Can Someone Please Go After My Sister!?!?! Chapter 2

Can Someone Please Go After My Sister!?!?! Chapter 2

Chapter 2:Me and my sister battle of wits and strength, a chain of unfortunate events

Taking a shower.

Girls taking a shower.

My Sister is taking a shower.

My Sister and other girls are taking a shower together.

These four things represent completely different meanings.

I am not some pervert who only thinks about perverted situations, I am also not someone who will let my desire completely take over, I have my own limits.

However, right now these limits are being tested upon by the sounds emitting from the bathroom.

Big…… Stop touching……It tickles, Stop….

My hands jolted, almost dropping the plates that are in my hands.

“Hey! Stop making so much noise and disturbing the neighbours!” unable to bear it any longer, I shouted towards the bathroom.

After a second of silence, my sister’s angry voice reached my ears, “If you have nothing to do why don’t you wash my clothes, Pervert! And don’t you dare peek on us!”

My brain suddenly flashed with evil thoughts, for example if I were to record my sister showering secretly or take a picture of her underwear and sell them to her classmates. Hoho, wouldn’t the boys in the class bring me some decent profit?

I slowly walked towards the bathroom door……

Picking up her underwear from the ground impatiently, sorting them out one by one and putting them in the washing machine.

Hai~, reality is reality. I can only fantasize about my revenge in my mind.

Wait a second….

Isn’t TaoYao cup size a little too big? Did it grow bigger? Even though it is during puberty but isn’t this growth spurt too much? It does not seem to be close to last month’s size at all.

Don’t misunderstand, I am not some pervert, only an innocent hardworking brother washing her sister’s underwear.

Just when I brought the underwear up high closer to the light to confirm the size, the bathroom door suddenly opened, the two girls with their flushed faces from the recent shower were cheerfully talking, seeing me checking out their underwear, they froze like an ice statue.

Holding the underwear, my brain blanked. Having no clue as to what to say in this situation.

“Ah, En, you grew by so much? Ok, Ok washing it now….” I quickly drop the underwear into the washing machine, not wanting to hold it any longer.

“Per….Perv….PERVERT!” she gnashes her teeth while exclaiming, “What do you think you are doing with Rose’s underwear?!!?!”


I opened my eyes widely in surprise and was left speechless.

Rose bit her lips when faced with this situation, her face looks pale and red at the same time.


“No wonder…No wonder….” I laughed awkwardly, “I knew there was no way your bust size is that large all of a sudden….”

Half an hour later, I was busy applying medicine to my red and swollen face.

I can’t help but feel extremely disheartened……. I still have to go up on the stage at school tomorrow you know? I don’t want the school to have rumors about ‘my SM experience with my sister’.

Why can’t you treat me better? I am still this family’s breadwinner, you know!

“Have you reflected on your actions?” my sister walked into my room angrily, “If you are really so hungry for underwear next time, I will award you some you massive pervert.”

“As long as you take care of your own laundry, this pervert will be very satisfied.” I spoke seriously.

“No way, why would I when I have you providing free services?”

“What will become of you when you are married?” I pinched up my nose, acting like a lunatic and said “My wife, I was brought up with chores hammered into me, how did you take care of your laundry when you were younger? How can you not know how to wash your laundry? Hai Darling, my brother washes them for me, if you don’t trust me ask my brother my cup size, whether it is B or C~~~.”

I thought I gave a pretty good revenge back……. Half a minute later, it looks like I really can’t go on stage tomorrow.

“Are you okay?” Rose hesitantly entered my room, “About the misunderstanding…..”

“No, it is not a misunderstanding.” I said coldly, “It’s like a chick magnet just like animals, no need to feel sorry for me.”(TLN: Just like how a male peacock have many beautiful feathers to attract mates. Yea that.)

“You……” Rose stammered, having no clue as to how to reply to that. I was hit with a sudden realisation that Rose is more pure compared to my sister, if it was my sister, I would have been flooded with endless profanities.

I started consoling Rose: “It’s fine Rose, I don’t have any urgent and important matter tomorrow, it’s only going to class twice and going to an interview, it’s ok.”

“How can that be?” Rose looked like she was about to cry.

“As long as you stop by frequently, stayed frequently, it will mediate our brother-sister fights, look at today, because of you I manage to solve the misunderstanding today.” I said while smiling brightly, just like a cheerful little girl.

Even though you were part of the misunderstanding…..

Rose nodded her head, “Yes, I will try my best to come frequently. However, my dad….”

“However what ?”

“Nothing, nothing .” dismissing what she just said.”

I always felt that Rose is hiding something about herself. Especially about her family, she always dodges any questions about her family and almost never mentions them.

Whatever, everyone has something they don’t want to talk about, diving more into it will instead cause harm for both parties.

If she one day ever needs help…….

“Rose.” I looked at her seriously.


“If, I am saying if, If you ever need my help…..” I said while patting her on the shoulder.

“Just call this number: 024-8456-9999! Jinan Hospital for abortion .”(TLN:I think it is meant to be a joke but I don’t get it.) (Happy: very bad sex joke?)

“What are you guys doing?” my sister rolled her eyes and said while entering back into my room.

“Nothing .” Rose replied frantically while standing up, moving her hands nervously behind her back, “Just talking about normal things.”

“Don’t trust this fellow…. He already cheated a number of ladies in high school already!”

“Ah? Really ? How is it possible?”

“True.” I replied while nodding my head, “Canteen auntie killer, this nickname did not come easy into my possession you know?”

Rose started to laugh out loud, her hair that was trap by her ears dropped down draping over her shoulders. My heart suddenly jolted, my down there started to get active from the scene before my eyes.

Rose having notice it frighteningly hide away from me, stammering while pulling my sister hands, begging her to faster leave for sleep and did not even spare me a look after that.

My sister left behind a meaningful gaze before going off to her room.

I suddenly have a bad premonition. No idea why that is so.

Truly at 2 a.m., my premonition came true.

“Wake up!”

“What the hell….?” I only felt a heavy object weighing down on my chest, hurting my chest a lot, “What is it?”

“Wake up now!”

I only now found out that it is my sister that is sitting on top of my stomach. On my stomach? It is only 2 a.m. now, what are you doing!?!?!

“What do you want?”

“Aren’t you brazen, you dare to chase after my girl! I will not forgive you!” her face exposing an angry face. I was still recovering from my sleepiness and was unable to understand her actions. She seems to want to be like one of the characters from those action manhwa, having an epic standoff with me.

Do you think I will let you? You crazy sister!

We smashed our heads together, pushing our heads against each other, we can already tell who will win this battle, she tumbled backwards with a shriek and sat on my important place.

Argh! Having my important place be hit with such an impact is enough for tears to accumulate in my eyes. I twisted my body, wanting to get her ass off that area as soon as possible.

“What are you doing?” she screamed. That’s right, the position of our bodies, adding on that I keep on moving my body, no matter how you look at it, it is indeed very ambiguous right now.

I thought that the situation right now is already pretty bad, but it did not end there.

A silhouette of a girl stood at the door, unmovingly stared at our positions. With my sister sitting on me with my two legs spread apart, she even screamed when she realised the position she was in.

“Sorry for intruding!” Rose who just wanted to go to the toilet and saw what happened quickly ran towards my sister’s room and locked the door.

What does it mean to be in an extremely awkward position?

I think what just happened just put me in one.