One Sword to Immortality Unknown

Tempered by raging infernos and thunder, ten years were exchanged for the cold radiance of a single sword.
A hundred and one hidden fangs and concealed claws had been endured, all for the sake of ascending into heaven at this very moment!
One Sword to Immortality is a Chinese web novel written by Nomadic Toad. At a certain chapter around 170+ it was second to ISSTH on the Qidian monthly chart.
TL’s Synopsis
One Sword to Immortality (OSI) is currently one of the most popular novels in China. It tells a story about an obese teenager who is hard working and honest with his feelings for a girl, however, seems to be bullied because of his stature. However, one day, under the night sky, he obtained a mysterious power that allowed him to phase through walls! And he discovered that his world might not be what it seems to be on the surface…

Table of Contents