Pure Love

By 长生君

Pure Love Chapter 3

Pure Love Chapter 3


Pure Love by  - chapter 3 (warning: yaoi - NSFW)

Luo Yi inhaled deeply. He had never even seen something in his wet dreams!

While Luo Yi was still in shock, Chu Chen took this chance to act. He licked and teased the limp dick in his mouth diligently, his hand teasing his balls.

 With the hot temperature of his mouth, the stimulation of his tongue, even his balls were being touched, Luo Yi’s cock soon hardened.

He leaned against the door, both his legs shaking, too weak to even stand.

Chu Chen…let…let go!

Luo Yi tried his best to control his voice that carried hints of crying. This strange and extremely excited feeling made it hard for him to get used to.

He wanted to push Chu Chen away, but Chu Chen was too evil. When he pushed, Chu Chen would suck really hard, his tongue movement would get more violent.

Luo Yi’s penis was still in his mouth. He didn’t dare to struggle too hard. The hand that was on Chu Chen’s shoulder was getting more and more strengthless.

Truth be told, Chu Chen’s oral skills compared to his hand job skills were not that great. But Luo Yi, a virgin, still couldn’t handle it.

The temperature of Chu Chen’s mouth, the softness of his tongue. He wasn’t using too much force nor was he using too less. Luo Yi felt a slight bit of pain whenever Chu Chen’s teeth touched his penis. Even just thinking about that Chu Chen was the one who was doing this to him, Luo Yi would feel extreme pleasure.

Whether it was mentally or physically, Luo Yi was feeling a lot of shock/stimulation right now.

He didn’t use his hands to push Chu Chen anymore. Instead, he was using hands to cover his mouth. Yet his embarrassing moans still managed to leak out.

His legs were shaking too much, standing unsteadily. He slid against the door and fell to the ground.

Chu Chen took this opportunity to squeeze between his legs, raised one of his legs, took off the pants that were dangling at his ankles, and placed his legs on his shoulders.

Chu Chen wasn’t clear in the head right now. At first, he only had wanted to blow Luo Yi to make up for his loss of control earlier.

now, hearing the voice that Luo Yi failed to suppress, Chu Chen was losing control himself. He wanted to hear more it…

Chu Chen tried to stop his impulse to gag and diligently sucked Luo Yi’s penis deeper into his mouth, carefully avoiding his teeth. He sucked harder and as expected, it caused Luo Yi to moan more.

His hand wasn’t behaving and slid across his legs and then unnaturally yet naturally ended up on Luo Yi’s ass.

Luo Yi’s body type was thin like a typical teenaged male, but his butt somehow had a lot of meat. It was round and perky, surprisingly pleasing to grasp.

Chu Chen would usually grab it from time to time. And today, Luo Yi’s butt was completely naked. Chu Chen really couldn’t control his hands and touched it.

But with just this grab, he wasn’t able to control it anymore. He reached out his other hand to grab it too. He felt like those two lumps of fat had some kind of attractiveness. When he placed his hands on them, he couldn’t take them off.

He was simply touching it at first, but soon, his movements turned into groping, as if those two lumps were his plaything.

Luo Yi felt so ashamed. During the process of his ass being played with, he could feel them being spilt apart from time to time and that mysterious place between them would twitch every time it was exposed to the air.

He wanted Chu Chen to stop, but when he removed the hand covering his mouth, his moans escaped, scaring himself.

Luo Yi could only keep covering his mouth, to make sure he didn’t make more of those embarrassing sounds.

 But Chu Chen had heard his moans clearly. He felt all the blood rushing towards his cock. It soon hardened to a point where it hurt.

He squeezed apart Luo Yi’s butt cheeks and then pushed Luo Yi towards himself. His entire face was buried in Luo Yi’s crotch. He swallowed Luo Yi’s cock deeper, wanting to also suck the two ball below into his mouth.


Luo Yi finally cried. This indigestible pleasure made him very scared. His legs were strengthless. The only reason he still didn’t fall down yet was because his entire body was being supported by Chu Chen. Chu Chen lastly deep throated his cock and Luo Yi couldn’t hold it in anymore and came in his mouth.

The pleasure of ejaculation made Luo Yi’s mind blank. The hand that was covering his mouth slid down too. Yet, Chu Chen at the time decided to be evil and sucked Luo Yi’s slowly softening dick, making Luo Yi sob as he arched his back upward.

When Luo Yi’s cock slid out from Chu Chen’s mouth, it was as if he had been dragged out of the water. (?) His white t-shirt was all wet from his sweat, sticking tightly to his body.

After Chu Chen released Luo Yi, Chu Chen slid against the door and sat down on the carpet.

Chu Chen saw Luo Yi’s face full of tears, looking as if he had been bullied, his eyes red and teary. He really looked like a little bunny, pitiful and adorable.

His lips were red. His bottom lip was little swollen, probably because of his (Luo Yi’s) biting.

Just thinking about how those red lips of Luo Yi’s had just swallowed his sperm, he couldn’t help but gulp.

His mouth still had the taste of Luo Yi’s cum. Probably because Luo Yi had just cum a while ago, the taste was a little light. But right now, this taste was strangely arousing.

Luo Yi hadn’t recovered from the pleasure of his climax yet. His mouth was opened, breathing heavily. His chest was moving up and down.

Chu Chen couldn’t help but notice it. Two dots could be seen through Luo Yi’s wet t-shirt. A thought suddenly flashed through Chu Chen’s mind. Ah-Tu’s…it’s pink…

 Chu Chen really, from the bottom his heart, wanted to touch it. Then he actually did it!

He slid his hands under Luo Yi’s shirt!

Luo Yi was instantly dumbstruck. He didn’t even have the chance to recover his breath, and yet Chu Chen did that!

Dumbstruck, Luo Yi asked, Wh-what are you doing?

Chu Chen was also a little surprised, I…I just want to touch it a little…

Luo Yi had no idea how to react. He could only stare at him with his eyes wide opened.

At that time, there was actually a storm going on in Chu Chen’s heart, because he thinks that Ah-Tu feels so good to touch… no matter where he touched him…

His nipples were so soft before. It grew hard after only a little teasing. His skin is so smooth, ass so soft…

That painful erection of Chu Chen’s grew even harder.

Chu Chen’s eyes moved from Luo Yi’s chest back up to his face. Specifically, back to those red lips of Luo Yi’s.

 As if aliens had infiltrated his brain, Chu Chen said, Ah-Tu, do me too…

Luo Yi:

He calmed down a little and asked, What did you say?

Blow me too!

Luo Yi blew up, Blow your mom! Chu Chen, you bastard!

Luo Yi had just finished scolding when someone knocked on the door against his back. A classmate’s voice came from the other side, Ah-Tu! Ah-Chen! Did you guys fight? Are you guys okay?!

Luo Yi’s entire body stiffened, afraid the classmate knew what they had just done.

Even without thinking too much about it, Chu Chen yelled, Go do your fapping! So nosy! Don’t get in my way of coaxing Luo Yi!

He said that but he stood up and moved that extremely hard cock of his near Luo Yi’s mouth, staring at Luo Yi with passionate eyes.

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