Ratanculas: The Legend of Fantasia Full

Ratanculas: The Legend of Fantasia Full

Ratan  Culas

Legend of  Fantasia

Ishan  Dutt

This book is based on Character of The Legend Of Shane and Davine:



 There are many dimensions in this vast Universe. Each dimension has its different world with different lives. In one of the dimensions there is a place Fantasia.

The Fantasia is a magical world where humans, vampires, werewolves, dragons, ogres, witch & wizards and many magical creatures live together.

Everyone had their own dynasty and kingdoms, but they live together.

This is the story of one of the legends of Fantasia. His name was Ratanculas.

It does all begin in city of werewolves.

King of werewolves is Alex, who lives with his 10-year-old Son Ratanculas.

King Alex Culas is muscular guy. He has fair skin, round face spiky brown hair, broad nose and brown thin mustache.  He wears sleeveless, red-colored muscle shirt with a turtleneck collar with black paint and black shoes.

King Alex Culas is the strongest werewolf, but he was worried about his son who was weak and afraid of fighting.

He asks his friend and soldier Boris to train Ratan.

Boris is a man with white hair. He has a triangular face with triangular eyes, he has a scar on his face, and he wears full sleeve black shirt and black pant with black shoes. His special weapon is machete sword.

One day, little Ratanculas was going to the jungle with some soldier.

Ratanculas is a little boy with a round face, short yellow hair, small nose and skinny body. He wears white, red top with black trouser pant and red boot. He also wears a bracelet. He yawns and asks one soldier “Boris, Where are we going?”

“My prince, your Father king Culas want you to become strong so he send you to jungle for hunt.”

“Hunt? Why should I need to hunt.” Ratanculas asks him.

 “We are werewolves, we are born to become hunters,”Boris explained him.

They are moving in the jungle and saw an Antelope in front of him.

Boris point at Antelope and says “look at that, Prince we begin with that one.

Ratanculas get his Bow and Arrow and go after Antelope.

Boris wishes him luck and says “Remember Prince, believe in your instincts.”

Ratanculas goes inside Jungle and starts looking for Antelope.

“Where, Where are you?” he start murmuring.

He hears something behind bushes and shoot his arrow but he miss it.

Antelope start running into the wood and Ratanculas follows him.

He reaches into the middle of the forest and get frightened.

In front of him, there was two Giant cyclop. One of them holding an antelope.

He starts laughing and says, "ha-ha, look Bukata we get our food.”

Ratanculas get there and say “ hey you, that belongs to me?”

  “I don’t know you are a brave or stupid kid. But don’t you afraid of us.” One Cyclops asked.     

Bukata get near the other one and says “ What are you doing Aligor? , we didn’t eat a human child for a long time.”

Ratanculas heard all his conversation , turn around and start moving slowly.

Aligor sees kid moving back , he says “ Bukata get him , He’s our food.”

“Oh, god, ” Ratanculas says and start running.

Both Cyclops starts following him destroying every tree.

Aligor and Bukata are twin giant cylops with yellowish green skin and round big eyes, Bukata.

Boris comes there and attacks on Aligor hands. Aligor screams and Move back.

Other soldier comes there and get Ratanculas safely with him.

After that Bukata try to smash Boris with his hand, but Boris transforms into a werewolf and Dodge his attack He climbs on Bukata and bite on his neck .

Both Cyclops gets afraid and run away from Boris. Boris transforms back to human form and says “ Prince are you alright?”

“Yeah, I am good  Thanks Boris but that Antelope run away."

Boris smile and says “ Don’t worry Prince, you did a great job. Let get back to Palace.                            



They come back to the Palace and goes to the hall where King Alex is Waiting for them.

King Alex asks Boris “ welcome back friend, how’s his training going?”

Boris looks at Ratan and says “He doing a great job.”

“Good, I hope he becomes more powerful king than me” king Alex smiles and hugs Ratanculas.

Ratanculas face turns red, he says  "Father, that's so embarrassing.”

Boris interrupts and says “ My Lord, can I talk with you Outside, now .”

King Alex tells Ratanculas to take a rest and go out with Boris.

What happened my Friend?” king Alex asks him.

“Don’t you think that's too much for the kid, he almost died today.” Boris said to king Alex.

"Too much, I only want him to be strong and what do you mean by almost died ." King asked him.

Boris told him Everything that happened in Forest.

King Alex gets mad and says “ I am going to kill them.”

