Pure Love

By 长生君

Pure Love Chapter 2

Pure Love Chapter 2


I’m definitely not keeping the translations as close as possible to the original for this novel.

Because if I did, it would ruin the mood. ;)

I also really need to work on my dirty writing. :<

Pure Love by  - chapter 2 (warning: yaoi - NSFW)

Luo Yi’s face was burning red and stuttered, “I d-didn’t do it on purpose!”

“I don’t care. I’m going to cum it on your face.”

As Chu Chen said that, he guided Luo Yi’s hand over to touch his (Chu Chen’s) cock.

Luo Yi’s penis was still out, so he quickly said, “Wait, let me put on my pants first!”

Chu Chen, of course, didn’t want to wait and said, “What? Embarrassed?”

“Who’s embarrassed?!”

Luo Yi’s voice was a bit too loud and attracted the attention of the classmates fapping beside them, “What’s wrong?”

Chu Chen shamelessly said, “Nothing, I want to fap with Ah-Tu’s hand, but he’s embarrassed! Don’t look, you guys!”

Luo Yi, at this point, even had thoughts of choking him! How could he say that!

The other boys were busy rubbing themselves and didn’t care to bother with them.

Luo Yi, in order to not prove that he was embarrassed, could only let Chu Chen guide his hand.

The palm of Chu Chen’s hand was hot, to begin with. And he was more excited now, so it was even hotter. Along with the heat of his cock, Luo Yi’s hand was burning so much that it didn’t feel like his own hand.

Luo Yi’s eyes couldn’t help but wander to Chu Chen’s cock. It was thicker than his own, longer than his own. The tip was wet, dripping.

Luo Yi’s mouth felt dry and lowered his eyelids. He didn’t want to look but couldn’t help but keep glancing at it.

This was the first time that Chu Chen had someone else do it for him. And as expected, it felt better than when he did it himself. But Luo Yi kept pulling his hands back to himself which made Chu Chen unhappy.

“Ah-Tu, stop pulling your hands back. I’m enjoying it right now. Also, you move your hand too.”

Luo Yi listened to his heavy panting. He held back his impulse to take his hands back, accepted his fate, and helped him masturbate.

Chu Chen saw Luo Yi turn his head and lower his eyes. He was more cooperative now so Chu Chen’s started having more requests, “Touch the balls too. And the head. Just like how I did it to you…”

Listening to him say that, Luo Yi suddenly remembered the feeling of being in Chu Chen’s hands. His heart felt strange, itching and empty.

Luo Yi thought, if Chu Chen were to know that he held those kinds of feelings towards him, would he (Chu Chen) still be masturbating with him (Luo Yi) like he was right now…

Of course not!

Luo Yi’s heart turned cold, but he was the only one who had these ulterior motives. So he decided to take advantage of Chu Chen like this.

He tried his best to recall what Chu Chen did when he did it for him and began to do his best.

But Chu Chen didn’t behave himself and kept demanding. “Harder,” he said. “Faster,” he said again.

Luo Yi’s hands were already sore, but Chu Chen still wasn’t finished. So Luo Yi couldn’t hold it in and said, “Are you done yet? My hand’s sore.”

Chu Chen had his eyes squinted and was panting heavily when he had heard Luo Yi. And hearing him say that, Chu Chen smiled proudly, “What? Am I lasting longer than you did?”

Even though it was the truth, Luo Yi was still a man. There was no way he would admit to something that involved a man’s pride.

“Shut up or do it yourself!”

Chu Chen was actually close to climax. When he heard that Luo Yi was a little irritated, he quickly shut his mouth, afraid that he would lose this pleasure.

So he turned his heads towards the porn on the screen. The video was at its climax. The blond-haired and green-eyed actress was being sandwiched between two handsome actors.

Chu Chen’s eyes were glued to it, mesmerized. His breathing became louder, panting harder than before.

Luo Yi felt the thing in his hands thicken and harden a little more, but before he could react, Chu Chen forcefully removed Luo Yi’s hands from his cock.

And under Luo Yi’s defenseless state, Chu Chen stood in front of him, his hand stroking his thing at a fast pace. Hot cum spurted out through the hole of his cock and onto Luo Yi’s face.

Luo Yi’s eyes widened in surprise. He even opened his mouth slightly. Before he could even recover from the shock of the cum on his face, it was being spurted into his mouth.

Chu Chen saw all of this happen. He heard a buzz in his head and then as if he was possessed, he grabbed Luo Yi’s jaw and pushed his penis between Luo Yi’s lips.

Even though all of this had happened all of a sudden, Chu Chen remembered that he forced Luo Yi’s mouth open to push it in deeper.  

The inside of his mouth was really hot, and his tongue was really soft. Chu Chen thrust two times, shooting the last of his sperm down Luo Yi’s throat!

All of this had happened very fast. It all took only half a minute. The porn on the screen was also at its most exciting scene, so even after Chu Chen had finished ejaculating and pulled out of Luo Yi’s mouth, no one had noticed a single thing.

Luo Yi held his mouth as he coughed, glaring at Chu Chen. He couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Chu Chen couldn’t believe that he had inserted his dick into his best friend’s mouth!

Seeing that Luo Yi was glaring at him, Chu Chen quickly and awkwardly grabbed a tissue from the table and passed it to him. He lowered his voice and said, “Spit it out!”

Luo Yi became even angrier. Spit it out my ass! Chu Chen had shot it directly down his throat. How the hell is he going to spit it out?!

Chu Chen saw that Luo Yi wasn’t accepting the tissue in his hand. His face turned white and then blue. He quickly made a realization.

Luo Yi… had swallowed it…

Swallowed it… swallowed it… swallowed it…

Seeing that Chu Chen was staring at him, dumbfounded, Luo Yi became even angrier. He reached out his hand and took the tissue, wiped his face, and stood up to pull up his pants.

Chu Chen knew that Luo Yi was really angry and subconsciously pushed Luo Yi back to the couch.

Luo Yi was no match for him and was pushed back. He struggled but couldn’t free himself, so he could only use his feet to kick Chu Chen.

Chu Chen let out a grunt in pain. Luo Yi’s struggling paused, and then he howled angrily, “Let me go!”

Chu Chen said, looking quite pitiful, “Ah-Tu… Ah-Tu, I’m sorry…”

“Ah-Tu, don’t be mad at me, okay? My mind wasn’t right. The sperm went up to my head… how about you hit me to relieve your angry?”

Luo Yi was weak against Chu Chen talking like this, but when he remembered the terrible thing Chu Chen had just done, he couldn’t suppress his anger, “Let me go!”

“I’m not letting go! Unless you forgive me……”

Luo Yi was so angry and managed to say, “You bastard!”

“Yes, yes, I’m a bastard. Ah-Tu, don’t be mad!”

Luo Yi didn’t say a single word. Actually, he wasn’t as mad as Chu Chen had thought he was, but Luo Yi’s mind was a mess. He really needed to calm himself.

But Chu Chen thought that Luo Yi was quiet because he didn’t want to bother with him at all. He released Luo Yi, stood up, and forcefully pulled Luo Yi towards the stairs.

Luo Yi was basically dragged onto the stairs. When Chu Chen dragged him to his (Chu Chen’s) room, Chu Chen naturally locked the door after closing it.

Before Luo Yi could react, he felt a breeze in his lower body. And then he saw Chu Chen kneeling down, opening his mouth, and placing his dick in his mouth.

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