Pure Love

By 长生君

Pure Love Chapter 1

Pure Love Chapter 1


After a lot of thinking and a lot of reading (searching) through Chinese BL novels, I decided to translate this novel because there just aren’t enough 18+ BL novels being translated. :/

Please don’t pay too much attention to my terrible grammar and my questionable translations. We both know you’re only here for the smexy boy x boy scenes. ;)

Pure Love by - chapter 1 (warning: yaoi - NSFW)

Luo Yi (洛逸) was organizing his backpack when his ass was suddenly grabbed. He was surprised and turned his head to see Chu Chen (楚辰) smiling brightly.

Luo Yi was dazzled by this smile. Chu Chen removed his hand from his ass and moved it over Luo Yi’s shoulder, hanging himself (Chu Chen) over him (Luo Yi).

Chu Chen was still smiling, “Ah-Tu [1] is so fun. You get surprised every time.”

[1] (“Ah-Tu” (阿兔) is Chu Chen’s nickname for Luo Yi. The “Yi” (逸) of Luo Yi’s name has the character “Tu” (兔) in it. “Tu” (兔) also means rabbit.)

Chu Chen was taller than Luo Yi by (the size of) a head, and his body was more built than his. So with Chu Chen’s body hanging on him, Luo Yi couldn’t stand still at all. He wobbled a little before using the desk to support himself.

But by doing so, it looked as if Luo Yi was within Chu Chen’s embrace.

A male classmate that was passing by blew a whistle, “Oh, Chu Chen, you’re flirting with Ah-Tu again!”

Chu Chen raised his eyebrows and placed his chin on Luo Yi’s shoulder quite proudly, “Shoo shoo shoo, you can’t call him Ah-Tu. Call him Class Monitor!”

While he was talking, his breath swept across Luo Yi’s face. Luo Yi could feel Chu Chen ‘sbody heat passing through his summer uniform, burning up Luo Yi’s entire body.

And yet Chu Chen purposely moved close to his ear and whispered, “Ah-Tu, we’re going to my house. My parents aren’t home today.”

Luo Yi’s face burned up and quickly pushed Chu Chen, “Get off. You’re heavy, and it’s hot.”

Chu Chen released him and leaned himself against Luo Yi’s desk, smiling playfully.

Luo Yi’s face felt too hot. He couldn’t even look at Chu Chen and quickly shoved everything in his backpack. Right after his closed his backpack, it was taken away.

Chu Chen was holding Luo Yi’s backpack in his hands, rushing him, “Let’s go. Let’s go!”

A bunch of boys was already waiting by the entrance of the classroom. When they saw Chu Chen walking towards them, they also began yelling, “Ah-Tu, hurry up!”

When Chu Chen walked next to them, he said, “I said call him Class Monitor!”

Luo Yi was still standing by his desk, watching them fool around. He couldn’t help but sigh. He had already known that it would turn out like this…

Boys going through puberty are always restless. They’re restless in different areas, and sex… is a very important thing they’re restless about.

At first, they’re curious, and after that, they can’t help but be immersed.

Luo Yi had discovered that Chu Chen was one those who were really immersed, so much that his house had become a gathering place for all the boys in the class to watch porn at.

Luo Yi, himself, was also immersed, but he wasn’t immersed in Chu Chen’s collection of porn. He was immersed in Chu Chen, himself.

Under the spell of adult videos, the boys moved with surprising force and quickly arrived at Chu Chen’s house.

The door was locked, the curtains were drawn, the porno was playing, and tissues and snacks were all prepared.

The porno had only played for a few minutes and the boys on the couch pulled out their penises one by one. Chu Chen was the fastest one to drop his pants.

Luo Yi was sitting next to Chu Chen and had a clear view of the wet tip of that hard cock of his.

Chu Chen’s eyes were glued to the porno on the TV screen. He was panting softly, his hand moving up and down. He felt Luo Yi looking at him and turned his head.

