”. Hey, don’t you think so? That’s why I’ve been thinking. To free your soul from this ridiculousness.

Having the same idea as me, you would have done the same…… right? That way, it won’t be possible being together….

Slowly, I removed the button of her blouse she wore. After finishing all the removal, the light blue bra was revealed.

I couldn’t see clearly as there’s only a dim moonlight…. what a pity. But be patient with me, alright?

Using a set of scissors, I cut the middle part of the bra’s cup. It was a little hard, but it’s nothing serious.

The cute shape of her pretty chest was illuminated by the moonlight as I gently wrapped my hands on those lovely breasts.

Although it’s only a little, there was still warmth within her body. I anticipate that she will leak small voices, but it seems that it’s still a situation I can handle.

Now. Here is the true beginning. I have to save you. I am not a doctor so I cannot do it well but……

Put a notch in her chest. A little failure. Try it over again. Ribs are disturbing so they will be destroyed with a prepared hammer.

Ah… I have to avoid scratching you this time. I wonder if I should cut off this lower part? Because on television it will not show details of a surgery. Well, now is different.

I do not know where and what to do, to be honest. In such a scenario, I should have listened to the health class a little more seriously.
I inserted my hand in and searched for it. Feels like drawing a lottery, huh. And I find…… within her.

I embraced her and loved her. With this, she has been released from her life. With this, we will always remain together. No mistake… there is no obstructions anymore.

“We must be together or there’s no point…… Always one together…. Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!”