“Don’t worry, I defeated them.”  Boris stops him and said.

King Alex takes a deep breath and says “you are my Childhood friend and you that my Father and Mother died when I was a little kid. You know my struggle; I didn’t get support from my family.

Ratan's mother died, I don’t know about myself. I only want my Son to be brave.

Boris puts his hand on Alex soldier and says “ He is strong and brave, and one day he will become a great king.”

“Boris, how’s your daughter Sara, where is she?” King Alex asks Boris.

Boris smile and says she is good my lord, she lives with her mother”

 Ratanculas sleeping on his bed and thinking about something

“What are you thinking about  son?” King Alex asked him.

“Oh, I am just thinking that Why can’t  I transform into a werewolf like you and others,” Ratan asked him.

“Don’t worry son, you will one day” King Alex hugged him.  Now go and sleep, tomorrow is your lucky day, you are free to do anything.”King Alex told him.

“Really?Thank you father” Ratanculas jump from his bed with joy.

King Alex Smile and goes outside.

 Next day , Ratanculas goes to visit town  where he saw some kid playing wrestling and one kid is defeating all.

Everyone cheering for him “ Foress , Foress , Foress.”

Foress is 13 year old small boy with shiny black hair and red eyes . He wears purple tight shirts and baggy blue pant with colorful detail.

Foress start shouting “ Is anyone here to challenge me?”

But no one has come forward, Foress looks at Ratanculas and says “ you, little one, how about you?”

Ratanculas looks here and there and says “me, no I don’t want to fight.”

“What? Are you scared, little fella?” Foress says and everyone starts laughing.

Ratanculas think about this and agree to fight, he get inside the ring.

 Foress stands in front of him with so much confidence while Ratan is so nervous.

Foress says “ Are you ready, boy?”

 Ratanculas says “ yes, I am ready”

 “Great, now come on.” Foress ask him to attack.

Ratanculas takes a deep breath and start attacking him, Foress easily dodging all his attacks, But he gets one hit on his chin.

 Foress moves back and says “you are a good boy, you are the first who make this far.”

“ Now it’s my turn.” Fores's start hitting Ratanculas.

Ratanculas try to dodge all attacks, but Foress kick him and he fell on the ground. Foress start laughing and says “ you fought well, but there is only one winner.”

 “Fight is not over yet.”Ratanculas stand up and take his stance.

 “You are tough one, it’s time to use my power.” Foress says and transform into a vampire

Ratanculas get surprised and says “wait, you are a vampire."

“Now let’s see what are you going to do?” Foress fly toward him and attack him but Ratanculas block his attack.

Foress goes up in the sky and again try to attack Ratanculas and this time he hold Ratanculas from back.

Ratanculas start screaming with pain and Foress says “ accept your defeat”

 “ No, Not that easily” Ratanculas said.

 Foress start crushing him. Ratanculas closes his eyes and says “ I can do this, I can do this.”

Suddenly Ratanculas body gets hotter and Foress leave him. “ Ouch, what the hell, boy?”

Ratanculas open his eyes and saw that he was changed into a werewolf.

“Yes, I did it,finally, I can transform now” Ratanculas start dancing.

Foress interrupt and says “the fight is not over.”

 Both of them start going to punch each other, but stop in the middle. 

Foress says “That's enough, you are a tough guy, my name is Foress, Prince of Vampires.” 

Ratanculas clear dust from his dress and says “ I am Ratanculas, Prince of Werewolves.”

“It was a great fight. Thanks because of you I am able to transform.”

Both of them shake their hand and become friends,

Werewolf soldier comes there and says   “ prince we need to go now .”

“Okay , Foress , see you later” Ratanculas says and return to palace.”






In Palace king Alex is training with his soldier. All soldiers attack him at once, but King Alex beat them all. 

Ratanculas come there and everyone stops their training. “What are you doing here and what with the dirty clothes?” King Alex asks him.

Ratanculas smile and enters the training area “ it’s a long story, but Father, I want to show you something”

“What's that my son ?” King Alex asks him.

Within second, Ratanculas transforms into werewolf.

Everyone in training hall gets surprised. 

King Alex laugh and says, “ ha, ha, ha! You did it my son. You are strong now.”

 Then he asks Ratanculas “ want to train with me, son?”

“Me.. Training, ah. I don’t know, I am not that strong.” Ratanculas get confused; he doesn’t know what to say.

