Yang Shu Mei Ying

By 南风歌

Yang Shu Mei Ying Chapter 2

Yang Shu Mei Ying Chapter 2

Translated by Amaryllideae and edited by Hippo~ 

The Tianyi sect (will be referred to as Tianyi-jiao from now on) is located on the Canglang Mountain outside Guanwai. It is a sect that no one knew when it quietly rose. The inner workings of Tianyi-jiao are unusual. It is said that when their techniques are practiced, the blood of a pure newborn baby must be used as a guide. The degree of cruelty makes a  great change. The sect is always raging, killing and looting, there is not one crime that they have not committed. There were once many nomadic groups living under the Cangwu Mountain, but now it has already become a wasteland.

Among the martial artists in the Central Plains, there were people who tried to remove the evil forces of this sect in the name of justice, but they all went and never came back. Over time, no one dared to look for trouble with Tianyi, and it has been peaceful for many decades. However, although this cult has been quietly staying in the Canglang Mountain, it is always a hidden danger to the Central Plains' martial artists.

Throughout the year, in the Tianyi-jiao, an atmosphere of gloom and silence shrouded over the sect. Although there are numerous members within, it was as if the whole mountain lacks a single wisp of liveliness.

The left-hand man of the sect is Jun Shuying and the right is Qing Lang; they have always been the two pillars holding up Tianyi-jiao. Now that the leader's power is receding, the power of the two of them have is even greater. Although the leader has a child, he is a waste who does not bother to learn and practice. He only knows how to eat, drink and gamble. Even though he obviously has never done anything useful, however,  he is still arrogant in nature due to his status as the young master. Because the members of the sect fear the leader, they do not dare to anger or displease the young master, but no one was trusting of him. Jun Shuying and Qing Lang did not even put him in their eyes. After a hundred years of private rumors in the Tianyi-jiao, this incompetent young master must not end up leading the sect. You must know that Jun Shuying and Qing Lang were very proactive so, the next leader will end up being either one of them.

The residence of Jun Shuying is located in the west of the main altar. Nowadays, the hall is brightly lit, with the black-clothed Jun Shuying listening to the reports of his subordinates.

Jun Shuying’s appearance is actually very handsome, but because of his eyebrows, there is always a haze of anger that makes him seem ferocious.

After listening to the report, Jun Shuying smiled and said: “Good job, it's done very well. That thief Song got a lot of benefits in the early years, actually dared to try to swindle me and Qing Lang. I could have still done business with him. He is obviously looking for his own death.”

“Reporting to the left deputy, there is still one more thing…” The people swallowed before proceeding.

“Say it.” Jun Shuying’s tone was light, but the person who was reporting the news was so scared his knees went soft and he kneeled, with his voice full of fear: “Left deputy, us subordinates are incompetent, the Song family has 367 people. We only found three hundred and sixty-six bodies, it seems that his son, his son… Song Lanyu ran away. Please grant us forgiveness!” The man slammed his head to the floor, and his blood flowed.

The shadow of Jun Shuying's eyes got darker and darker,, and he said in a low voice: "The group of waste! What are you even useful for!"

The person on the ground who was desperately kowtowing knew it was too late to stand up and started crawling away on his hands and feet. Jun Shuying's five fingers pointed him at him and a force pulled him to him (JSY), the man shouted in horror. The voice was not like a human voice, it sounded as if one was suffering in hell. In an instant, it was like the man's flesh and blood were being sucked away, and the screams slowly subsided  until it finally disappeared. In the end, there was only a skeleton wrapped in a dry skin.

Jun Shuying threw the corpse away and called out: “Gao Fang!”

“I am here.” A cynical voice came from a dark corner, and a man who appeared with the sound was fancily dressed, his sleeveless shirt was short and ended above his navel, wrapped around his abdomen, hanging on a short tassel was a small bell which rings pleasantly as he walks around.His trousers only went to his calf, and he was barefoot. Long braids that hang down his back were decorated with silver ornaments that were shiny and glittering.

The man who is called by the high-ranking man smiled very brightly, the polar opposite of the gloomy shadow of Jun Shuying.

“What happened to leaving you to do the job? I didn’t want any flaws.”

Gao Fang smiled and replied: “Don’t treat me as one of your idiot followers. You aren't even trusting of me?! My hand needs to recover for a while. I guarantee that soon our wise leader will be dead and end up in heaven. But before that, isn't it necessary to send our adorable young master up there as well? I heard that the right deputy has recently approached the young master and they are very close, and in the event of the leader's passing, young master will definitely support the right deputy. If he wants power, then everything we've done, what we've been busy for so long will be for naught and we'll just become his underlings."

Jun Shuying snorted coldly: “This issue does not need your reminder.”

"Left deputy, right deputy beckons you to come over with Gao high official.” A black-clothed man walked in and respectfully reported the news, and his eyes fell to the ground where a skeleton lay, and immediately lowered his head.

“Then the medicine given has already been finished? This "teacher" is really brave.” Gao Fang licked his mouth and smiled. Jun Shuying frowned and glanced at the man who was lying on the ground: “I know. Clear the dirty thing here.”

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