When I Woke up in the Morning I Became a Silver Haired Loli Vampire Chapter 2

When I Woke up in the Morning I Became a Silver Haired Loli Vampire Chapter 2

Chapter 002 - Chapter 2 unedited

Volume 1 Chapter 2 Great Dracula Eugene Delacroix

『The origins of Eugene Delacroix』

On a book with a thick, red cover that floated in front of me.
In golden letters, such a title was carved.

Inside the silence that seemed like I could only hear the sound of the water trickling down from my chest and thigh.

After a small pause,

「...........What,...is this?」

The key(word) was leaked from the dumbfounded silver haired beauty(me).

As if responding to it,

<<For this one who have lost thee memory, it’s fine to hold this book of eternal memories>>

The explanation(voice) resounded, and "the red book" opened with a dim shine.

Then, the thing that the girl(me) saw---------

<< This one, Eugene Delacroix, the great vampire, shall answer with kindness the question of the reincarnation of this one(you), with “manga” ! .>>

The spitting image of the girl(me)…. Somehow seems to be quite a fool.
The silver haired girl in a frilly dress,
With『[Ya] !』 she held ‘a manga’ in her hand.

The girl(me), understood how to call [this] kind of thing.

It’s the one referred to as [Learning manga], right?

No, no matter where this light novel-like development is heading to, this kind of thing, as expected,  is a no.
That's too cheap.

Moreover,『The great vampire Eugene Delacroix』 ?
Haha, what a joke.

Did she want to say that it was me?


Thus I finally realized my "misunderstanding".

This is a dream.
Although it’s too realistic, but it is that thing, right,
It must be because my brain, in front of the [proper work](Presentation) after a long time, must be playing tricks on me.

Although, to have this kind of novel-like dream is, in one way or another, pathetic.
"Speaking of the vampire..."

I opened the sliding door of the bathroom's small window completely.

"I heard that sunlight burns them.”

I placed my right palm in the small pool of light that came in.
I can see the sunshine reaching my palm and the tiptoe of my left foot, which also stepped into the light.



A sense of acute pain ran through me.



It hurds.

It really hurds! 


Still naked, I waved my right hand repeatedly, and started writhing after catching my ankle with my other hand. 

I run away desperately to the shade and waited, curled up, for the pain to go down.

This pain, this is not a dream?!

I wanted to say this to the girl(me) not long ago.

You, are you a fool?

I was being too careless, even if I were to say so myself.

On top of the girl writhing on the bathroom floor, the thing referred to as [The original], didn’t show any traces of minding what has happened, 
Brilliantly, it kept on shining brilliantly.



No matter how much I think that it's early summer out there, as expected, it’s hard keep being naked like this,
I randomly put on a shirt and slacks, sat down on a bed, on a pillow I got from a chair.


It’s not like I didn’t felt like it’s slightly too late to wear something.

And yet, it's  "baggy", just like I thought.

When I tightened the belt with all of my might and also rolled up the hem, I somehow managed to wear it.

Rather than that,


That sensation of a certain swelling on my chest pushing up the thin cloth,
also the sensation of the plump round buttocks that sat on the pillow which can be felt through the fabric, I can’t do anything about it.

As I slowly put on the blanket over my shoulders using both hands,
I stared at the red book(learning manga), that I laid in front of me, which kept on shining brightly.

I tried this several times a little while ago and, outside of the beginning page, the pages seem to be stuck together by some kind of sticky paste and totally cannot be opened.

Is this something like that?
Did it want me to ask through speech, just like a little while ago?
"Why is it a [manga]?" 

<<It took on the form, that would be the easiest to undestand, from the deepest part of this one(your)’s psyche.>>

For a light jab,
On the margin of the first page, the silver haired beauty(me) stood inside the frame, with a balloon added.
Yep, it seems that this way of asking questions directly is correct.

It is, however, such a pointlessly high efficiency.
Instead of using this kind of time wasting thing, isn’t it better to just normally transcribe the memory?
Although, there may be a complicated reason for this.

While leaking a sigh, I threw the “main question” toward the “red book”(learning manga)

"By the way...in the end, what the girl(me), actually is?"

