Yang Shu Mei Ying

By 南风歌

Yang Shu Mei Ying prologue

Yang Shu Mei Ying prologue

Translated by Amaryllideae, Edited by Hippo

In the third month of the year in Jiangnan, the drizzling rain was misty. The crystalline drops, the gentle curtain of rain, was soft and quiet.

In such a gentle season, there was a horrific tragedy.

There was a famous Song family in Jiangnan. Song Zongren, the head of the Song family, was once a famous martial artist in Jianghu. He retired from Jianghu a few years ago to start a business. Whether it was with the prominent figures from Jianghu or the legal government officials, Song Zongren had friendships with both, so the Song family business was successful and grew rapidly, but not to the point of being a threat to the country.

Such a big family with a great reputation in the industry was ruined overnight. The bloody smell mixed with the damp rain and spread far away, and could even be smelled two li away(one li is about 500 meters, 2 is 1000 meters). The blood that flowed out dyed even the earth outside of the walls red. The original scenic yard had become a ghastly house of ghosts. Yesterday it was still a much-visited house, but now it could only be considered as having fallen from great dignity, as even walking past the great steel doors would cause you feel a gust of chilling wind.

Such a cruel massacre was obviously done in revenge by the Jianghu. The official government did not want to have any disputes with the Jianghu. So they only investigated sparingly and decided that it was an unsolved public case which was subsequently placed in a pile of dusty files.

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