Yang Shu Mei Ying

By 南风歌

Yang Shu Mei Ying Chapter 3

Yang Shu Mei Ying Chapter 3

Translated by Amaryllideae

When Jun Shuying and Gao Fang came to the main hall of the Tianyi sect, where they were immediately invited into the room. A tall man wearing light clothing was already there.

“Right Deputy Qing, you came so fast.” Jun Shuying said with a smile.

Qing Lang raised his eyebrows and smiled, and politely replied: “Left Deputy Jun is also not slow. I have always been idle, while left deputy is always working hard, naturally, I came quickly.”

Jun Shuying smiled and said: “What hard work do I do. I heard that Right Deputy Qing has recently been close with the younger master. The young master who has always been intoxicated and playful has not even gone to the brothels or taverns. Instead has been faithfully learning martial arts with Right Deputy Qing. Right deputy makes people very capable, and Jun admires that.”

“Young master is naturally smart. Where do I need to teach? Left deputy makes a joke.” Qing Lang praised the young master with his mouth, but it was difficult to hide the disdain in the corner of his mouth.

This little master was a stupid useless trash.

[T/N: The Chinese idiom used for "worthless" is mud that can't even stick to the wall" lmao]

Even a person with a little bit of insight should be able to see the situation. Ever since very early on, the left and right deputies and the people in between did what they had to to survive. This second generation, jealous of the respect that people showed the Sect Master ended up making enemies with many. And so he blamed every person in the sect, antagonizing numerous people and not even being aware of it. And so, not knowing whose guidance he had finally listened to, he finally realized that once his father died, he also was not far from death. He finally went to find Qing Lang with a humble face, exchanging his right to succession for survival. At first Qing Lang had no interest in the position of Sect Leader, the young master might as well have gone to Jun Shuying instead. But it could be seen that he was not only a coward, but also an idiot.

Jun Shuying and Qing Lang were standing in the sunlight, exchanging words like blows on a battlefield. The pink gauze, which separated the inner room from the outside was suddenly pushed up. A man with a large belly only wearing a loosely tied outer robe walked in, it exposed his skin and flesh that had traces of passion, thinking about it and everyone knew what kind of "good" thing he had been doing in the inner chamber.

“Subordinates greet Sect Master.” Jun Shuying, Qing Lang, and Gao Fang greeted him ceremoniously. On that day, the Sect Master went to the chairs and reclined and waved his hand: “Get up, get up.”

Tian Yi Sect's Master's face is pale, his eyes without spirit, his appearance haggard, it was obviously a manifestation of his excessive indulgence in debauchery. He said to Gao Fang: “Gao-Tangzhu, your medicine is very effective. At the present Sect Master at times feels extremely energetic, like I have gotten twenty years younger. I shall bestow many rewards! Many rewards!” As he said it, his face reddened, incessantly excited.

Gao Fang respectfully saluted: “Many thanks, Sect Master.”

Jun Shuying said politely: “Sect Master, it is a lucky sign from the heavens that Sect Master can be so long-lived. Don’t know why Sect Master told us to come here?”

Tian Yi Sect Master laughed "haha" and then said: “Left Deputy Jun says it well! This Sect Master has met a great flood of fortune from the heavens, not only will I live a long life, but also live forever! I have heard of a medicine that can make people’s lives last forever. Today, one of the concubines introduced me to a traveling doctor, who has confirmed that this medicine does exist in the world! This Sect Master must go have it!”

“This kind of medicine I have heard of, but it has always been in legends. Is it really true?” Gao Fang who was fascinated by medicine, naturally had a great interest in this kind of thing.

“Yes, of course! I want you to go look for it now! However people you need, take them! You must find this medicine for this Sect Master! Immediately, immediately! I already, already can’t wait!” The Tian Yi Sect Master's eyes were very red. His temples swelled, his impatient appearance made him seem crazed.

The three retreated. When they arrived to a place with no one, Gao Fang laughed and said: “The consciousness of the Sect Master is not okay anymore. If he waits for two days, then he can really rise to the heavens, and live long but not grow old. Where would he need the medicine?”

Jun Shuying sneered: “Two days, it really is too long.”

Gao Fang suddenly drew out a long sigh: “I am a little sad. I remember when we were young, it was Tang-zhu who took us to eradicate the dissenters and win the position of the leader. At that time, Sect Master was really handsome and wise, but now he has fallen to such a state.”

Jun Shuying turned and stared at Gao Fang. It was really uncomfortable to be glared at by the cold sinister eyes. Gao Fang laughed a "haha": “Don't look at me like that. My loyalty to you has been shown through many days and nights.”

Jun Shuying snorted coldly and continued on. Gao Fang blindly followed suit, sneakily patting his own chest, soothing the heart that had almost jumped into his throat because of those scary eyes.

What Jun Shuying didn’t think about was that Qing Lang really took a large number of people and left that night.

“Unless his interest in the medicine bigger than his interest in the position of the leader?! I didn’t expect Right Deputy Qing to have more enthusiasm about it than me.” Gao Fang feeling ashamed,  sighed.

After Qing Lang left, the position of Sect Master was simply going to be Jun Shuying's, obtained without any effort. The body of Tian Yi Sect Master, was thrown under the cliff of the back mountain, and all the personal guards of the Sect Master had committed suicide by taking poison when the Sect Master died. The olden days of beautiful silks and tender women were all put to the torch.

After Jun Shuying became the Sect Master, he would charge Qing Lang with a casual crime and expel him from  Tian Yi Sect. Originally he wanted to eliminate him completely, but he was persuaded otherwise by Gao Fang. Qing Lang's departure was very thorough, and he took nearly all his own people away, clearly showing he didn't intend to struggle for the position of Sect Master with him. And so, that day he had just sat down in that position, the foundation not yet stable. There was no need to create more enemies.

As for the another person, Jun Shuying must get rid of. When his subordinates found what used to be a useless young maste in a cave, the man who once had a handsome face had long become ghost-like, and it seemed that he had practiced some strange martial arts. He actually escaped from the hands of many martial arts masters and fled.

After hearing about this incident, Jun Shuying was furious and sent people to pursue and kill, but they returned without good news and he could only give up temporarily.

Notes: Phew, sorry it took so long guys! YSMY has really big and THICCCCCCC paragraphs that scare me because the content is so dense and Chinese likes to use many commas instead of periods lol. Anyway, the story should be picking up soon? I think :>