Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN) Chapter 53

Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN) Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 The smell of smooth business in the other world

After that, business went relatively smoothly.

I had expected harassment from rival stores, but while the fabrics I stocked were nicely textured, they were all thin and unsuitable for the type customers that wanted more durable fabric. This allowed me to differentiate my store from rival stores (as regular fabric stores usually sold thicker fabric). As for what people used them for: lining or tailoring pajamas and undergarments. They were well received. With that being said, sales were not booming (this was according to the plan, in a way). Earnings landed on an average, 1500 el on a good day and under 1000 el on a bad day (a moderately popular store for that market). Most of the customers were women, so as long as the current level of popularity was maintained, I would be able to continue this business in peace.
Considering it was a stall, the earnings were actually quite great.

"Anyway, this might be the limit for the scale of a single store… I could have multiple stores if I wanted to make more money, and there is merit in being able to disperse the risk…In that scenario, should I have the same merchandise or release something different…? I have plenty of products…But I went through the trouble of opening a fabric store, I might as well specialize in fabrics for a while…but then again…It's fine to increase store numbers, but having to hire people…It will be tough to manage it all…"

"What's wrong, Jirou? Muttering to yourself like that."

It seemed like I had voiced my thoughts about my business plan out loud, as Rebecca-san heard me. She had come to help out at the store.
Well, since Rebecca-san knew the secret about the mirror already, she should be trustworthy enough to confide in. Yes, I should talk about it with her.

"–And that's how it is. Personally, I don't want to do any business that draws unnecessary attention. In terms of products, it's not as though it's my dream to become the best merchant in Erishe. If I continued down that path, I'd have to hire tons of people and I'd probably become too busy… If possible, I'd like to work half days while still making a decent amount of income—that would be most ideal."

I admit it. I'm a trash.

But since I'm in another world and all, it'd be a waste to spend all day working!
Even if that weren't the case, as long as I was the only one capable of stocking products, I had to be extremely careful when proceeding with any business expansions. Stocking aside, all of the storefront duties and net auctions were done by me too. (It didn't seem like Diana and Marina could help with much. I figured that out pretty quickly.)

If only…no, ultimately, I guess I would have to hire 1 or 2 people that I could take advantage of.
Rebecca-san said she'd help out whenever she was free, but since the spawn rate of monsters had increased due to the rumoured "Monster Wave", I couldn't call her out of her house all the time.

It was too bad, as Rebecca would have been perfect for the job.

"I see. So what are you going to do? If you want, I can introduce you to some nobles I know. There are lots of rich nobles that you could profit off if you have interesting items, you know? You'd have to go all the way to the imperial capital though, so I can't introduce you until after the "Monster Wave" is over."

"Wow, Rebecca-san knows nobles?!"

"Yes, some past connections. Their title isn't that highly ranked, but they have a lot of money. A libertine who makes a hobby of spending 100 gold coins on rare tamed magic beasts."

100 gold coins, or 100 times 150,000 yen. That was 15,000,000 yen. A whole house.

"So what will you do?"

But even so.

"Err… I'd like you to introduce me eventually, but for now, I'd like to slowly work my way up in Erishe. Could you introduce your noble to me later?"

I wasn't at a stage where I could go to the imperial capital and discuss business with nobles yet. I didn't even know how far the imperial capital was from Erishe…

"I see… Then you'll have to hire someone after all. There are lots of people who want to work in Erishe… But if you want to leave it all to someone else, you should use the guild office."

"Ah, come to think of it, I heard the guild did agency work like that…"

"Yup. There're many kids with vocations related to trade, and they bind spirit contracts too. I don't think it's a bad idea."

"Kids? You mean it isn't full of old men who failed at job hunting?"

"There are people like that… but they mainly handle apprentice agencies for kids who just received their blessing."

Apprentice agencies! Come to think of it, the apprentice system was mentioned in my original world's history classes.

"But kids who just received their blessing… wouldn't they be around 10 years old?"

"They receive their blessing at 10 years old, but the guild's agency is for 12-year-olds. Also, children from moderately wealthy families will wait until they leave school, so they can be a little older."

I see. But…

"An apprentice is… like a disciple, right? That means I'd be their master. …To be honest, I don't have any confidence in that… I'm still feeling my own way around."

Rebecca sighed when I said the word 'apprentice' with trepidation.

"Jirou, you are too serious. They are pupils, you don't need to think about it too deeply. You only need to think about making them work for you."

"But it's not like I can take care of someone else's kid."

"'Once you receive the blessing, the Great Spirit will give you guidance.'"

Apparently, in this world, if you have received the blessing you are considered an adult and are pushed out to fulfil your calling by default. Each guild mediates for them. Of course, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (The merchant’s guild) introduces kids whose calling is related to trade to their new masters. Normally, kids leave elementary school at age 12 and enter society. Only a select few who are wealthy can go on to a higher education. It's a world with callings, there isn't much need to go further in school, I guess. Your path is already decided by the great spirit. It's a constraining world when you think about it.
Well, if that was the case, I'll just show my face at the guild and find out what I could. A 12-year-old probably wouldn't scrutinize the stock, I think.

