I Become a Dragon in Other World

By Inumuramasa,Nekomasamune,狗村正,猫正宗

I Become a Dragon in Other World Chapter 2

I Become a Dragon in Other World Chapter 2

I Become a Dragon in Other World - 02 Anyway, Let's Walk through The Forest

I Become a Dragon in Other World 


Isekai de Ryuu ni Narimashite


02 Anyway, Let's Walk through The Forest 


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TLN : I am a beginner, and using a lot MTL and my knowlegde. so i am not 100 % sure about my translation. Please bare with me :3


   It became morning.

   As I hide my body in the shade of the tree, I move slowly.

   I almost never sleep.

   Thanks god I am still wearing my coat.

   I don’t know exactly where I am, but the temperature is warmer than winter in Japan.

   If I take off my coat, then cover the entire body with that, it becomes warm enough.

 [….here, ….it’s a different world, isn’t it ?]

   Right now, when the sunrise comes, it is already fading, but I believe there are two moons floating in the sky.

   My confused head finally settles down overnight.

   Let me confirm my situation.

   I got home from a convenience store on my way home after work, when I entered my apartment, I was in a different world forest.


   As I thought, I don’t understand at all!

   Perhaps, is this caused by spirits or something like that?

 [….ah, that’s it. ….. convenience store Bento]

   I am really hungry right now, I will eat this Bento anyway.

   I take out my Bento from plastic bag thas has cooled overnight then eat it.

 [Hiks… I want to warm this in microwave….]

   It also already pierces into three colour inside the box.

   To be honest, I couldn’t understand how it tastes anymore.

 [Yosh… in this case, just try looking around.]

 Well, there is nothing that I can do now.

   I prepare myself after finish eating my Bento.

 After I raised my butt up, I start walking in the forest.

 [But this forest, is quite amazing…]

   I muttered carelessly.

   How can I describe it, it is quite far from reality I think.

A deep forest where no one has ever touched.

The more I look, it is like a big cliff that made from big tree.

   If I can take example from Japan, I think Yakushima image is the closest one with this forest.

   Although I say that, I have seen Yakushima only on the picture.

TLN : Yakushima is an island in japan that has been recognized as a world heritage. You can find it in google. It is damn beautiful.

 [I wonder if is there any way to go home…]

   Suddenly, I become worried.

 I worry about my mom and my little sister, the two of them is the only family I have.



 I shake my head and throw my anxiety.

   It is unavoidable to think it right now.

   So, this is the situation.

   First of all, my own self is still alright.

   I will organize my current priority inside my mind.

   First, secure my safety.

   Second, secure food stock.

   Third, secure water source.

   Anyway, Let settle those three things first.

   After that, I can think about the rest.

 [Well… to secure food…]

   Since earlier, I have found many fruit trees and mushroom.

   It seems to be a pretty rich forest.

   However, are those edible for me ?

About my safety, I think it is still okay right now.

Although I started walking quite far, I do not feel the imminent danger at all.

 […For the next thing, must find water source]

Right now, inside the plastic bag, there are convenience store Bento box that already empty and two cans of beer.

   Of course, beers can’t become a water source for the  body.

 I hope I will find a small stream somewhere.

 As I continue walking,  I heard the sound of the water running down a bit.

  Apparently I seems that I am able to find a water source safely.

  As I feel relieved, I move forward in the direction of sound.

    When I plucked some plant and looked around, there was not a river there. However, there was enough water flowing like a small stream.

 [Yeah, found it. So beautiful…]

   There was a big wild boar in there.

 After I realize that, my relieved face because I found water, suddenly change to panicked face.

 [Bo.. Bo..]

   The wild boar is staring into me.

   I think our distance around 30 meters away, maybe?

   However, I think my eyes get played by some illusions.

   Because this wild boar is as big as an elephant.

 A gigantic wild boar is watching here without diverting her eyes.

 I also stared at the monster in a brave-like manner.

 Its mouth is wet.

 Perhaps he just already drank the water from that stream.

 [Ru.. Ru..]

I step backward.

The wild boar step forward.

That big footsteps sound like crushing the earth.

After I heard that, I turned away and ran away like a rabbit.


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