 “Come-on son, time to test your power.”King Alex encourages him.

After some time, Ratanculas accepts for training matches with his father.

 But before they start their fight, Boris comes and interrupt their fight.

“My king, you have to see this” Boris told King Alex.

“What happen, Boris is everything okay?”King Alex asked him.

“I don’t know, just follow me to tower” Boris said to King and Go outside.

 King Alex says Ratanculas to stay here and he follows Boris. He reaches the Tower and ask Boris “ what happen?”

Boris point toward the jungle and says “look over there in the middle of jungle.”

 King Alex Uses his wolf eyes and sees an army of giants, troll, ogre coming toward them with weapons.All of them wearing armor.

“What is going on..?” king Alex Said.

 “Are they going to talk with us?” Boris asked King Alex.

 “No, Boris, If they want to talk, then why should they brought army and weapons.” King Alex replied. 

Then He asks Boris “ Remember you told me that two Cylops Giant attacks on Ratanculas and then you beat them.”

 “Yes, what happen?” Boris asks him suspiciously.

King Alex look at him and ask “Do they belong to the Royal family.”

“No, I didn’t think so.” Boris replied. 

Ratanculas come there and ask “what happens, father?”

King Alex says “ Ogres and Giants are coming, get to safety.”

“But.. Father, I want to fight.”Ratanculas said.

 “Incoming, fire ball” one soldier screamed and point it toward the sky. Everyone looks at the sky where the fire ball coming toward them.

Castle wall gets hit by a fireball and there is an explosion.

“Everyone to safety, Boris prepare” King Alex shout.

 Ogre army enters the city and start destroying everything. Boris wears his armor and takes a troop to the city.

King Alex also gets ready for Battle, he wears his armor and takes his sword.

Everyone in panic, running here and there. Ratanculas meet his Father and says “ Father, I want to fight too.”

 “No, Ratan this is not training, this is real.” King Alex told him.

“Father, please… I am ready.” Ratanculas looks at him.

 “Okay, fine. Protect all people inside the Castle.” King Alex ordered him

 “You can trust I will protect everyone.” In Town, Boris and his Troops transform into a werewolf and attack on ogres.

 But ogres and the Giants are very powerful. They easily defeat all werewolves.

 King Alex arrives at a point and Ask Boris “how you guys doing?”

Boris takes a long breath and says “ We are in trouble, I don’t how did they got so strong”

 One Ogres tries to attack on King Alex but King Alex counterattack and killed him.

 In the Castle, Ratanculas thinking about the city, he asked one soldier that what happen in the city.

 Soldier sadly replies “ we are losing my lord. Our army is in trouble.”

Ratanculas decided to go to the city and help people. He reaches city where the fight between Giant and werewolf is going on. 

Ratanculas looks everywhere and find King Alex and Boris.

King Alex get near him and says “ what are you doing here I told you to stay in castle.”

 “I don’t want to stay Father, let me help you.” While they are busy in talking one Cyclops throw fireball at them.

But Boris comes in their way and pushes them away and get hit by the ball. Everyone gets shocked, Ratanculas get near him and start crying “ no Boris, what you have done?”

“ It’s okay prince, Now you are a tough guy.” Boris keeps smiling and died.

King Alex transforms and attack on Cyclops.

But Cyclop are immune to all attacks. King Alex realizes that they are not going to win. 

He gets near the Ratanculas who was sitting beside Boris body and says “ Ratan, listen to me carefully you have to leave this place and get help now.”

This time, Ratan didn’t argue, he transforms in wolf and goes to the forest. 

But 4 trolls follow him. Ratanculas saw them and stop.

Trolls are a tough, ugly creature with tough rock like skin. Trolls have the powers to regenerate even if hacked apart.

 He decided to fight,troll attacks him, but Ratan dodge him.

 One troll laughs and says “ we are for you are not going to win against us kid.”

“He’s not just a kid and he’s not alone ” voice comes from behind the troll and it was Foress.

Every troll Starts laughing, but Foress smile and Transform in vampire bat and attack on troll and hit him on his nose. Troll easily gets fainted. 

Foress looks at Ratanculas and says “ smack their nose, that’s weak spot. After defeating them burn them.”

Ratanculas do the same and defeat all trolls.

 He changes back to normal and says “thanks Foress, what are you doing here?”

 “I heard that ogre attack on your city, I thought you need my help.” Foress said.