Luo Yi couldn’t look away in time and was caught staring. His heart jumped, afraid that Chu Chen would notice his true feelings.

But Chu Chen grinned playfully and said in a low voice, “Pretty big, right?”

Luo Yi thought that he was shameless, but he couldn’t deny it because…it really was big…

And Chu Chen didn’t need Luo Yi’s reply and grabbed Luo Yi’s pants, “Ah-Tu, you don’t have to be ashamed…”

As he continued talking, he wasn’t bothered by Luo Yi’s struggling, pulled down his (Luo Yi’s) pants, and grabbed onto that important place right away.

Luo Yi had heard of Chu Chen’s commotion, looked at that already half-hard place of his (Chu Chen)’s. And now he was being held in Chu Chen’s hand. His hand was burning hot and even felt wet. It made Luo Yi felt as if he would cum right away.

Chu Chen’s hand, that wet feeling was Chu Chen’s… (precum)

Luo Yi’s face was on fire. The inside of his head was buzzing. Chu Chen wasn’t just holding onto him. His hand had begun moving skillfully, obviously using the moves he had searched up on Luo Yi.

Even though Luo Yi had masturbated before, he didn’t have as many ways of doing it as Chu Chen. Having the done to him made him tremble in ecstasy.

Chu Chen asked him, “How is it? Good? Better than when you do it yourself?”

Luo Yi bit his lip, glaring at Chu Chen. He wanted him to let go.

But Luo Yi was a little nearsighted. His eyes were filled with natural tears. (?) Everything looked a little blurry to him. With teary eyes, he didn’t look threatening at all.

Chu Chen saw Lou Li like that and knew that he was feeling very good. So he came even closer towards Lou Yi and grabbed his (Lou Yi’s) hand to place it on his (Chu Chen’s) own thing.

When Lou Yi felt that hard, hot cock, he blew up, “Chu Chen! You–”

Chu Chen’s entire body was sticking to him, his hot breath on his (Lou Yi’s) face, “Ah-Tu, your hand is so soft, so good…touch me, I’ll help you too.”

His hand didn’t stop as he said that, making Lou Yi’s knees weak, his four limbs strengthless. Luo Yi could only follow the actions of Chu Chen’s hand and rubbed his staff.

Luo Yi felt the movement of his hand becoming smoother, his palm wetter. He knew that Chu Chen must have been feeling really good too.

But Chu Chen was still unsatisfied. The way Luo Yi’s hand was moving wasn’t enough. Chu Chen took back his hand that was on Luo Yi’s hand and placed both of his own hands it on Luo Yi’s dick, “Ah-Tu, follow me.”

He placed his fingertip on Luo Yi’s tip, rubbing it. He didn’t let the staff below go either.

Luo Yi had never experienced such a thing. He couldn’t even learn from Chu Chen. He could only try but his hands were all over the place. He tried to endure this pleasure and bit his lip, almost swallowing all of this lip.

Chu Chen noticed Luo Yi’s hands shaking from the pleasure and said, “Then I’ll do it for you first. You can do me later…”

Probably because he wanted Luo Yi to cum first, Chu Chen focused on rubbing Luo Yi’s thing. Chu Chen was using all of his moves.

This virgin dick that Luo Yi hadn’t even touched a lot himself couldn’t withstand Chu Chen’s teasing at all and came quickly.

Luo Yi leaned on the couch, panting. In his ears was the loud beating of his heart after an orgasm. In the background was full of his classmates’ heavy panting and the moans of the actors in the porno.

It was a sinfully dirty sight.

And in front of him, Chu Chen was grabbing tissues to clean his face while complaining. Luo Yi had cum on Chu Chen’s face.

Realizing what he had done, Luo Yi was unsure of what to do, but it also made him feel like he was going to lose control.

That was Chu Chen…

Chu Chen cleaned his face and came close to Luo Yi again and grabbed his hand. He said with bad intentions, “I’ll do it on your face next.”

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