I Become a Staff Officer in the Demon Army, but I Can Only Do Office Work! Waruichi,悪一

The demon army who faced the never-ending war against the humans is in great crisis. Iron dragon dominated the sky, and Iron Horses dominated the ground, and steel rain that comes strikingly from beyond the horizon.
Facing such incredible mechanical weapons used by humans, the demon army then tried to summon a savior from another world, to reverse this situation.
Just like that, the demon army is saved— (Or so the story should go but)…
“Emm, I can only do office work though?”
Akitsu Akira who was living in modern Japan was hit by a Truck, and flew high…
When he realized he was being blown off to another world, he was asked to do an impossible work such as, “Please Save the Demon army!”
In response, he screamed, “There’s no way I can do that can I?”, with an unreasonable reason such as being, “wasteful to not use him”, he was placed in the office of the demon army, as an officer.
Since he could not go back home, he thought of doing military service in the supply department within the demon army, but…
“What is Logistics​?”
This is a story about the demon army that changes just by using paper, pen, and ink…
“For now please sign here…”
“I cannot read or write…”
Or so that’s how the story supposedly goes…

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