“Yes, we are in trouble, but my father wants me to leave.” Ratan sadly told everything to Foress. 

Foress smile and says “Don’t worry my friend, we vampires will help you.”

“Let go to your city and help your people.”Foress says.

Ratanculas agrees and goes to town with Foress.

But everything turned into ruins and everyone is gone whole town is empty. He finds his father's sword. He grabs his Father sword and start crying.

Foress hug him and says “ it’s okay, my friend, Let it all out, let it all out.” 

Ratanculas says “I am going to kill every Ogres.”

 Foress says “I am with you friend, but don’t take a wrong step, you need to train that’s why you are going to live with me.”

Ratanculas wipe his tear and says “ thank you my friend.”

 “Not a friend, we are brother in arms” Foress said.

 Ratanculas looked at his city last time and go to vampire city.                                       


Werewolf city was destroyed, Ratanculas start living with foress in his castle. Ratan train with him every day and hope he gets revenge for his people.

10 years passed ,  Ratanculas become 20 year old young man  and Foress is 23 year old man.

 Ratanculas is a young man with straight yellow hair, His eyes are blue like water, and his nose is short and thin. He is 5’8” and has the broad chest. His clothes quite fit and stylish with the pattern. He often wears gold bracelets on his left wrist. A notable feature is his nice voice. His voice has the guts, people seem appealing his voice. His behavior is like gentlemen.

Foress is a young man with short black hair. His eyes are red like blood, and his nose is skewed. He is 5’9” and is very thin. His clothes are quite masculine, He wears armor T-shirt and pant and boots and prefers them to be black. He also wears an overcoat. A notable feature is his distinctive walk. When he walks, he keeps his left hand on his waist. His behavior is full of malicious

Ratanculas become a greater warrior than Foress, everyone loves him, that’s make Foress jealous,  he starts hating him.

 But Ratanculas was unaware of this and think Foress is still his Friend and Foress don’t want him to know anything, so he becomes good in front of him.

Every in vampire castle is going to sleep, but Ratanculas was sitting on the roof of the tower and thinking about his Father and Boris. 

He heard sounds of wing and turn around, it was Foress.

Foress  get beside him and says “are you okay Ratan?”

 “It’s been 10 years and I didn’t do anything for my people.” Ratan said.

“It’s not your fault, we are trying to find ogres, but the problem is that nobody knows their location.” Foress said to him.

Foress  decided to change topic “Don’t worry, tomorrow we having a feast.”

 Ratan smile and says “thank you my friend, but tomorrow I am going to werewolf city.” “Tomorrow is the death anniversary of my people.” “Okay, now go and sleep, you need rest you are so tired after training.

Ratan jump from the tower and go to sleep and Foress also get back to his room.

 Next day, Ratanculas get ready, he wears his dress and takes sword with him and go to Werewolf city.

Finally, he reaches to werewolf city and start remembering everything he thinks that if he get a chance to fix everything he definitely going to fix everything. Then he hears screams of the werewolf from town chased by two Goblins and 1 hobgoblins.

Goblins are short, ugly humanoids that stand just over 3 feet tall. Their scrawny bodies are topped with oversized and usually hairless heads with massive ears and beady red or occasionally yellow eyes.

Hobgoblins are a larger, stronger, smarter and more menacing form of goblins. Hobgoblins are humanoids that stand nearly 6'6" tall on average, a little taller than an ogre.

Werewolf hit on the ground and Goblin starts laughing and get near them. Ratanculas decided to help he jumped between them and says “I am going to kill you all.”

Hobgoblin start laughing and says “kill them.”

Ratanculas take his sword and kill one goblin and transform into werewolf.

Hobgoblin says “He’s  werewolf , get him too. But it’s too late , Ratanculas kills them easily .

Ratanculas get near the werewolf, give him hand and says “ Are you Okay ?”

But other werewolf slap in his hand and says “Are you out of mind, you ruined everything.”

Ratanculas amazed because it’s voice of woman.

Ratan get back to normal and says “you..you are woman .”

Werewolf transform back to normal worman , she a cute redhead.

RatanCulas looks and get totally amazed by her beauty .only one thing come in his “wow! She’s so beautiful.

Then he control his mind and asks “Who are you , Why did you scold me?

Woman looks at him and says “My name is Sara , I scolded you because you ruined my plan.

