Head Over Heels from the Scarf I Lent Her Buchinuki Udon,ぶちぬきうどん

Having just finished his midterms on a snowy day, Yamanaka Tooru encountered Miyamoto Satsuki—a girl said to be the cutest in town—at the front gates of his school.
Satsuki was standing there alone without so much a scarf or even a coat.
Tooru wanted to simply slip by, but gave in and wrapped his scarf around her.
Days camly past by after that incident.
That was until Satsuki entered Tooru’s high school and then his home uninvited.
“I have to return the favor you showed me.”
“I didn’t really do much though…”
This is the tale between the awkwardly blunt Tooru and the misfortunate and meddlesome Satsuki.