◇ ◆◆◆ ◇

It goes without saying that Aurica's guidance (acquire another language) would be to learn Japanese. But, the language spoken here is heard as Japanese to my ears while the Japanese that I speak is automatically translated (like a Translation Konjac(1)). So, I was having trouble teaching the language and I was wondering what I should do when —

"Kore wa ringo desu. (This is an apple.). Ringo (Apple). Oooh!" (2)

—I realized that I could actually speak Japanese normally if I focussed all my attention on it.
Once I lost my focus, all my words would automatically be translated into the other world's language, but I could do it as long as I kept my mind on it.
Well, now that I think of it, I had never tried to apply myself and speak Japanese this way… Ultimately, I felt pretty lucky that I was now bilingual. It was an unforeseen blind spot.
And just like that, the biggest issue was resolved. I gave Aurica several notebooks, old picture books from home, and some used books and comics I purchased. Aurica was surprised not only at the books and comics but even at the notebooks and mechanical pencils. However, I just told her that they were 'items from my homeland', and made her take them.
Aurica was just a kid from the countryside. She would say, 'Wow, I didn't know about these things.' and be satisfied.
The issue was, how am I going to teach her? This, of all things, was going to be hard for a high school graduate NEET.
I guess what I could do was to write all kinds of words and sentences in Japanese, and the local language in the notebook, and have Aurica decipher it by herself…
Or, it would also be a good idea to speak with Aurica in Japanese all the time. Classes where we learn English by speaking to foreigners at the train station were supposed to be about fun, or so they say. (3)

It was uncertain whether vocational corrections for secretaries applied to learning new languages (normally you'd assume better writing and faster shorthand), but it'd be a huge advantage if it did. Since their learning efficiency would be five times as much.

Well, at any rate, it would be slow and steady at the start.

'Kore wa pen desu.' [This is a pen]
'Watashi no namae wa Jirou desu.' [My name is Jirou]
'Ashita wa ame ga furu deshou.' [It will probably rain tomorrow]
'Watashi wa uma ni noru no ga suki desu.' [I like riding horses]
'Onaka ga sukimashita.' [I'm hungry]
'Ofuro ni shimasu ka? Soretomo gohan?' [Would you like to take a bath first? Or dinner?]
'Kyou wa mou nemashou.' [Let's sleep now]
'Kyou wa watashi no ban desu.' [It's my turn today]

Okay… let's leave it at that for today…

◇ ◆◆◆ ◇

The items I put up for auction were successfully sold.
Their bids didn't reach too high, but most items were within an acceptable price range.
For example…

◇Antique Leather Bag ☆Authentic Leather ☆Brown – Shipping Included◇

Congratulations! Your item has successfully sold.
Final Bid: 11,300 yen
Total Bids: 32
◇European Secondhand – Antique Embroidered Blouse x2 – Shipping Included◇

Congratulations! Your item has successfully sold.
Final Bid: 12,500 yen
Total Bids: 55
◇Antique Wooden Shoe Mould – Size 3 (12.5cm) – Rare – Shipping Included◇

Congratulations! Your item has successfully sold.
Final Bid: 4,400 yen
Total Bids: 16
◇Various Antique Patchwork Apron x10 – Shipping Included◇

Congratulations! Your item has successfully sold.
Final Bid: 56,100 yen
Total Bids: 87
◇Natural Wooden Chopping Board – Walnut? – Shipping Included◇

Congratulations! Your item has successfully sold.
Final Bid: 6,350 yen
Total Bids: 29
◇Chain Mail – Authentic Antique – Mens M Size – Shipping Included◇

Congratulations! Your item has successfully sold.
Final Bid: 42,110 yen
Total Bids: 68
◇Antique Bronze Falcon Trinket – 16cm – Shipping Included◇

Congratulations! Your item has successfully sold.
Final Bid: 9,750 yen
Total Bids: 40
◇Antique Buckler – Round Shield – Authentic – Shipping Included◇

Congratulations! Your item has successfully sold.
Final Bid: 13,200 yen
Total Bids: 58

Only the apron and chainmail sold for higher than what I had expected.
With the apron, I had initially thought that earning 10,000 yen would be good. So, I was definitely surprised about that. I wonder if there are apron collectors out there?
The chainmail wasn't just chains woven together, it was stitched to a thick fabric with three-quarter sleeves and leather lining. It was comfortable to wear and looked pretty cool.
On the other hand, the buckle was made of leather with a cool design on it, so I thought it would also do well, but it didn't. I should have used a model.
The bids for the other items rose above my expectations by a fair bit, proving that the overwhelming 'authentic feeling' of the other world items resulted in better bids after all. They were probably attracting more attention because I was putting them up for 1 yen, yet they had never ended at a low price.
This time I also had other items like cotton sheets and antique linens on auction, so altogether they made about 200,000 yen.
With this amount, I could restock a lot of items again.