Sara has fair look and long red hair. She is 5’4”. Her clothes are usually quite old fashioned and she prefers them to be red colored. A notable feature is her smile.

After listening her name, Ratanculas think I heard that  name before  but he concentrate and ask her “what about your plan ?, they are going to kill you.”

“No, they are not, they are going to capture me just like other.”

Ratanculas has no idea what she talking about he ask him again “what do you mean by other?”

“All people from this town and our king .” Sara answered him.

Then Sara looks at him and says “now tell me who are you?”

“My name is Ratanculas and I am..” Ratanculas introduced himself but Sara hug him and  interrupt him in middle.

She says “You are alive and look like you are strong man now”

Ratanculas now remember that she is Boris’s  daughter.

Ratan smile and hug her back “

It’s been a long years, good to see you .”

Both of them sit on ground.

Then he asks her “how she knows that everyone got captured ? ”

Sara takes a deep breath and  says “My father spirit comes in my dream and he told me everything he says everyone is alive in ogre land.”

“After that I travel here and there and start looking for ogre land.”

“Now today I got chance and it was ruined you.” Sara told him everything.

Ratan feels bad “I am so, sorry. I don’t know anything but I promise I am going to help you.”

“Let’s work together for our people.” Ratanculas stand up and offer his hand to Sara .

Sara think about it and hold his hand and stand up .

She says  “ okay , prince what your plan ?”

“Okay follow me.”Ratan says and start moving.

Sara start following him and ask “ Where are we going ?”

“To my place, vampire palace” Ratan smile and answered him.

Sara surprised and ask “ are you kidding me? Why we are going to meet vampires?”

 “Because I lived there and king Foress is my friend, he helps me” Ratanculas told her.

They reach the city and everyone stares them. Sara asks “ why are they staring us?”

“They are staring at you because they didn’t see beautiful girl like you.” Ratan replied.

In castle Foress having a feast with his minister and drinking the blood of humans.

 One soldier come there and says “ my lord Ratanculas is back with a woman.”

Foress amazed and says “Ratan with woman tell them to come inside.” 

Foress ordered his one soldier to throw out human body. Ratan enters the room with Sara, Foress smile and says “ welcome back friend, how your day gone and who’s this lady?”

Sara introduced herself and Foress tell them to enjoy the feast.

 During feast Ratan smell some human blood, he asks Foress “ Did you hurt human again?” “No, why would I do that.” Foress said. 

Foress try to change the topic and look at Sara and says “so, Sara how did you know that werewolves are alive?”

Ratanculas stares at Sara and wait for an answer. 

She says “ its sound weird, but my father told me everything in my dream. He wants to save all of them.”

 Ratan stand up with excitement and says “alright, If Boris told this then we are going to get everyone back.”

Foress raises his hand and says “Did you know where Ogres lives ?”

Ratan sit down and says “no, I don’t.”

There is quiet silent in room, Foress says “So, something in your mind ?”

“hmm only thing comes in my mind that I am going to look for them.”Ratan smiled and said.

Sara smiled and says “ This is only option, I am coming with you .

Ratanculas looks at Foress and ask “are you coming with us?”

“I want to but I can’t go because there is sun outside city of vampire. I hope you will succeed” Foress replied.

“I know you don’t waste time but rest a little, you have  long journey to go ” Foress asked Ratan.

“It’s alright Foress you helped me so  much.” Ratanculas smile and said.

Ratan goes to his room for rest and Sara goes to guest room.

Minister ask Foress “ My lord , what do you think  Ratanculas will succeed or not ?”

Foress give a evil smile and says “ I hope… he will not.

After rest, Both Ratanculas and Sara get ready.

Foress meet them and ask “So ,where are you going to begins ?”

“we begins with Humans , Going to meet Human king.” Sara answered him.

“hmph , do you really think that Fat king help you?” Foress said.

“Foress , why you  hate humans ?” Ratan asked him.

Foress didn’t answer him and says “ you are late .”

Ratanculas transform into werewolf and says “see you soon my friend.”

Sara also transforms and both go to meet human king. They run fast, leaving back Vampire city and then werewolf city but suddenly they transform into normal.

Ratan looks himself and says “ what happen to me?”

Sara looks at him and says “ Don’t you know our power comes from moonlight .”

“Without moon light we have only strength.”  Sara explained him .

“Well.. This is my first time outside the Vampire city and werewolf city” Ratan said.

They enter city of human and go to palace to meet Human king.



