Immortal's Farmland Thounsand Years Of Sending Moon,千年寄月

Author Synopsis:
Did I transmigrated to another world? Am I a butterfly?
Oh god! This is too much!
Ehhh? Becoming an Immortal? In this chaotic and competitive world? A world filled with many handsome boys?
Haha, at least I have a celestial farmland inside me! Yes, I will just look for more seeds to plant more celestial plants.
Translator Synopsis:
The story is set in a fantasized dimension where people have the urge to become Immortals through various training of celestial martial arts.
Qian Qian wakes up and realizes that she has transmigrated to a completely different world, where she is no longer a human, but instead, a Butterfly!
Her journey to becoming a powerful Immortal becomes smoother with the celestial farmland inside her!
The story takes on a similar genre to the popular drama like “Journey of a Flower” and “Eternal Love”.
Let us begin our journey into the Xianxia World!