Two Fish In A Bottle Chapter 4

Two Fish In A Bottle Chapter 4

“What?! How can they shame you like that! This is too much! Too much!” AUnt suddenly got triggered, it is rare to see her so angry.


“Tell me who they are? I will find them in school!” Aunt said agitatedly.


Aunt approached me and hugged me using her strong arms.

“Poor child……Don’t be hurt, it is not worth to cry for these kinds of people!”

Aunt’s words reminded me, to not care about what people’s view.

My chest being flat is my own business, the body is mine, what rights do they have to criticize? Crying for those people is not even worth a bit!

Having this though, my heart don’t feel so awful anymore.

After having dinner, everybody watched television in the living room.

WenQiang laid down in the middle.

WenHao and NaNa sat on his left and right, WenHan leaned against the wall, he slapped his thighs, WenHan then lets out some space for me to sit.

In grandmother’s house, my relationship with WenHan is better, his temper is the best between them.

“MiMi older sister, your mother hasn’t called for a very long time.” only he will call me “MiMi older sister”, WenHan and NaNa will just call me “MiMi”.

“Why ”your mother“? Don‘t you know how to say ”Aunt“ ?" Grandmother always likes to lecture people, but she pampers me the most.

We looked at each other and stuck our tongues out.

At this moment, the phone rang. During this timing, the most probable person that called is my mother. As soon as WenHan mentioned, she called.

Grandmother went to pick up the phone, on the other end is really Mom.

After saying a few words, grandmother signaled me to go and take the phone.

I frantically waved my hands, but grandmother kept signaling me to come. I placed my hands together, tilting it to the right and resting my head on it, making a “say that  I’m asleep” hand sign.

“Please come! Don’t be like that!” Grandmother made a very difficult face.

WenQiang and the rest turned to look at me, WenHan beside me said: “Just go!”

I reluctantly stood up and slowly inched towards the telephone.

“Roh!” Grandmother handed me the phone。

Upon putting the phone close to the ear, I could hear high pitched female talking to herself: “Why the hell?! So long!”

I hesitated for a moment, took a deep breath: “Hello?”

“Hello Hello! Why did you take so long to answer the phone?”


“Have you eaten?” this question again.


“What did you eat?”


“Bullshit! DId they cook fish and prawns for you to eat?”


“Really, they catch fish for a living, but there is actually no seafood in the house, I have to pay for it myself!”

You said you wanted to buy them yourself.

“Uncle says that he can’t sail out because of the big waves.”

“Excuses! He has been so lazy since young till old, he would rather die than change!”


“How're studies?” She finally changed the topic/


“Mid year exams are over, how was it?” the hardest question in the world was asked.


“What do Ok means? Tell me subject by subject.”

Haish……I’m doomed.

“Chinese 92 marks, Malay 70 marks, English 66 marks, Math…..50 marks……”

“What?! Math is only 50 marks!” A thunderous sound came from the other side.

“How can a Chinese’s math be so bad! You shame us, Chinese people!”

Who says that Chinese people must have strong math? It’s because I don’t want to shame the Chinese people, so I tried my best to study Chinese, My results in Chinese is the best in class.

“I did my best……”

“I don’t care, next term I am sending you to math tuitions!”

“The tuition center is very far away, I won’t reach it on a bicycle……”

Spare me! I hate tuitions the most.

“Tell uncle to drive you there!”

What?! With that underpants showing uncle? I rather die than spend time alone with him!

“Don’t trouble people!” I tried to persuade her.

“What’s there to be afraid of? At most I give him some extra money, he is now jobless, I don’t believe that he won’t want it!”

“Do you know, he actually…..” I lowered my voice,

“Don’t argue, just go!”

“I don’t want to!”

“Why do are you so disobedient?! I say one, you say two, I tell to head north, and you just want to go south! You just want to oppose. When did I upset you? I am working with to death in Singapore, why? To let you have a good life, for the best of you, but you just wouldn’t appreciate it…..”

She scolded a bunch of sour stuff in the bunch.

Is it me that doesn't listen, or is you who won’t listen to me?

You wish that I love you a bit more, but don’t you have to make yourself a person that is easily loved by people?

I also didn’t do anything that upsets you, please let me live more happily.

“There's nothing else right? I want to sleep.” I said impatiently.

“Tell your Aunt to come listen to the phone!”

“Aunt, she wants to talk to you.” I turned around and told Aunt.

I walked into my room, faintly heard Aunt’s voice: “Yes……Yes…… I cooked nutritious food for her every day……”

I don’t understand, why can’t mother treat other people more nicely? Other’s feelings, she doesn't give a damn. What happened is school today, will never be known to Mom. She would just rub salt in my wounds. Aunt is still the best, but Aunt is not my Mom……




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