They travel through the market and local  people, look them.

 Ratan ask Sara “why they are staring us.”

 “Two people from different city wearing armor enters market what do you think they are going to do?”

Passing through market, they reach to palace of Human where a young boy was playing with wooden swords.

 Ratan ask him “hey boy what’s your name?”

 “I am Demit, prince of Human” boy Answered. 

Demit is a small boy with small eyes, nose and gray hair, he wears white cloth.

Sara Smile and says “hi Demit, where is your Father?”

Demit hugs her and says “hi Sara long time no see, Father went for hunting.” 

Ratan surprised and ask “you know him.”

“Yes King Bradus is my friend and let’s go to the forest and meet King.”Sara replied .

Demit stops Sara and says “please play with me.”

Sara smile and says “ I want to but I am in a hurry.” 

Demit get  sad and Sara decided to leave but  Ratanculas told Sara to stay with him, He decided to go alone in the forest.

Ratanculas comes to the forest and find faint horse.

 He thinks that he belongs to King. So, he  tries to find King Bradus.

 He looks everywhere and find blood spots  on the ground going to cave.

Ratan goes inside the Cave and saw King Bradus was lying on ground with a wound on his hand.

King Bradus has round face and trustful eyes, and he is 5’4” and fat. He wears baggy yellow shirt and green baggy pants.

Ratan ask him “ King are you okay, what happen?”

King Bradus looks at him and says “I am okay and who are you?”

 Ratan hold him and says “I am Ratan and I come from a city of werewolves.”

 “What are you doing here?” King Bradus ask him.

“Save that question for later, let you get out”

Ratan try to stand him

“No, there is wild beast outside, he bites me.” King Bradus said. “It’s Kaiser Leo, beast with sharp claws.” King Bradus explained him.

“Okay, let’s kill that beast and go back.” Ratan says and leave the cave.

 After 15 min, he comes back with body of the beast, which is a Kaiser Leo Beast. 

The Kaiser Leo beast is a furry big cat with sharp red eyes and big jaws. 

King Bradus amazed by him and says “ you are great, I didn’t want to get near him and you killed him so easily.”

Ratan embarrassed and says “Thank you, let get back to the Palace, They return to the Palace, where Sara waits for them.

She looks at them “King Bradus, what happen?”

King Bradus smile and says “ It’s Nothing , we are fine ,  Ratanculas wait for me in the hall I will see you there.” 

Ratanculas and Sara goes inside the hall and wait for Bradus. 

King Bradus enters the hall and ask Sara, How are you Sara?, long time no see.”

“I am good, We are here to ask you something.” Sara told him everything.

After that ,  Ratanculas ask him “Do you know anything about ogres location?”

 “I am sorry my friend, but I can’t help you.  In fact, no one able to answer this because only an Ogre and demon knows location.”

After hearing his answer Sara become sad and goes outside the hall, Ratan follows him.

He stands beside him and says “ I know you are sad, but My old friend, Boris told me That sadness always block your ways.”

“I know my Father's words, he always gives me a lesson and told me everything about.” Sara looks at him and said.

“Boris is my Master and friend, he taught me everything but that day we lost everything.  Living with vampires can’t make me feel like home.”Ratan said.

“After talking to King Bradus, It looks like we have no other choice than talking to Ogres but problem is I didn’t know any of them. ”

Something comes from Ratanculas mind and he starts laughing and said “Seriously, Why didn’t I think about this?”

Sara didn’t get this and ask him “ About

 What ?”  

He says “I know two ogres , we have to go back to Wolf  city .    

Ratan meet king Bradus and tell him about leaving

Sara says good bye and follow him. She’s so confused and ask him “what happen, where are we going?”

Ratan smile and says we are going to forest of werewolves city.

They enter werewolves City, where moonlight hits their body. They transform into werewolves  and goes to Forest.

 Ratanculas stands in the middle of a forest  and start shouting “ Aligor, Bukata, where are you?”

Sara doesn’t understand anything and stand still.Then she heard trembling of the ground and see two old Cyclops standing in front of them.

Aligor look at Ratan and ask him “ who are you werewolf ? why did you call us?”                             

“My name is Ratanculas and she’s Sara.”

Sara says “ Hello”

“ You don’t remember me, but we met before.” Ratan smile and Transformed back to human form.

 Bukata tried to recognize him and says “ I remember you, you are that kid with antelope.” “What are you doing here? What do you want kid ?” Aligor asked him.

