When I Woke up in the Morning I Became a Silver Haired Loli Vampire Chapter 1

When I Woke up in the Morning I Became a Silver Haired Loli Vampire Chapter 1

Chapter 001 - The Primal Awakening

My name was Yagyuu Tetsuma (42 years old ♂).

I work as office worker at downtown area.

Right now I was at the toilet at my home.




On the other side of mirror, I can see a silver hair beautiful girl with an idiotic expression (estimated around 12 years old) looking back at me.


Who is this fellow?




Confused due to Irrationality and anxiety, and then anger comes out.

Beautiful voice that sound like a bell echoed.

The silver haired beautiful girl (estimated 12 years old) hit on the washbasin, and pointed her finger on me.


But, there is no voice coming out from her as she just tremble there.


.... she was reacting the same way as me.


And then,






I miss my footing on scaffolding made from cardboard because of the surprise and the girl made a banzai pose and disappear from the washbasin of the other side.


“Ugu, arghh....”


I rub my waist that was bumped.

The hand that is rubbing it was small.

My butt sense of touch also felt small.

I unconsciously shake my head, and bangs of the silver platinum blonde hair come into my view.


When I noticed this sense of discomfort, it will be morning soon.


The pajamas was strangely baggy.

The hair was heavy, long, and stuck on my shoulder and back, eh, there is no color?

My hand and finger was strangely small.

When I look at the room, my line of view was comparable lower.

There is something bulging on my chest.

There is no ‘that’ between my crotch, instead there is a ‘what?’


(Ha, HAAA?)


I didn’t understand the reason, when I tried peek on the mirror of the washroom with my half asleep eyes, but, I can't reach it.

After placing cardboard full of old books as a foothold, I was finally able to peep at it.


I stand up unsteadily and look into the mirror once again.


“Wh...at is this?”


A silver haired beautiful girl (estimated 12 years old) astonished face was reflected on her face on the other side.


Wearing an adult male gray pajamas on her small body that was like white porcelain.

The breast that Isn't too small or too big was exposed.

I mean, isn’t this my Pajamas?



This silver haired beautiful girl (estimated 12 years old) seems to be.... Me (42 years old ♂).


Is this a dream? When I thought about it, I denied it immediately.

Even though it was sad to be said, how can a 42 years old man had such a clear dream.

This is reality.


And, for some reason There is a strong self-awareness that “this girl was me.”


However, even though I realized it, I don’t know why I become like this after all.

I don't understand anything at all.

What happened to me?


Am I being deceived by god and goddess?

Did I die in accident?

Did I try to play a suspicious VRMMO?


In a flash the plot from Light Novel start to surface inside my brain.

By the way, I didn’t remember anything at all.


First of all, I try to recollect yesterday event.


6:30 PM

After the work is over and I return to my home which was a                    one-room apartment.

Even though I said “I’m home” there is no one answering.

Naturally because there is no one there.

....I feel lonely.

7:00 PM

I eat the dinner with my deceased parents photograph.

Sometimes, I start a conversation but there is no answer.

Naturally I know about it.

.... I feel lonely.

8:00 PM

I play a social game on the PC.

It was fun.

But, I am lonely....

10:00 PM

I take a shower and wash my body. I felt refreshed.

I didn’t think about anything.

I didn’t feel lonely.

11:00 PM

I change into my pajamas and lies in the bed.

.... I feel lonely.


Why my life is so lonely!?

While trying to investigate the mystery of this body (of beautiful girl) I opened my emotional scar instead.

.... Tears flowed out


I didn’t had a family.

My father dies 4 years ago and my mother dies 2 years ago.

I didn’t had any child and wife.


I mean, the history of me without a women was equal with my age.


“Haha, Haha.....haa.”


Before I know it, I already sat down while hanging my head in shame.

What am I doing?

While having a self mockery smile on my face, I look around on the room where paperback and thin books was scattered around the floor.


PC that was still turned on was raising off a dull sound.


I didn’t had a friend.


I didn’t even had a friend, that is why it was more impossible to had a girlfriend.

There is no any development like a light novel!

Stupid stupid stupid ! (prime minister)

[TL: I didn’t understand the joke please don’t ask.]


When I was young, I was severely bullied.

There is also the fact that I wasn't good with people.

That is why I escape to my family, study and my otaku hobby.


Even if you can study, if you can’t socializing with other people it will be in no use.


I was a typical useless member of society.

I had to study hard.

That is why I was able to get into a first class national university and was able to get some work.


However, that was the limit.


It was impossible to do the work alone.

All the more if it was a office work.


I who had weak social disposition,

Even if I was placed in business or general or human resource department,

I wasn’t able to come in terms with the boss and my colleagues,

With the continued failure,

I can’t even had ordinary success in life.

That made me devoted my attention to my family and hobbies even more.


And then both of my father and mother that I love so much died, when I got tired of my otaku hobby,there will be nothing remain ....of me.


No, looking back on my (42 years old ♂) life, is it good?.

Nothing will be resolved,

there is no meaning by making me (silver haired beautiful girl) cry.





I wipe a little bit sweat that was on my neck and breast with my palm.

Finally, it all came back to me.


Is it around 2:00 am.... That is right, I feel sluggish and very hot that I can’t even breathed.


It was painful.


I remembered that I squeezed out a complain that ‘I didn’t want to die’.


I didn’t had any memory after that, did I fainted?

I wonder if "My body got remade" during that time?

