The Legend of the Extraordinaries Unknown

A thousand of horizons, and an endless of knowledge.
An endless struggle of Yan-Dao.
The overflowing energy of the little master, Xiao Jing-Mi, the daughter that had her entire family trapped into a tragedy, thus she has to escape from her bad luck.
Carrying a baby of hers, receiving a help from the old weird man, she keeps practicing her way of kung-fu along her way, makes the world like a legendary image scroll that slowly rolling up.
The extremely dangerous magical weapon, Qi-Xuan.
The immortal Taoist, whose prayer can shake the heaven and earth, restoring the family of Yan and pushing down all enemies.
A vast universe, the mysterious path of the Tao, and a million of truthful words.
Xiao Jing-Mi along with her baby practicing the way of Tao directed by the Gods.
I wish to have an extraordinary yet immortal life.