Quck Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here Chapter 1

Quck Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Cruel and Unscrupulous Slut

 “Hehe, I’ve never seen such a stupid jiejie before. Who would be willing to be sisters with you? Pei!”

   Bai Weiwei stared at her meimei in disbelief. The normally timid little girl that always followed her silently was currently staring at her with revulsion.  

  As if she was something disgusting, meant to be thrown away.

   She almost couldn’t breathe, reaching out to clutch her chest. The sharp pain nearly rendered her unable to speak.   

   “You…… you only treated me well for the inheritance deed?” Bai Weiwei’s eyes were cold but her voice was breaking. She leaned on the sofa, her body curled up into a ball. Every breath brought a burst of violent pain.

  “You actually believe I’d willingly acknowledge you as my jiejie if it wasn’t for that? Everyone says that I am the illegitimate daughter, and even Dad gives everything to you first! Why is it that everything you want is given to you while I must accept your charity? I’m better than you at everything- whether its contributions to work or the company, they’re all superior to yours. But no, you’re the heir and I’m just a nobody!”

   Bai Yaoyao stood up and hysterically rained curses on her.

   Bai Weiwei felt as if this was the first time she saw her clearly.  Bai Yaoyao was an illegitimate daughter her father had brought back from outside. At that time, Bai Weiwei was very lonely and so when she saw that she had a younger sister, she was very happy.

   Almost every time she found something amusing or tasty, she would always give it to Bai Yaoyao。

   If there was a servant spreading rumors about her, Bai Weiwei would drive them out without a moment’s hesitation.

   In the end, because of problems with her body, she had even signed the inheritance deed to her, giving Bai Yaoyao the right of inheritance to the company.

   It was because she had always believed Bai Yaoyao to be a kindhearted woman and her younger sister. Yet she had never expected that right after signing off the inheritance yesterday, Bai Yaoyao would expose her true, hideous colors.

   “G-give me my pills……” Bai Weiwei opened her lips slightly, squeezing out the words with difficulty.

  She knew that it was very unlikely for Bai Yaoyao to give her the medicine for her heart disease, but she still didn’t want to give up all hope.

   It was her meimei, the meimei she had spoiled and loved for more than 10 years. She still held on to a trace of hope that Bai Yaoyao held any traces of sentiment for her.

   Bai Yaoyao sneered, taking out the bottle of pills. Then, right in front of Bai Weiwei’s eyes, she threw it into the garbage can.

   “Today, you’ve died. The reason for your death is due to your heart disease flaring up and has nothing to do with me. Also, do you know why your wedding has been delayed for so long?”

(T/N:  when you have a heart attack, its suffocated due to lack of oxygen/nutrients ) 

   Bai Weiwei watched her medicine fly away, the trace of hope in her eyes turning into ash.

   She raised her head, her eyes a deep black but incomparably cold, “It’s because Ye Yuxuan believed I was having an affair with my bodyguard. However, all the pictures were taken by exploiting different angles and had no proof. Don’t tell me that was also you…….”

   Her heart had obviously already been suffocated, but it could be due to the dying flash of lucidity before death because her voice was unexpectedly clear and smooth despite her face turing paler as the look of death settled there.

   “Right, it was all me and An gege’s plot. Why were you, of everybody, chosen by Ye dage? The one that should marry him is me, and not a flower vase like you!”

  (T/N: flower vase- only looks pretty, no brains/talent )

  An gege…… he was her bodyguard, An Le, and her friend……

   Bai Weiwei’s heart was utterly shattered. In one day, the two people she had trusted most had both betrayed her. She smiled coldly; she was truly stupid. If her heart could heat up with emotions like love and jealousy, then obviously others could too.

   But the world just always had some tramps who could only be happy after throwing her into a pot of lava. Their hearts were cruel like a wolf’s, repaying kindness with evil.

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