Faint light seeped out of the book, the page opened and a "panel" appeared on top of it.

<<This one already said it a while ago, right?
This one(you) has reincarnated into the body of this one, the great vampire, Eugene Delacroix's!>>

The girl(Me) from the caricature stuck out her chest with a [Triumphant face].

Yup, even when I looked at it on the illustration like this, the girl(me) really does have a good figure, eh.
Well, that didn’t tell me anything good.

"The great vampire... you said?"

<<That means the history strongest vampire!>>

Yes, thank you for that seemingly dumb answer.
The strongest vampire in history, yet still incapable of overcoming the sun.
Super lol(orz)

However, she mentioned the word reincarnation several times since before, then it means that,

"In other words, let's see,
You….have been reincarnated,from Eugene Delacroix, to Tetsuma(me from some time ago),and then, to this silver haired beautiful girl(me)... if I put it in order it’s like that, right?”

<<This one, Eugene Delacroix, have been reincarnated into Tetsuma(Former you). The thing after that is a bit different!.>>

Oh, it seems to be... a little... confusing.

"Can’t you give a better explanation that’s easy to understand?"

After all, you already made this learning manga.

<Umu, understood.
So that this foolish one(you) will also understand, this one will tell about it carefully and thoroughly!>>

Being called a [fool] by someone who really gives the impression of being one, totally made me depressed. (orz)

Since both of it are "me"-ish, that made it even worse.

<<1787 AD, started from a certain meeting, I have decided to be reincarnated>>

"A meeting ..... ?"

<< Yep. It was when this one met with Tibetan Buddhism virtuous priest, right .....>>

Under the illustration of the priest, there's a Darai or such written on it, but let's just ignore it.

<<The so-called [Reincarnation] that happens to humans, this one thought to also do it>>

Is this Tosa Nikki ! ? (TL : Book tittle)
Ignoring the retort in my heart, the manga continued.

<< And then, if this one had to be reincarnated, then it had to be a samurai ! 
After all, samurais are what the world admires!

That's why, this one decided to aim at the one which had particularly famous pedigree even among the samurai.

To the fertilized eggs(egg) of the suitable man(vessel) of this one, this one planned so that this one's soul will dwell into it.
Though depending on the situation, the reincarnation will take several hundred years to happen, but that’s not a problem.

This one too, samurai too, is the greatest after all !
This one will not vanish! 
Samurai also will not vanish!
How magnificent it is, the Bakufu shogunate!

How about it, this one(you), did this one(you) have fun with the life as the strongest samurai?>>

"Ah, hmmm ..... "

In front of the silver haired beauty(me) who's eyes were glittering and sparkling, I have unintentionally averted my eyes.

Sorry, the time when my house (※Yagyuu branch house) was a samurai house, was just until 150 years ago.
As for myself, I haven’t even held a katana in my entire life.

<< If you had fun with your samurai life, then this one is glad.
Although you have lost your memory, but it is still covered by this one expectations>>

Bearing a sense of guilt toward the silver haired beauty(me) who was nodding in satisfaction inside the manga.
It's not like Tetsuma(me) is the one who is wrong. That thoughtless girl(me) is also the one at fault,
Moreover, both of them are "me"-ish after all.

Even so, 
somehow it made me felt guilty about it.

"Or rather, why has Tetsuma(me) ......... "turned back" to the Eugene Delacroix(this appearance)?"

<<Umu, under the cooperation with this one’s spirit friend Mercurius,
it's been set so that you will get turned back into this one under these 2 conditions:

One, the case where this one(you) is dead.
Two, the case where this one(you) gets approached by danger>>

"... then does it mean that, the Tetsuma(me) is dead?
Or else, there's ...... some kind of danger approaching, right?"

<< This one does not know>>

Not good.

The silver haired beauty(this girl), is more useless than I thought.

However, this is trouble.
For example. If there's danger approaching, ..... what should I do?
It was different from typical main character from novels (-) who had random special knowledge or applicationd,
after all the Tetsuma(me) is just a normal no good salaryman, so there are no good ideas coming to my mind at all.

