The God Of Immortal law Chapter 1

The God Of Immortal law Chapter 1

Chapter 1:History


Jiangzhou city, the third high school, third year class 2

Suddenly the sound of stool and table crashing interrupted history teacher Xu Fang’s lectures and simultaneously attracting the attention of other 59 students in the class.

In the class, on the last row, near the window, Lin yuan stands up, having confused looks watching his own people, space-time magic has deranged his senses letting in his mind some absurd feelings.

Xu fang unhappily looked at Lin Yuan, the college entrance exam is around the corner yet this fellow has not reviewed the cultural curriculum, performing some petty actions to attract other people’s attention, after graduation if one cannot enter into university, one’s life will doomed, having to suffer hardship at the bottom of the society.

“Classmate Lin Yuan, since you have stood up then give the students a brief of summary of the thing we just described a moment ago, what is divine and human rights?” Xu Fang’s voice sound without any fluctuation.

Lin Yuan has always been the poor student of the class, Xu Fang can already foresee Lin Yuan having a helpless expression on his face, faltered and overwhelmed. Then, after the class, she thought to take Lin Yuan to office and give him a good lesson and punish him for disturbing the classroom.

At this time, the class was looking at the eyes of Lin Yuan, giving teasing look and having gloating expression on their faces, depressed from college entrance examination revision, Lin Yuan has given them good pastime.

“Divine and human rights?” Lin Yuan eyes getting bright, his lips curled into a heartfelt smile.

“Putting on air, believing himself knowing the knowledge”

“I’ll just watch you pretend”

“If you know this knowledge in history you at least can pass the exam…. also if not answered, as punishment, you need to stand!”
Lin Yuan’s expression in other’s eyes, is sign of a self confidence who completely grasped the knowledge.

If this expression appeared on the outstanding student of the class then no one will say anything, but Lin yuan the poor student’s face. It is ironic.

On Xu fang also gives out a hint of sarcasm, just like some student said if you know about divine and human rights, then you must also know it’s development course. basically grasping the main body of development and it would not be a problem to pass the exam.

Because in human history, this is human rights and religious struggle, every time Lin Yuan has failed the examination, Xu fang waited for him to make a fool out of himself.

Lin yuan gives a panoramic view to others, ignoring others’ responses, said to himself “Will an eagle care what bunch of frogs think of him?”
(Tl note: will a narrow minded people understand people with broad mind?)

Divine rule of god, as claimed, demand people to offer belief for god, and material wealth to support the church, maintaining god rule on humans.

While the human rights are to ask the liberation of individuality, seek the truth, and it’s being conflicted with people who believe in gods, so the divine and human rights are doomed to unable to live in peace together.”

Xu Fang frowned, seeing the problem is actually not difficult for Lin yuan, she changes it to harder: “Classmate Lin yuan you have clearly differentiated between the divine and human rights, then can you also talk about conflicts and performances of Divine and Human rights, as well as figures who have made outstanding performance during the struggle between Divine and Human rights?”

Xu fang, this problem, basically wanted Lin yuan to Say about Human’s historical development, if he can say this then he can get outstanding scores in college entrance exam, even if an outstanding person has knowledge on this, without preparation, it’s very difficult to answer.

Xu fang gave this question to Lin Yuan intentionally so that he can make a fool out of himself.

Lin Yuan frowned looking at Xu fang, but still opened his mouth, after all, he disturbed class the first.

“To analyze the conflict of divine and human rights, we have to start from our human history, it is now a recorded proof up to as far as 10,200 years back.

Our Human history is divided into three stages, respectively in calendar terms is God, God’s reign, Gregorian calendar, the two previous belong to Gods and the Gregorian calendar belongs to us.”

After saying this, Lin yuan gulped his saliva wetting his throat and then continued to speak.

“The god’s era lasted for three thousand years, the humanity of this stage just had wisdom, creating civilization, the people worshipped the ancestors or the totem, depended upon god’s strength to resist against spirit beast, undead and other threats for safety and livelihood.

And the god’s reign lasted for five thousand two hundred years, in this period, god’s divine power was strong, established religion, created kingdoms, the strength of magic arts and sorcery began to prevail.

The human civilization also developed to a higher stage, the people improved production technology, established country, the population expanded, eventually became the overlord of the earth.

Gregorian calendar started 2016 years ago, this belongs to age of us, human beings, but also a battle between divine authority and human rights, also is what I am going to focus on.”

In the classroom, everyone looked at Lin yuan surprised, he always had low achievements at ordinary times, but today was able to answer the teacher’s question, it is a miracle.

Here Lin yuan’s voice started to get excited, this is the glorious part of human history, as a human, how can he be not proud.

“At the end of god’s era, with the progress of our human civilization, popularization of knowledge, increasing the number of wizards, more and more people awakened wisdom, the divine authority began suffer sever challenges from human.

In 103 AD, the prophet Alsace, combined alchemy and Gnomes’ engineering, creating groundbreaking research, was able to use element system of magic runes, created a magic cannon that can kill a god. A killing machine.

Next time, the magic rune system has been developed by many generations of wizards, raising people’s productivity and creating lesser faith in the gods.

In 523 AD with the help of law of god developed submarines, sweeping out evil beasts from seas.

In AD 1323, Xiao Bai developed a magic space battleship, flying for nine days, and with a magic canon, knocked out one by one the kingdoms of gods, from then on, human rights and divine authority struggle, human rights have the upper hand.

Here, it is almost coming to an end, Lin Yuan looked at classmates and teachers, they were hearing, gently  giving a cough  and concludes with powerful voice: “Ut is because the victory over the Divine authority, we humans can stand out, whether in the sky, the earth, we even conquered the sea, today, our steps have even started towards the endless stars.”

The whole class became silent, after a few seconds, the applause rang out.