Yang Shu Mei Ying

By 南风歌

Yang Shu Mei Ying Chapter 1

Yang Shu Mei Ying Chapter 1

Translated by Amaryllideae, Unedited for now because I was being irresponsible again and didn’t warn Hippo beforehand ;-;

There was not a sight of a person on the wide post road, and the sound of horseshoes from far and near came from the end of the road. A young man in blue rode a healthy white horse down the road. When the young man entered the city, he did not rest, but traveled straight through, going towards the Langyue Mountain that was not very far away.

The well-known Qingfeng Sword School of the wulin world was located on this Langyue Mountain. The Qingfeng Sword School was a hundred-year-old school, and the first generation of the wulin masters Shang Yunfei passed down the Qingfeng swordsmanship that was world famous. The disciples of the school have always been diligent in practicing wulin, and they have a good reputation in the Jianghu. After centuries of careful management, today’s Qingfeng Sword Academy has a high status in Jianghu, and it is highly respected and admired.

The lead of that generation is called Xinbai, his wulin is strong and powerful, and he had connections far and wide. He is a good friend with this era's wulin leader Yuan Kangshou. The disciples of this generation of the Qingfeng School are extremely competitive, and those in blue had a tendency to flourish in blue. (This sentence was confusing but I think it means something like if you wear blue, then you're damn good at wulin).

When it comes to the younger generation in the wulin today, the most popular one is the big disciple of the Qingfeng Sword School, Chu Feiyang. He is only 22 years old and was very young in wulin, but already close to his Master’s level. Chu Feiyang is gentle and quiet, with a calm and wise demeanor beyond his age. Yuan Kangshou's preference for the good disciple of his friend is very obvious.

The blue-clothed youth came to the front of the mountain and a fifteen or sixteen -year-old boy came out to receive him. The teenager rushed up to take the horse: “Shi-xiong, you can come back. My dad and Master Yuan Meng have been waiting for you for a long time. Master Yuan Meng was so anxious like a monkey. He definitely has some 'dirty' business for you to do for him.”

This blue-clothed youth was Chu Feiyang. After a few days of rushing, he was travel worn and weary, but it could not hide his pair of clear eyes. He smiled and patted the boy’s head gently: “You only know how to speak carelessly, be careful or Master will punish you.”

“My dad couldn't bear to have that.” The teenager stuck out his tongue and walked with him to the village.

“Good Xian-Zhi (term for friend's son or nephew), you finally back, you let me wait for so long. I thought you were enchanted by that Miss from the Mei family and would not be willing to come back.” Yuan Kangshou was very happy to see Chu Feiyang, and was laughing and teasing him. Xin Bai gave a very helpless look to Chu Feiyang: “He always said that there is something to talk to you about, and no matter how the others ask, he doesn't answer. You ask.”

Chu Feiyang did not care about the jokes. He smiled and asked: “I don’t know why Master Yuan Meng is so anxious to find this younger generation, what is the order?”

Yuan Kangshou was dissatisfied and his face sank: “You child are always like this. Don’t you know that being too polite is also a kind of estrangement? You have spent so much time at that old bald Mei family's. Haven't you learned how to be clever, how can you win a maiden's heart like this?!”

“Heehee, Yuan Bobo, this can be done without your interference. My Shi-xiong is very charming. Many women want to embrace him. He doesn't even need to court anyone’s favor.” The teenager who came in with Chu Feiyang smiled and piped in.

Xin Bai looked at him: “Yun Shen, I told you to practice wulin, you said you wanted to go welcome your Shi-xiong, and you were lazy for a long time now. Now that your Shi-xiong is here, hurry and go practice wulin now.”

“Oh.” The boy sullenly consented, he camed over to Chu Feiyang’s side and set a time to catch up that night, and then went out.

“Well, didn't you say that things are urgent?! Don’t talk any nonsense, just get to the point.” Xin Bai turned to Yuan Kangshou.

Yuan Kangshou rubbed his white beard: “You have heard about the massacre of the Song Dynasty in Jiangnan, haven't you.”

Xin Bai and Chu Feiyang looked at each other. Chu Feiyang said: “At that time, I was still at the Mei house, soI didn’t know about it. I heard that it has been made by the government as a unsolved case.”

“Yes. This was obviously Jianghu revenge. The government is not willing to intervene in the Jianghu affairs. Naturally, it is not as good as one thing. Even if you ask, questions have been long asked about Song Zongren in the Jianghu. In the past, there was no great enemy who hated the Song family. The murderer was not able to be determined. However in the past few days, I got a message that the Song family had a relationship with the evil Tianyi sect in the past two years.”

"The Tianyi sect?! Haven't they always been managing outside affairs? I heard that there are some vicious people in that sect. How can Song Zongren relate to them?"

“I am afraid that this evil sect has objections against the Central Plains (location, so basically the wulin/wulin network in the Central plains) wulin. This is the purpose of my return. I hope that you can investigate this matter clearly. No matter what they are planning, we can’t let them succeed. If you can take the opportunity to eradicate this issue of the evil sect, in addition to ridding the great scourge of the Central Plains wulin, it is considered an even more great task for all.”

Chu Fei Yang smiled and said: “Thank you for the favor of Master Yuan Meng. If it is a matter of safety for the wulin world, then this younger generation will do his best.”

Yuan Kangshou laughed and said: “Good, good boy, I am optimistic about you. Next year is the wulin conference. This old man being the leader, ah, I am waiting for you to take over. Don’t let me down.”

Xin Bai stroked his beard and smiled, this great disciple has always been his pride. Chu Feiyang still with a faint smile, thanked Yuan Kangshou.

Notes: I am actually not completely solid with how the wuxia world works, I understand more of cultivation stuff rather than martial arts so I’m researching as I go along too :3 If there are any clarifications needed, comment below~~~