◇ ◆◆◆ ◇

I haven't been looking at the bulletin board lately as I had gotten slightly tired of it.
Well, the fairy boards weren't that popular to begin with, and the threads didn't progress as much without me present. However, the number of users had increased lately since a new web portal was created.
I said web portal, but it was more like an archive of the old threads posted on a site. In a way, it was simply a storage of past logs.
I uploaded a photo of Aurica with a horse from the other day. But with the new users there, the thread was a little different than usual.

[Serious] The Mirror in My House Connected to Another World #6 [Talk]

264: 1 ◆ Xc544iUoWE
I was surprised a web portal was made
Don't go overboard

I finally bought some horses
And a village girl

Horse 1
(Image address)
Horse 2
(Image address)
Horse 3
(Image address)
(Image address)
Maid-chan in charge of the horses
(Image address)
Dinner with everyone
(Image address)

265: Anonymous Fairy
It's 1! Take me to Alfheim!
I beg of you!

266: Anonymous Fairy
If anything 1's world is Svartalfheim
Dark elf-wise

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The horses lmao
Can you even feed 3

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M-Maid… so good…
The modest long sleeve long skirt even more so…

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Tbh I'm so jealous of 1 I want to die

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What book is Maid-chan holding?

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1 is horrible, that's a human rights violation

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That has to be Nenaiko Dareda (4)

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Are the horses CG too?
Or are they real?

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1: "I can't afford to make everything with CG"

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That's it!
But why a Japanese picture book? Can she read Japanese?

280: Anonymous Fairy
It's CG anyway…

281: Anonymous Fairy
They're Japanese cosplayers…

282: Anonymous Fairy
They're censored again

283: Anonymous Fairy
Horse: "I'm not censored, sir"

284: Anonymous Fairy
Someone ID the photos and locate 1's house already
I'm not above a little crime if it means I can go to another world
The only place where a useless 30 y.o virgin can start life again
Is in another world

285: Anonymous Fairy

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Super NEETs are scary~

287: Anonymous Fairy
Must be tough for 1
Finally uploading content only to be targeted by worthless NEETs

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ID it with your special magic lol

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1: "No one will judge me even if I kill you in this world, you know?"

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So was the horse real or CG?
Anyone good at analysing here?

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Well there're 3 expensive looking horses
If it was a photo taken in Japan it'd be easy to ID…
Seems like 1-san lives abroad so it's difficult

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Image quality is so low it looks like it could be both
Photo or CG, 1 sure is a tease

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Upload more photos of Elf-chan

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Isn't there a possibility that 1's a girl?

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Which was it?

298: Single Me ◆ 4noig329de
I think 1 is a man!
A harem is a man's dream, after all!
Being part of a merry circle of elves makes me SO JEALOUS

299: Anonymous Fairy
So gross

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1-san is an electronic fairy so there's no gender

301: Anonymous Fairy
For now I uploaded the images to the portal site

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Dark Elf-chan's a messy eater lol

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Dumbass, that's the moe point

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Noisy eating would break the illusion

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The tableware's the same as the one at my home
I bought mine from a 100 yen shop though…
Is 1 not living abroad?

306: Anonymous Fairy
Prob just a similar product

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Even if they are CG models, why would he use something from the 100-yen shop?
Wouldn't higher quality models be better?

308: Anonymous Fairy
Maybe he just used what he had at hand. lol

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So how's that night business going?
Have you laid your hands on Maid-chan yet?

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1: "This is part of the job"
Maid: "Eek!"

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Good job, keep going

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When will the redhead appear again
I like that person too so upload more

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Mobiles these days can take them too so please
I've been waiting for breast jiggling

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Yeah, yeah, it's only you
GJ for having hipster views

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I'm jealous of the horses too, you'd have to be really rich in Japan
It's not really possible for me to own one

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Yes sure GJ with the self-defence

318: 1 ◆ Xc544iUoWE
Did you enjoy the photos?
I've been busy lately so I couldn't drop by
I'll bring some new images next time


It felt like there were more believers than before.
The original residents of the site were used to threads like these, so they had a certain level of doubt from the beginning, but there were many new users who were more than willing to believe in it.
Well, if there were really people who would seriously believe in the existence of another world, they'd have to be completely loony.

Now, since the residents have had their elf hunger fed, I guess I'll upload some priestess images next time.


(1) A tool from Doraemon
(2) I changed this to romaji (with the English translation in bracket) so that it'll be easier for you all to tell the difference
(3) The catchphrase used here is, 'ekimae ryūgaku' (“study abroad near the train station”: 駅前留学) This phrase from NOVA, an English language school in Japan.
(4) Famous picture book in Japan