“We want to ask you something?” Ratan said. 

Bukata laughed and says “you are Out of mind, There is no chance we talk to you.”  Ratan says “please, it’s important, how can I change your mind.”

Bukata and Aligor looks at each other and talk. 

Aligor gets near Ratan and says “fine, wewill answer anything if you find us something.”

Sara asked them “wait, what thing?”

Bukata shows them pic of Flower and says “this is anthroxi fulaca, powerful medicine for eyes , we need this .”

Aligor says “this flower found in small cave we can’t it because of our massive size. So, if you bring us that flower we will answer your question.”

Ratan laughs and says “prepare your answer because I will come back with your Flower”

Ratan finds a cave, it has a very small entry. He said “now that make sense why they didn, t get inside the cave?”

 He enters the cave and it’s so dark, he uses his power to see in the dark.

After searching he found that flower, pluck it and bring back to Cyclops. 

Bukata looks at a flower and says “Thanks for  flower as we promise now you can ask us anything. “

Ratanculas takes a deep breath and ask about demon and ogre  place and how to get there.

Aligor says Ogre town is located on the island   is very far you have to cross the sea.

Ratan and Sara looks at each other and Bukata says “ There is Magical door through which you can go to ogre town.”

Sara amazed and says “Really can you show us ways.” “Follow me” Bukata shows  them a  way to Door.

Ratan thanks to both Cyclops and enters Ogre town, Sara comes behind him.

Ogre town is a swampy area with  a log house and so many goblins ,trolls and giants.

They hide behind a tree, Sara asks Ratan “what do we do now?” “Firstly, we have to find all werewolves.” Ratan replied. They visit town and start finding werewolves. At end Sara tells him “ at this rate, we are not going to find anyone.”

“I have an idea, I am going outside, if anything happens don’t come outside .” Ratanculas said.

Sara was fully confused and Ratan goes to market and transform into werewolf .

Goblin soldier looks at him and says “werewolf   take  him to prison.”

They hit him and chained him and take to prison. Sara follows him silently and they arrived to place.

 Ratanculas look around and see all werewolves in a cage.

Troll comes in front of him and ask soldier goblin “where did you find him?”

“In the Market, he comes in front of us.”Goblin answered.

“He’s stupid. Lock him with others wolf.”Troll ordered them.

A Goblin soldier takes Ratanculas and lock him with other Wolf. Ratanculas look around and try to find his Father King Alex .

Then he asks the skinny man beside him “ hey, What’s going on here? Where is King Alex?” Man looks at him and says “this is a very bad place, King of Ogre sucks our energy. He locked King Alex in another prison cell.”

Ratan  looks that everyone is so weak. Then he sits down, smile and says “Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright.”

Suddenly there is a noise outside prison, every man and woman in prison was surprised only Ratanculas was in a peace.

Then Sara opens prison gate, get near Ratanculas and Says “Sorry I am Late, there are so many Goblin outside”

 “By the way, I got some new friends.” Along with Sara, there are few werewolves soldiers. 

Everyone was amazed by Sara entry.

“Where did you find these soldiers?” Ratan asked.

“I find them in another prison, they help me in a fight.” Sara answered

"We find all werewolves, let get out this place.” Sara said.

“Not now, you get everyone out, I need to find Father.”Ratan said.

Sara tries to say something, but interrupted by Ratan.

 He says “ don’t say anything.I am the prince and that’ my order.”

 Ratan get near the one soldier and says “Let’s get everyone out.”

 Everyone has escaped prison silently, but Ratan goes to find his Father.

He checked out every corner silently and found a prison cell guarded by trolls.

 Ratan get near them and assassinate them. He found a key and unlock the gate.

Ratan enters inside prison and find his father who was lying on the ground.

King Alex gets old and  become skinny.

Ratan get near him and try to wake him up “Father, father wakes up it’s me Ratan.I come here to save you.”

King Alex opens his eyes and saw Ratanculas in front of him  and says “ you are here,I know you would come .”

“Let’s get out of this Place.”Ratan said.

King Alex was unable to stand and says “I am out of energy”

“Father, what’s going on here?” Ratan asked him.

Ratan, there is something you need to know, when Ogres and Demon attacks us. They bring us here and start sucking our energy for dark spirit Akirant.

“Who’s Akirant?” Ratan asked him.

“Akirant is Dark spirit, he has no body.