Maa, even if that is true, I didn’t understand why I became this (beautiful girl) though, but.



In my desperation, I tried to comfort this body (beautiful girl) with my fingers, my mood lighten up more or less.

In this case only fatigue and embarrassment is strong, It didn't become that kind of intention.


I look up at the clock in the room.

It’s 6:30 am.

Usually, it was the time when I begins to prepare to go to the office.


“Today, there is an important presentation isn’t it....


I thought, I finally got my chance....”


After I failed at proper work over these 10 years. These past year, I have been seriously working hard, and finally able to obtained a spotlight.




I stare at my small palm.


“I can't go to the company looking like this...., hahaha”


On the bed, I buried my face while holding onto my knees.


“It will be impossible for me to promoted into section chief assistance.... Is it?”


The people that was on the same generation as me mostly already become a section chief, there is even a guy that already become a director.

As for me, I am still a senior staff till today.

So pathetic.


I take the cellphone that was lying on the bedside with my hand, I send a mail of apologize to the chief director since I need to take a rest from cold.

At the same time, I sent a mail of apology to my boss (younger guy) who was my direct superior and request for him to take over.


I stand up slowly, and start to walk with staggering steps,

I placed the cardboard box in front of washbin again,

I stand on top of it and look into the mirror.


A silver haired beautiful girl (estimated 12 years old) who feel exhausted of life was reflected.




The dejected expression that was reflected in there attracted me.


A transparent silver haired platinum blond


She had a well ordered facial features.


The eyes was big that had slightly feeling of tempting.


The emerald green colored eye was full of brilliance.


The pale pink lips that seems to be soft.


I have never see such a beautiful girl until now.

With such appearance, even an incompetent person like me will be able to lead a much better life.


No...., it is not.


After all I am incompetent fool, so it will be no good.


In the first place.


“No matter how beautiful I am, I can’t live like this.... Isn’t it?”


The girl in front of the mirror had a tired face and had a smile that was filled with irony.


The modern society move because of the accumulation of trust.

Not to mention in my family registration I was listed as 42 years old male, I will not be able to work with this outward appearance (estimated 12 years old) even with academic background accumulation.


I can’t keep living in this form (silver haired beautiful girl).


Even though I can starred in some illegal lolicon AV video and sell myself as a prostitute to earn a daily income, I was bound to die in early age.

Above all, the inside was a man.

Even though my body has turned into that of a woman, if I was held by a man, as expected I will hate it.




If I starve.

Will I change my mind?

A chills runs through my body.


Overwhelmed by incomprehensible and helpless situation,

I held myself to the wall, and sighed so many times.


“I’m still a bit confused....”


When I wake up early, I become a beautiful girl (with zero living skill)

It will be much better to become an insect like kafka....

I really can’t understand this.

[TL: about kafka and the insect https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Metamorphosis]


There is a lot of sweat on my body and I feel a little bit sluggish.


“I will take a shower....”


I feel tired as I stand up.

I took off the pajamas that was wet with sweat and scattered it at the floor and went towards the bathrooms that was attached with this room.




I poured the warm water on my white porcelain skin and start to rub it.


It feel so good.


The bath was the best, but, the shower (this) and the shower (that) is good.

[TLC: I think this implies how he shower with both body]


The platinum blonde silver hair that was reaching the waist was scattered around, and I combed the smooth bangs was upward slightly.


I feel a little bit refreshed and look toward my body calmly.


Looking down quietly.


The swelling breast with a light pink on top of it.


There is a little bit of public hair that was trimed neatly.


There isn’t any fat on the waist either.


I don’t think my (this girl) style was bad, but.

The shower room don’t have any large mirror.

Even though I look down on it, I can’t really know.

Even though my body is that of a woman and my mind was a man, I don’t feel excited at all.


But, I am interested.


(I think it is okay, because this is my body,

It's ok, this is my own body after all, I didn't see inside earlier, a little intellectual curiosity won't hurt, It's ok if I forgive myself right?


While remembered that I didn’t need to give an explanation to anyone,

I murmured


“I wish I had an even bigger mirror....”




A large mirror appear in the sky suddenly and fall down and stuck on the bathroom wall.




A cute scream breaks out.

No, is that my scream?




Different. It is different. It is not my (42 years old ♂) usual voice... ....eh?

The excuse that I try to come out for myself stop in instant.




The girl that was reflected on the mirror was looking confused here with teary eyes was.... Very beautiful.


Unconsciously, the girl that was reflected by mirror was looking at herself.


Her skin was white and lustrous.


The smooth long legs.


Her narrowed waist and round ass.


She had a well shaped body with young swelling breast that balanced it.


Overall it was balanced, I unconsciously admired it.


I (42 years old ♂) wasn’t someone that was bent toward a lolita complex.

I thought that a young body can also attract men


“N, n, no, wait!! In the first place, how can the mirror suddenly appear?”


The silver haired beautiful girl that I looked at mirror unconsciously.

Naturally, it isn’t a thing that will appear suddenly.


“In the first place, I you.... Who are you?”


The beautiful girl inside of the mirror was glaring at me while I ask so.

In an instant.

A torrent of light wells up from the mirror.


“Wa, what?!”


The girl in front of me back out unconsciously.

"That" is converging to a spherical form while emitting a dazzling light, my field of vision is filled with white light.




My left and right arms tried to block the light unconsciously.

A thick red book floated up.