Naturally, I ended up in a state where I had to rely on the "red book"(※Useless) in front of me.

" Some kind of fighting power,..... Skills, or such, do I have them?"

<< Umu, just leave it to this one. This one is recommended you know ! >>

An "incantation"-like spell that I didn't understand how to read, in addition to which an explanatory note in japanese come out.

<< -----------------------(※Unreadable spell)
When you recite this spell,
All of your enemies blood will be sucked dry, then they will die!>>

"It's too extreme, you know?!

Or rather, I can't even read it, you know, this spell!"

<<Of course. These are the ancient and honorable vampire letters! 
There's no way a lowly uneducated servant would be able to read it! >>

But the person herself(opponent) who is supposed to read it cannot read it you know, this is.

Moreover, this kid(me) called the body where she reincarnated into as servant.

If you had the time to add rubies to the kanji, just add some to these vampire words, you know.
But we~ll, even if I was able to read them, it was the spell that I, for a delicate reason, don't want to use.

Murderer, me, there's no way, okay?

"By the way, is there any spell that can avoid the danger .... without it needing to kill any humans?"

<< There is none.>>

So she declared, Uwaah.

Not good, I'm about to cry.

The thing that I understood from the discussion until now. (Review)

・I am, I seem to be the reincarnation of the great(lol) vampire.(assumption)
・Under the conditions that, whether I dead or there's danger approaching, it seems that I will be returned back to the form from before being reincarnated.(assumption)
・Even if, for example, there's some kind of danger approaching, I can't use the countermeasures for such a situation(can't read).

 Even if, for example, I would be able to use them, then it would be a murder.(decided)
・The me from before being reincarnated, seems to be rash, incompetent and also stupid.(assumption but near conviction)
・This book is unexpectedly useless.(conviction)

" ..... will this me, be able to turn back into Tetsuma(man) appearance ever again?"

<< That's impossible. There's nothing left from the data of Tetsuma(you)>>

"But, you know, you're the great vampire after all, can't you change your appearance or such ....?"

<<That's impossible. If this one was able to do it, then this one wouldn’t have attempted reincarnation. For vampires, that are unchanging throughout eternity, that's their fate>>

To the "red book’s" (vampire’s) straightforward denial.
The girl(me), after being shocked for a moment, couldn’t do anything beside only staring at it.
Haha, so it is true.
Altough it was vague, but I already had such a premonition.

Yep, I already thought, well isn't it something like thi~s.
I'm not becoming a sore loser, alright. It's true.


That was a lie, somehow, I thought that one way or another I would be able to turn everything  back.
So that’s it, I can't return, eh.

Haha, Yagyuu Tetsuma(my)'s life, in a short time, closed its curtain here.
With the silver haired beauty(this appearance), there's no way I will be able to take over Tetsuma’s(my) life.

Well, from the start, Tetsuma's(my) life....., what kind of life was it, I wonder?

As I thought about such a thing, although vaguely, my chest became painful.
Without any other word, I ended up casting my eyes down.

In other word, it is that thing.

The happiness of playing with a father, when I was a child.

The excitement of the first time when I was taken to the primary school by mother as well.

The bitterness of being bullied too.

The sorrow of getting rejected by the person that I loved without even being able to confess to her too.

The intense study that I have done in order to enter the top-notch university too.

The sense of helplessness after I came out into the society too.

The painful feelings from seeing off father and mother too.

Everything, was just a lie(fake) of the vampire(dracula)'s [playing act]........ right?

Without being aware of it, there was something trickling down my cheek.
No matter how much I wiped it, I couldn’t, stop it.

[Ahaha .... isn't this just like,that Tetsuma(me) is .... ]

Had a fake life.

There is also a possibility, that it's just the emotional instability because of the body that I haven't gotten used to yet,
but the girl(me), while still covered in blanket, continued to leak out weeping noises.

I am, more than I thought, 
seems like I hold attachment, toward this battered out Yagyuu Tetsuma (life).

It's mysterious.
Seriously, why indeed.

It's so lonely, 
Why I wonder, I felt so lonely....

These hands that I used to hug myself, as I thought I’m really small