Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A Volume 1 Chapter 4

Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A Volume 1 Chapter 4

You are the 《Consultant》 right?”

While eating lunch with Kimura and Saitou as usual, I was suddenly asked such a question from a female student…However, why would they phrase the question with a “right” that is reflective of English grammar?

Not understanding who the “you” was referring to, us three stopped moving our hands that we were using to eat our lunch, lifting our heads to look as the person who spoke.

Wahwah, so cute.

Even if it’s cuts – Eheh? I seem to remember seeing her before.

Ah, it is a classmate!

In fact, it is not only that, I finally remembered that she had left a deep impression on me, an impression so strong that it is branded into my mind, due to that impression, I feel as though she was very familiar.

In a single glance, I was able to see – she was a Persona.

She wore the same uniform as the rest of us, however, just like Tsubasa, even with her replica sword, she still wore the same uniform. Except this girl’s body had weird objects hanging off it.

They are cloth dolls.

You ask me what is strange about them? By simply looking at the product, you would understand. The cloth dolls are in the form of rabbits, cats and horses as well as other sorts of animals, but they are – all of them are corpses, in fact they are already in a state of decay. I can only contemplate. However, we are able to see bones sticking out, as well as the internal organs. Even more so, there is brain matter. However since they are not done very accurately, even though they are nauseating, there is also the cute kind of feeling from the.

This female student, had several of these sewn onto her uniform. What kind of Persona is she?

“Tsukaya? What is she here for?”

Muttered the knowledgeable Saitou.

Tsukaya – Ah, I remembered now.

I remember that she is a 《Necromancer》.

So it is like that, that is the reason why she would carry those. Necromancers are able to control the dead. Even though they are called Necromancers, what they control are the corpses, hence they are also called zombie kings. The amount of hatred they cause in others is at a level where even the Maou can’t compare, a relatively useless Persona.

Originally, Persona’s will revolve around a certain characteristic, unlike how we each have our own. Like the replica sword carries by the Hero Tsubasa, Necromancers will usually carry corpses around on their body. This is simply the corpses of dead animals, it is said that previously a student carried their recently deceased grandpa to school.




  1. ”君が《相談屋》デスか?” 
  2.  The デス or です or desu, meaning something close to “is” has been written in katakana rather than hiragana. normally katakana is reserved for words taken from another language, hence this line of thought.