So, he attack king Of Ogres Ogrus and get inside him. Akirant feed himself by draining our energy.”King Alex said.

“Why werewolves?”Ratan asked.

“Because Akirant need Dark energy which lies inside us.”King Alex said. 

Ratan sits in the corner and think for a while and says “To get back energy of all werewolves, I am going defeat Akirant.”

“Yes, Ratan but remember, You are not going to this for all Werewolves. King Ogrus and others in this town are also victimized.” King Alex said.

 “Okay, I am going to castle.”Ratan said.

It was full moon night, Ratan transform into werewolf and run to castle. Troll soldier and goblin soldier tries to block him, but killed by Sara and werewolves soldier.

 Ratan ask her “what are doing here? I told you to leave this Place.”

“Remember, what we decided that we get everyone out, ” Sara smiled and said.

 One soldier says “We don’t have energy left, we can’t transform but we will stop them.”

Sara looks at RatanCulas and says “I knows everything, go and defeat Akirant.”

Ratan nodded his head and run Toward the castle door. Sara transforms into werewolf and start fighting with another soldier. King Ogrus comes in front of Ratanculas and attacked him.

Ogrus have a green color body and shiny purple  eyes with horns on his head , purple light emitting from horn . He is 7’2” and has six packs. He only wears an animal skin. A notable feature is his bad teeth.

Ratan shouts “ King Ogrus, I know you can listen you have stopped this. You have to stop Akirant.” There is pain in Ogrus head. 

Ogrus swing his hand and hit Ratan.

Ratan whispered “ this is going to be hard.”

 Then Ratan hit punch on the king Ogrus face. Ogrus move back and yelled at him. King ogrus increase his size and attack him.

Ratanculas dodge his attacks and says “King Ogrus fight back or I will stop you.”

But nothing happens, King Ogrus still attacking him.

Ratanculas attacks on King Ogrus but no attack works on him. Ratan closes his eyes and reminds about his people . He reminds Boris and Foress words that It is easy to defeat your opponent if you find his weakness.

Ratan opens his eyes and says “ what’s your weakness?” 

Then he looks at King Ogrus horn, which is emitting purple light. “Now, I have no other option left,”Ratan said and jump to Ogrus head and start pulling his horn.”

King Ogrus feel pain and start screaming. He faint and fall on the ground Then Dark shadow comes out of King Ogrus mouth. 

Ogrus get back to normal size, now his eyes changes to a red color.

A dark shadow was Akirant. He transforms into a human with purple eyes and purple light comes out of it.

“You defeated me Ratan but you are going down one day.” Akirant said in a hollow voice.

Akirant faded away in light. After that, every Werewolves get their energy back.

King Alex stands up and says “you did it my son.” 

Ratan get near the King Ogrus and wake him up.

king ogrus wakes up and says “ I am sorry that I hurt you and thank you save me.”

Ratan ask him “how Akirant get inside you ?”

King Ogrus says “I don’t remember, I was sleeping in my room and get attacked by one troll assassin. He has purple eyes, I defeat him and dark shadow comes out of him and hit me.”

Ratan listens to  everything and says “Oh, I understand now  and  we have to stop fight  outside castle.”

“You are right “ King Ogrus said

Both come outside and King Ogrus shout “stop, everything is fine.”

 All goblin and troll soldier get back and werewolves soldier get normal. 

Ratanculas unites with Sara and king Alex and says “let’s go home.”

King Ogrus apologies to every werewolves and King Alex and Ratanculas forgive him and says “let live in peace, farewell”

Everyone comes to werewolf city through magical door. Everyone goes to town which was destroyed, they became sad. King Alex says “don’t worry everyone, We are going to fix everything.”

In a city of vampires, Foress get news about Ratanculas and every werewolves. 

Foress says “So, he really become  strong and defeat Ogres but he will never become stronger than me. I am going to rule over Fantasia.”

6 years passed in werewolf city, town was reconstructed and better than before.  Everyone continues their normal life. King Alex retired and feels sick; he gives his throne to Ratanculas and made him King. 

King Ratanculas proposed Sara . Then both of them got married .

King Ratanculas becomes  friends to every Tribes and Dynasty in Fantasia.

Because of him , Fantasia  becomes beautiful and Peaceful place.

 Time passed , now everyone loves and respect  him .

 He’s not just a king , he becomes the “Legend Of Fantasia.”