Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi Prologue

Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi Prologue


Surprised me, I wonder how long were you looking at me from there?

Excuse me for realizing it late. I seem to have dozed off for a moment.

At any rate, today is indeed great weather. Long rain, moisture, and moldy smell. I can’t think that this is a comfortably spent day at all.

A~nd, you are the new tenant moving in, right? I heard the story from the real estate agent.

What, whatever circumstances happened that needed you to be referred here, I don’t know, but if it’s here, even if you’re a person with no guarantor, running away from home, a wanted person, and maybe also somewhat crazy in the head, I think you’ll get on well.

Even if you subtract the fact that the building is fairly old, the rent is still cheap. To live alone, the room’s spacious enough so there’s no need to complain about it, moreover there’s bathroom and gas kitchen. And above all, it’s furnished.

First of all, let me guide you around on the inside. You can look at any room freely up to the fifth floor. The sixth and the seventh floor are owner’s private floors and therefore the entry there is prohibited.

Are you asking why is whichever room vacant? What, you did not hear it from the real estate agent. That real estate agent as usual doesn’t do adequate work……. Woopsie-oops, excuse me, the freedom of four limbs, no – eight limbs is taken away with age, right. They slip down from the thread at once. I beg you a little, my body, on the top of that thread…. aah, that helps a lot. Here we go……. Thank you. You are a kind, good fellow who isn’t perturbed by things. The thing is, a lot of people don’t want to touch me nor my companions.

What were we talking about? Ah, it was about whether there aren’t other tenants here.

Let me see, well then, let’s talk while guiding you around. Do we have time? Other real estate agents also want a turn so we don’t have that much spare time? Please, don’t say that. To me you’re a visitor after a long time. Think of it as a social welfare and accompany the boring senile old fool while reminiscing just for a while, won’t you?

Eh, what, is a spider that speaks human speech that rare?

Certainly, it’s as you can see, I am a spider, though, hanging from the ceiling on a lone thin thread like this. However, look, that is just your egoistical opinion, to me it’s you who looks upside down and seems swaying dangle-dangle. It is possible that it’s not me who hangs from the ceiling but maybe it’s you who does so. In others’ eyes you might also look like a spider. Have you tried thinking like that?

Can you declare that what you really see right now is <reality>?

……Why, just now, it was only a joke. Don’t think too deeply into it.

Well then, let me guide you around without delay then. Here is the elevator. On the opposite side are the stairs. Around there I have spread out a lot of webs so be careful. Anyway, I can’t do anything else than vomit thread. See, I can’t even finish saying it and you’re caught.

Yes, yes, I’ll be thankful if you could hear out my story while we’re walking.

Of course, it’s the matter from a little while ago.

It’s the story from before this building became uninhabited, not like it is now, when the residents were still here……

Whoops, before that. We still didn’t have a welcome greeting.

Again, first of all.

Welcome to Hotel Williams Child Bird.