I Become a Dragon in Other World

By Inumuramasa,Nekomasamune,狗村正,猫正宗

I Become a Dragon in Other World Chapter 1

I Become a Dragon in Other World Chapter 1

I Become a Dragon in Other World - 01 An ordinary OL, Transferred to Other World

I Become a Dragon in Other World 


Isekai de Ryuu ni Narimashite


01 An ordinary OL, Transferred to Other World 


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  [Haah, working again, mou I don’t want it anymore]

  Hanging my shopping bag using one hand from convenience store, I am walking back to my home after finishing my work.

  The time was around 8 P.M.

  It is winter now.

  In this little area with few street lights, this area is completely dark.

  My palm gets numb in this cold.

  Haa, while blowing my breath out, I am walking under this cold weather.

  My name is Asahi Kamisaki.

  26 years old your everywhere office lady.

  After graduating from junior college, I get a job in accounting department of medium-low company in local city where I live now.

  For several years, I worked really hard and diligently.

  However, there has been some problems recently at the office and I am stressing out.

  The problem is social live related.

  Because I worked in accounting department, there are so many women at the workplace.

It is not like there is no male employee, but the fact that only a few males exist, and the woman fight each other for them in the background, that is the real problem.

And then, my own problem also is something that must not be leaked to those kind of people.

[hey, you.. recently, Tak-kun—ehm. Regarding Tanaka-kun, I wonder if he set his eyes on you?]

That’s what my female supervisor said to me, giving [you should be grateful aura].

However, I don’t remember anything like that.

Someone like tanaka Nanigashi, In this society, is called a beautiful person. That gentlement act of him is his usual way to speak to me, that’s the truth.

Someone like me, even though I don’t have such a pretty figure, why do you spread such a rumour ?

[Haa, Enough. I can’t endure it anymore.]

As for me, a 20 year old man that happy being told cool, to be honest, is quite scary.

More likely, a mature man is my favourite.

Even I said that, I went to junior high school and high school for girl. For me that got a job after graduation, I had no chance to encounter any man in the past at all.

In other words, my age = no boyfriend period.

[Somehow, I become tired… okay. I will drink beer after finish my work.]

In this plastic bag, there are two canned beers and a convenience box lunch.

It is somehow miserable.

However, it is quite good for an OL living alone in a one-room apartment.

[Wuuh, it’s cold, it’s cold. Better hurry going home]

I trembled in the cold wind.

I grasped tightly the front of the coat and hurried back home while trembling in the cold.

When I turn at that corner, I will arrive at my apartment.

It is quite small, but a relaxing home for me.

[I am back-]

Even if I know that no one is there, I still say it loud.

That is just natural ...


When I put down my bag, and tried to remove my shoes .

There is a mirror that I have never seen before the entrance door.

[….ee? What is this?]

I looked into my face and---

[…..eeh ?]

When I realized, I was in a forest.

I doubt my own eyes.

Even though I look around for a while, I don’t recognize anything.

I am in a forest wherever I look.


Now, I doubt my own sanity.

However, no matter how many times I rub my eyelids, the scenery in front of me does not change.

It is a forest in the night.

I am shocked.

A moonlight came in from between the trees.

Apparently, inside this forest, It seems to have just opened up.

[..etou. ….what?]

As I thought, I can’t understand it.

In the night, I looked up to the sky,  there is two moons, silver and gold colour shining brightly.


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